He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 8: love at first sight

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Because of this faith, he found something he liked. Learned to control himself, and made himself a normal person.

The 16years old Gu Qingyan was emotionally clean. In M Country, most children fall in love at an early age. Gu Qingyan couldn't do it at all. Although his fear of contact with other people was under control, but his instinct was to hate touches that were too intimate, such as kissing and sex.

Gu Qingyan could not imagine met with another person.

He booked a hotel in Fangwo City and found a job in the film and television industry. He had planned to stay with his grandfather for some time, but he never wanted to meet Lu Ran.

Gu Qingyan met the 20 years old Lu Ran on the set[1].

When Gu Qingyan saw Lu Ran again, he knew his heart beat faster. Gu Qingyan understand that he couldn't understand what Qu Yang's saying of love at first sight. When saw that person, the heartbeat accelerates uncontrollably and the adrenaline rises.

Gu Qingyan used to think that falling in love at first sight was particularly silly. The feeling was baffling. He did not believe that there was such an uncontrolled feeling.

But when it really happened to him, Gu Qingyan knew he had set up a flag. It turned out that there was such a feeling that the heartbeat was uncontrolled.

But he didn't care. He controlled his heartbeat and moved his eyes away for a simple reason.

He couldn't fall in love with anyone at all. He couldn't stand the intimate contact.

And now he had more important things. He had to learn how to act well, and then go to find his big brother.

Until he heard the gossip of the group performance, he knew the name of the love at first sight, and Young Master Lu, the future heir of Xingyu, was Lu Ran.

In the next few days, Lu Ran still came to the crew because Xingyu's star was the male lead in the crew recently. Gu Qingyan always secretly watched Lu Ran. Lu Ran grew up differently from his childhood, becomes more handsome and looks cool and strong.

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Gu Qingyan's eyes always linger on Lu Ran. Occasionally, he listened to the crews gossiping about Lu Ran. He knew that Lu Ran was studying at the best university in Fangwo City, S University. His big brother was so fierce. Gu Qingyan was like a little fan.

He gradually realized that his feelings were called secret love, but he was not ready to point out that he just wanted to secretly like the other enough. He did not want to cause trouble to Lu Ran, although he heard that Lu Ran did not like women, he was a gay.

Later, he enjoyed lunch alone in the corner of the studio. He met Lu Ran and the second female lead, Lin Ke'er, who wanted to show her relationship with him. The beautiful female star said that she wanted to be with Lu Ran, even if it was a one-night stand.

Then he heard Lu Ran drive the other party away somehow with inexplicable pleasure, but Lu Ran found that he had caught the bag.

Lu Ran always knew that there was a little dragon[2] set who liked to stare at him. The reason why Lu Ran noticed him was that he had beautiful peach blossom eyes.

In Lu Ran's first wet dream, he dreamed of a pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes. He always thought that they were Yan Qiubai's eyes. They were beautiful with tears.

Because Yan Qiubai had a pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes, they had known each other since childhood. They went to a junior high school and a high school and university, but Yan Qiubai went abroad.

Lu Ran thought that he might like Yan Qiubai very much because of his beautiful eyes. They had known for a long time. Yan Qiubai's character was simple and lovely. Yan Qiubai looked clean and harmless to people and animals.

When he found out that he liked a man for a long time, he also tried to fall in love with a woman. Unfortunately, he couldn't. He always remembered the beautiful peach blossom eyes with tears in his dream, but he felt that he must be amazed.

Later, Yan Qiubai went abroad. He regretted why he hadn't confessed earlier. Maybe they had been together long ago. He and Yan Qiubai now maintain a kind of ambiguity relationship, and no one had broken it.


[0] We still immerse in Gu Qingyan & Lu Ran past lol
[1] Set (剧组: jù zǔ): cast and crew; performers and production team
[2] Dragon (龙套: lóng tào): minor characters in movie/drama/opera

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