He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 6: Resistance and Affection

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Returning to Lu jia[1] home, Mama Lu saw her son not only come back by himself, but also bring a child. She immediately joked, "Son, how did you leave home and take a child with you? Are you running away or eloping?"

Lu Ran blushed, "Mom, what are you talking about? This is what I picked up. Aren't you going to give birth to my brother? I like him. I want him to be my brother."

"Even if you want him to be your brother son, you need the consent of his parents..." then she wanted to touch Gu Qingyan, who was behind Lu Ran.

Gu Qingyan hid, although this aunt looked nice, Gu Qingyan doesn't want to be touched.

Lu Ran watched Gu Qingyan's response and resist, "I don't care, I want him anyway."

Then he pulled the boy away and said, "He's mine! He's dirty, I'll take him to a bath!" Also don't go back.

Mama Lu helplessly looked at her overbearing son, and then asked Li Bo to report a case to the police station that she had picked up a child. After all, the parents of the lost child must be very anxious.

To be honest, Lu Ran, Young Master Lu has never served others to take a bath, but Lu Ran did not trust the little crybaby, Lu Ran could sense that there was something wrong with the little crybaby.

Lu Ran took two pajamas and pulled Gu Qingyan to the bathroom. Then he began to take off his clothes and motioned Gu Qingyan to take bath together.

He did not know why Gu Qingyan seemed very resistant, so he quietly comforted him and said, "Little crybaby, you see you are dirty. Shall we take a bath?"

Then he began to coax, "Wash well, brother will take you to dinner, play games and watch cartoons, ok?"

Then carefully help Gu Qingyan undress, the child still had some resistance but may because he knew that Lu Ran doesn't had a malicious reason, so he slowly accepted Lu Ran.

Gu Qingyan doesn't know why he doesn't hate this person. Gu Qingyan even had a good impression of him.

This person appeared at his side when he was on the most helpless state. He could allow such an unknown person to touch himself even though he was clearly disgusted with contact with others.

Gu Qingyan also did not understand, and Gu Qingyan obviously felt his aversion to people seemed to be more serious.

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He looked at Lu Ran, and Lu Ran gently said to him, "Shall we take a bath first?"

When Gu Qingyan took off his clothes, Lu Ran found that there were several wounds on Gu Qingyan's body as if they had been cut, and there were several small cuts in his hands. Lu Ran felt a little distressed, "Why are you still injured? Who do it? Does it hurt?"

Gu Qingyan shook his head and refused to say anything. Lu Ran couldn't help but wipe it carefully with a towel.

Lu Ran's movements were very gentle and carefully avoided the wound, "Wait for brother to help you with the ointment."

Then Lu Ran help him wipe the dirty things on his face, the original beautiful white little face came out, with red eyes like a very small rabbit. Lovely isn't it.

They both changed their clothes. Lu Ran asked the housekeeper to find the ointment and carefully help Gu Qingyan to apply it. The little crybaby doesn't speak loudly, but only painful tears in his eyes.

"No pain, no pain, big brother help you shout." Lu Ran put on the ointment and cried at the wound.

Lu Ran did everything and brought Gu Qingyan to the dining room for dinner. Mama Lu saw two children and felt they were very cute.

The child who had taken a bath was clean and beautiful. He was very cute when he ate, but he didn't like to talk and looked at her with some resistance.

Mama Lu, as a mother full of maternal love, felt a little distressed when she saw Gu Qingyan's wound. She didn't know how the children got it. She tried to touch his head, but she Gu Qingyan avoided her.

"Mom, don't touch him." subsequently, Lu Ran helped Gu Qingyan with his dishes, "Little crybaby, obediently eat".

Gu Qingyan looked at Lu Ran, and Lu Ran smiled at him then squeezed his small face.

Mama Lu said she was jealous, but her son seemed happy.

No matter what his mother thought, Young Master Lu just pulled Gu Qingyan to watched cartoon and then sleep together.

Not to mention the soft and sweet fragrance of the child after he bathed, Lu Ran always felt strange, cute and delicious.

Gu Qingyan was obviously exhausted and soon fell asleep. But when he fell asleep, he curled up uneasily and muttered: liar, bad guy, mom.

Lu Ran felt his uneasiness. Lu Ran held Gu Qingyan tightly in his ear and said, "Don't be afraid, don't be afraid... big brother will always be with you... big brother will protect you..."

Perhaps because of the gentle comfort from Lu Ran, Gu Qingyan gradually relaxed and his breathing calmed down.

Then the next day early in the morning, Mama Xia came to visit.


[1] Jia (家): family

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