Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 30: Lunch Box

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Recently, it may be because that the fame started gradually. In these days, the business in the shop was very good and the attendance rate was very high. Especially on the terrace, the wisteria blossomed from the space last longer, and it's very rare in this cold southern winter.

In winter afternoon, bathing in the sunshine, drinking afternoon tea and eating snacks were very pleasant things to think about.

A few days ago, Mo Shaoqing bought a small shelf and put some strawberries on it. The sales were particularly good. Basically, the guests who came to dinner would take a few catty[1] with them.

It was a relief to everyone to get rid of the cold first day, especially Wang Lifang and Yue Ling, who were the main chefs. If the business in the shop was not good, they had the greatest responsibility. Seeing that the business was better, although they were busy and tired, they were more looking forward to the future.

Eleven o'clock in the morning was the peak of the restaurant. Maybe because of the environment, in this high-class private restaurant, people couldn't help whispering when they speak, listening to the soft music flowing slowly in the restaurant, and tasting the rare delicacies carefully.

This was what Mo Shaoqing wanted. Although it was very lively, he did not want his restaurant to be particularly noisy. He preferred that everyone could sit down and enjoy the delicious food and leisure time. Not to mention that, on the contrary, it's more attractive for white-collar workers to eat.

This was what Monica saw when she came in. She had heard from her colleague that there was a quiet and delicious restaurant here, but she didn't believe it. She grew up in a foreign country, she always thought that Chinese restaurant was a place where everyone was sitting around, eating, drinking and talking. She loved Chinese culture, but she still didn't like to go to a Chinese restaurant very much. But she barely tried it. It's because she heard that the spaghetti here was authentic.

The most important thing was that her picky big boss like to eat Chinese food, he had eaten all nearby restaurants, and he doesn't like it!

Every time she saw her boss eat a few mouthfuls, his face darkened, and the people below were frightened. So boss, couldn't you order from a five-star hotel?

Oh, she forgot that some three-star and four-star hotels in Y City were purchased by the boss to build five-star hotels. So boss, why did you come here to suffer? Go back to the head office in B City, and never open a company in S City again!

Of course, as an excellent assistant, she could only put these ridicule words in her heart. For the sake of the happiness and future of the whole office, of course she wanted the present.

Monica casually found a place, because the distance between each table was relatively large, so as soon as she sat down, the waiter saw her coming at a glance. The waiter that approached her had delicate and handsome features, a simple white shirt collar tied with a dark green tie, with black trousers. Although simple, but enough to make people look brighter.

This was Monica's first impression of Mo Shaoqing. But she thought that now even the waiter boy's appearance level was so high, and looked at the young age, the development potential should be good. Just as the company intended to expand the entertainment industry. The current appearance of the entertainment industry was superior. If really could be signed——

Mo Shaoqing came forward with the menu. As soon as this lady entered the door, he found that although there were many white-collar workers here, Mo Shaoqing could still tell the difference at a glance. But the way she looked at Mo Shaoqing let him had a bad feeling!

Mo Shaoqing, a part-time waiter for a few days, adjusted his expression skillfully and asked with a smile, "Excuse me, miss, what would you like to eat? Here is the menu."

Looked better when smile. There's a kind of inexplicable affinity. His temperament was the same. Monica thought to herself that after taking over the menu without changing her face, she was more interested in Chinese food after looking at it carefully, but she knew little about Chinese food, "For me, I want to order pasta and try Chinese food, but make it light, is there any good recommendation?"

"Well, if you're alone, spaghetti bolognese is the best seller. You can try our winter specialty, casserole meat soup rice. Sausage soup rice particularly is very popular. Pine kernels corn and three silverfish soup are also our local characteristics. How do you think?"

Because he doesn't know what the lady's taste was, he recommended some popular dishes and soups with local characteristics recently. Compared with cooked rice, soup rice was lighter.

"Yes, that's all."

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Recently, everyone ordered more simple dishes. The surface was handed to Mo Shaoqing. But in fact, Mo Shaoqing took things from the space by took times from the storage room. Everyone was busy cooking and no one noticed.

The soup rice was made with several small casseroles, so the dishes were served quickly. After finished this list, Mo Shaoqing returned to the counter to calculate today's profits.

"Is it really impossible to order takeout? My colleague needs to order." Mo Shaoqing looked up at the lady who had just ordered the meal.

"Sorry, our store is on trial business, and we don't have enough people. There is no takeout for the time being." Mo Shaoqing explained.

"So, can I order some dishes and pack them for me?" Monica was disappointed. If she couldn't order take out, what about the boss's lunch? Yes, she had already made up her mind to order at this restaurant.

Mo Shaoqing said, "Yes, then what do you need?"

Eh, Monica really doesn't know what boss likes. It seemed that he's not very picky. So it's not very difficult to think of what the boss liked! But why every time to bought a meal doesn't look like his appetite?

"It's your signature dish, two meat dishes, two vegetable dishes and one soup will do."

"Okay, wait a minute." After that, Mo Shaoqing took several plastic boxes from the cabinet. Because everyone's leftovers were packed in this package, and the cost of plastic boxes was relatively low, so Mo Shaoqing did not do what she wanted.

"That's not good. How can you use this kind of box?" Monica made a noise to stop him. How could this kind of plastic box be put on the boss's desk? At first glance, it looked like cheap fast food. The boss won't taste it at all, let alone like it.

"This——" Mo Shaoqing also had some hesitation. Compared with the foam box, plastic box was undoubtedly more expensive, but there were still some people were not satisfied.

"Don't you have any better boxes here?" Monica was very surprised. After all, the decoration of this store was quite good.

"Sorry, we really don't have any here." This was the most difficult thing in the world, It doesn't matter what the customer wanted.

Ah, Mo Shaoqing sighed in his heart and thought that he would lose this opportunity. Suddenly he remembered that he had only used it once a few days ago with a heat preservation bucket and a lunch box. She only used it once. He tentatively asked and Monica indicated that it was ok.

Mo Shaoqing, who got the news, returned to the back kitchen happily and saw Monica's praise. Such a handsome seedling must remain.

Mo Shaoqing took the menu and looked it up briefly. Listed under the menu: fish soup with braised chicken, pineapple sweet and sour pork, shrimp and broccoli, tomato scrambled eggs, fried purple amaranth with garlic and the staple food was only plain rice. But in order to retain customers and develop customers, Mo Shaoqing came up with an idea to make lovely rice balls.

The innocent student Mo Shaoqing did not expect that the lunch was eaten by a boss, not for a colleague in Monica's mouth.


[1] Catty (斤: jīn): weight equal to 0.5 kg
[2] lol Mo Shaoqing and his money issue :D

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