He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 7: Faith and Salvation

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Having lost her baby for so long, Mama Xia was really frightened. She especially regretted that she had lost her baby because she took her child back to Fangwo City with a bad temper.

self-blame, the whole family searched all night yesterday and then went to report the case. They knew their children were in Lu jia[1] house and rushed to find them.

Mama Xia was crying with her baby in her arms. Gu Qingyan was crying too. The scene was very chaotic!

Later, the scene was under control. Mama Xia thanked Lu jia[1] and took her son home. But Lu Ran refused. It was his little crybaby that he picked up!

Lu Ran began to lose his temper. Mama Lu was embarrassed, and her son was angry. She could only explain to her son that his little brother had to go home, and he could visit Gu Qingyan more often in the future.

Gu Qingyan saw Lu Ran suddenly break away from his mother's embrace and went to embrace Lu Ran.

"Big brother, thank you... I'm going home. I'll come to see you later."

Lu Ran looked at the little crybaby, and then bit his pretty cheek, "Okay, absolutely come to see me in the future! Know it, little crybaby! "

Gu Qingyan was bitten by Lu Ran, but did not move. He smiled at Lu Ran.

This was the first time in such a long time Lu Ran saw him smiled. It's more beautiful than crying. There are two shallow dimples.

Finally, Gu Qingyan was taken home. Lu Ran was unhappy. That was his little crybaby, his!

Of course, Lu Ran did not often visit Gu Qingyan, because Gu Qingyan came home feeling very wrong. His resist performance becomes more obvious. Took Gu Qingyan to crowded places would also make him uncomfortable, began to resist, afraid, and difficult to breathe.

Hate the touch of others, trembling and crying. The family was fine, but he avoided some outsiders. Gu Qingyan instinctively does not trust the other.

Mama Xia[2] obviously felt something was wrong with her son and hurriedly booked the ticket to take him back to M Country[3].

As a result, it was confirmed that her son had a very serious psychological problem, which was not obviously controllable at first, but became more and more serious after that. After all, Mama Xia could not blame the child. After all, nobody expected it.

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Only later in Mama Xia never took her son back Fangwo city. Instead, she booked tickets and sent her son to his grandparents during Chinese New Year. She was afraid that when her son came back to Fangwei and remembered those bad memories.

But she didn't knew that her son had been thinking about Fangwo and the big brother who had coaxed him to smile and eat.

The 16-year-old Gu Qingyan came to Fangwo City alone, regardless of his family’s opposition, just for his big brother.

The shadow of his childhood distrust made Gu Qingyan's contact barrier worsed, but when he remembered the bug brother who gently coaxed him to smile at him, he told himself that he must overcome it.

At first, Gu Qingyan had nightmares about himself being locked up. He shivered in the corner and nobody came to help him. But then a gentle voice appeared in his dream, "Little crybaby, big brother will always protect you."

Then a little boy gently held Gu Qingyan in his arms.

His arms were too warm, his voice too gentle, and he calmed all his worries.

So Gu Qingyan tried hard to overcome his own problems and actively received treatment. Gu Qingyan hoped that he would become normal to find each other.

Gradually, Gu Qingyan's mental illness seemed to be under control, but he had been dishonest for many years, and Gu Qingyan wanted to repay his kindness.

Because of his big brother, he had his own goals and hobbies.

Gu Qingyan knew that Lu Ran's family had an entertainment company. He always wanted to get close to each other when he was young. Later, Gu Qingyan thought that he could be an actor and a star so that he could be closer to his big brother. It's good to be a big star to earn money for Lu Ran's family.

Then Gu Qingyan began to study acting. Later, he gradually fell in love with acting. It was very interesting to play another person and become another person.

Gu Qingyan also had friends. Everything was getting better, so when he was 16 years old, he went back to Fangwo without hesitation.

In fact, the family was very opposed to fear that his old illness would recur. After all, who knows whether this kind of illness could really recover, but Gu Qingyan simply does not listen.

He missed his big brother. Gu Qingyan never knew what he felt about him, but it doesn't matter. He just wanted to saw Lu Ran.

Qu Yang once said, "Qingyan, have you ever thought that you might like your big brother?"

Gu Qingyan didn't understand, refuted that his feeling to Lu Ran wasn't like that. For him, his big brother was his salvation and faith.


[1] Jia (家): Family
[2] It's Mama Lu in the RAW, but looking at the sentence it's definitely aimed at Mama Xia
[3] M Country: USA

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