Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 31: Lunch Box

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The dishes were put in a lunch box that looked good and tasty. Mo Shaoqing put the lunch box and thermal lunch box in the bag. He told Monica to take care of it and return it after it was used up.

At twelve o'clock at noon, the conference room on the top floor of Donghu Building was silent. It was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. The originally proud former employee of Ling Group Media, they were now shrunken like a turtle. Fearing to annoy the man sat at the head of the table. This was what Monica saw when she entered the door. Fortunately, she was glad that she just went out.

Ling Senhao saw Monica and the Logistics Department came in, and his face eventually eased, "Let's eat first!"

Huh—— Fortunately, the president had to eat and which was temporarily liberated. This was everyone's unanimous thought at the moment. They were full of good feelings towards Monica, who was like an angel descending to the earth.

Monica took out the prepared tableware and opened the lunchbox layer by layer, which attracted Ke Rui eyes while eating fast food. How does the thermal lunch box plus the lunch box look like the configuration of a loving lunch? Then looked at Monica, and she was emanating cold sweet. Monica, this old lady wasn't supposed to...

Monica doesn't care about Ke Rui strange stare and opened the heat thermal lunch box. A delicious smell came on and made her subordinates burst into tears while eating fast food.

Boss, you eat so well in front of us every time, was it really good?

Golden crab yellow tofu was embellished with green scallions, red and yellow tomatoes scrambled eggs, fresh broccoli with tender shrimps, orange pineapple pork, fried amaranth and leeks, which made people aroused by the sight. As the last layer of the lunch box opened, two cute and delicate pig-shaped rice balls emerged.

Ke Rui was shocked that Monica, the old woman, had really put her mind into it, but such a lovely love lunch should have come from her hands. Tch, tch——

Monica was shocked, too. She couldn't see how childish the little boss was!
Ah—— what to do to keep the boss from getting angry?
She secretly observed the boss's face, as if not as bad as imagined!

Ling Senhao was a little surprised at the moment he saw the lunch box, but it didn't show on his face, so it’s just a faceless expression when the outsiders saw the boss. Finally, Ling Senhao picked up his chopsticks in a surprising sight. Monica's heart was finally on ease.

Ling Senhao took a small mouthful of shrimp, and the delicacy burst out in his mouth. There was no redundant seasoning, and it was full of the taste of the ingredients themselves.

Monica opened the soup bowl, the milky soup and the chicken pieces floated, the delicious smell filled the entire nose. Ling Senhao suddenly felt really hungry, immediately spooned a soup, tasted a mouthful, feel the whole winter warmed up.

The rice grains in the rice ball were full and vigorous, and the rice was full of flavor... Even if he was used to five-star hotels, he had to admit that it's really delicious.

People watched the president's more and more relaxed face, and finally breathed a sigh of relief. At the next meeting, the president's face improved significantly, which strengthened Monica's determination to hold the little boss's thigh in the future.

At the end of the meeting, when the president left, Monica was surrounded. Ke Rui laughed and said, "Be frank and lenient. What are your intentions toward President Ling?"

Monica naturally knew what he's talking about and didn't want to keep it a secret. She said she bought the lunch box at Mo's Restaurant, which disappointed Ke Rui.

"Sister Monica, the food in that restaurant is delicious. It's amazing that you can find such a wonderful place when you first come to Y City."

"Monica, is that store expensive? I'd like to order lunch, too."

"It smells great!"

"I went to eat with my girlfriend on the opening day. It was a bit expensive, but it tasted great!"

"Really, you're so generous with faking it!"

Listening to the discussion, Monica laughed and said nothing, and when she finished, she threw down a heavyweight, "That shop doesn't deliver!"
Without took away a cloud[1], she stepped on her 12 centimeters high-heeled shoes and walked away.

In the evening, Y City was brightly lit, and the colorful neon lights of high-rise buildings on the edge of the Donghu Building light up the second-tier city, making it as good as the international metropolis like S City.

Ling Senhao was planning the future of Ling Group Media in the top office of Donghu Building. The daytime meeting was an initial show of strength way for Ling Group high-level people to endanger themselves. However, Ling Group Media was only a subsidiary of Ling Group. Even if it's really acquired, it would not shake the foundation of Ling Group, so all this was just the beginning.

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The telephone on the desk rang, Ling Senhao pressed to answer, on the phone was the sweet voice of the young secretary, "President Ling, it's a phone from Madam."

"Yes, come in."

After a while, a gentle female voice came from the other end of the phone, "Senhao, it's mom."

Ling Senhao was Ansel's Chinese name, which followed by his mother’s surname. At home, only his mother usually called him Ansel, and everyone else called him Ans.

"Mom." Ling Senhao responded.

"It's hard for you to clean up your mother's family's mess. I've heard all about today. You did a great job. Ling Group could not be handed over to them, otherwise Ling Group would be completely destroyed. Your grandfather is old and the energy is not as good as before, but it does not mean that Ling Group will be handed over to them. Rather than let Ling Group destroy, it is better to let Claire Group acquire it. After all, it is your grandfather's efforts, but can not tolerate those who reckless behavior on the surface..." It turned out to be a bit tough.

"I know, you can rest assured!"

"That's good. I'm always at ease with what you do. But you are not young anymore. The little miss from Li family whom I arranged for you, you ran off to Y City without seeing her. Career is important, but... " As soon as she spoke, Mama Ling was concerned about her son's marriage.

"Hm, I see." He knew his mother's mind, he never wanted to find a lover to spent his life with, regardless of men and women, but that kind of noble lady of the family would never be the first choice absolutely.

"About Ling Group's future development... Well, I'll take care of myself. Goodbye." Ling Senhao[2] diverged the topic in three sentences. Before Mama Ling responded, the phone had already hung up.

Mo's Cuisine House

"Little boss, I've come to return the lunch box." Mao Shaoqing, who was making a cake, stopped his work and looked up at Monica, who was wearing professional suits. "I've washed it all. Little boss's craftsmanship is so good that President Ling likes it."

President Ling, President Ling... was it the boss... what about the co-worker?

In Mo Shaoqing's mind appeared an old man with a big stomach, and he thought of his rice ball. He felt uncomfortable. He thought that the lady was brought it to her friends, but he did not think it was the boss.

"Can I continue to bring it in the evening? I'd like to order a beef stew with red wine and..." Monica reported several dishes and Mo Shaoqing wrote them down with shame.

"Oh, and fruits. Do you have any other fruits in your store? Make a salad!"

"Yes, yes." Mo Shaoqing took out some other fruits from the storage room and showed them to Monica. After watching her nodded with satisfaction, he began to cut fruit for a salad.

Monica looked at the serious young man in front of her, looking more and more handsome. She couldn't help taking out her mobile phone and secretly taking two photos.

Mo Shaoqing carefully handled the dishes and prepared several dishes according to Monica's requirements, but packed in ordinary plastic boxes.

Yesterday's lending of thermos cups and lunch boxes really made Mo Shaoqing think about takeout. Although he could still get busy now, it would surely increase everyone's burden to deliver takeout. Moreover, some demanding customers do not like ordinary plastic boxes. What about using a lunchbox? But the cost was very high! What could be done to save costs without looked cheap?


[1] RAW is "说完不带走一片云彩", I wonder what is the "cloud (云彩)" in here
[2] It was "Ling Sennai (凌森奈)" in the RAW, I think it was misstypo

Pig Shaped Rice Balls (I think more or less look like this)

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