Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 29: Displease

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Mo Shaoqing hurried up to help carry the bag. Mo Di learned that Mo Shaoqing helped the girls and he help to hang up the coat. This made the girls flattered. After all, it was rare for two handsome guys to serve themselves at the same time.

Or for the first girl reacted first, and found the position, and invited her friends to come and sit down.

Liu Xueman had some pride in her heart. She could let such handsome men serve her. Sure enough, as long as she had money, she could spend it anyway. Then took and look at the menu, and was surprised to see that such a small restaurant, the price was not cheap, but although the price was a little expensive but still affordable. Who let her just find a rich second generation boyfriend! And she smiled, "Everyone let's order, don't be shy!"

Han Sisi's mind was relatively simple. After looked at the menu, she still felt it's a little expensive. After all, everyone's monthly living expenses were limited. If order too much, Xueman would bleed[1] heavily.

Zhou Xiaotong was the girl who sat down at the beginning. She doesn't want to Liu Xueman to treat her at all. Don't think she doesn't know what Liu Xueman thought. She just ate her own food. Yao Su, another girl on the edge, was not used to Liu Xueman. After looked at the menu, she thought about letting her bleed[1] a lot! Four people sat down with "an ulterior motive" each.

"What would you like for dinner?" Mo Shaoqing reminded them again.

It's young girls after all, in addition to just careful thought, they were more shy facing handsome men. Even Zhou Xiaotong face was so thick that she was embarrassed to come in and go out again, but still boldly said, "Let's see first, you should go ahead."

Mo Shaoqing went to Mo Shaohong to help wipe the cup. Since drank spirit spring water, Mo Shaoqing's five senses had improved a lot, so it's easy to hear the four girls' comments.

"Everyone let's order, don't be shy to me. I still have some money. I'll invite you instead of Qi Yong." Liu Xueman said easily.

Yao Su immediately joined to flatter, "Wow, Xueman, your boyfriend is so generous, then we'll have a good meal today."

"Xueman, the food here is not cheap. Let's pay for it ourselves. Everyone spent a lot of money today." Han Sisi persuaded.

"OK, thank you Xueman!" Zhou Xiaotong watched at the show coldly, but after the show over, she also achieved her goal.

Mo Shaoqing looked at several people and discussed for a long time. As if there was no final conclusion, he went up and asked, "What do some beautiful girls eat?"

Zhou Xiaotong: "This treat, we are embarrassed to order something, you let her order it!"

Liu Xueman: "This is the order. If you have any good dishes, serve them!"

Mo Shaoqing explained, "I'm sorry, one of the chefs has gone back today, so you can only order some home-cooked dishes."

After that, he took a pen and paper to prepare the order. He thought it was so late that girls would not like to eat too greasy meat dishes. He could make some fresh dishes for them.

Maybe Mo Shaoqing's words stimulated Liu Xueman. She did not expect that a small waiter looked down upon her, and her face suddenly became distorted, "What do you mean by that? Do you think I have no money? What is a home-cooked dish? I don't need money, though it's good."

"Sorry, I don't mean that. I don't think we should have too much greasy food in the evening. So I recommend some vegetarian dishes and staple foods for a meat dish! The vegetables in our shop are delicious. You can try them." Mo Shaoqing did not expect his words to give misperception to her and quickly explained. He always treated customers very gently. It's so refreshing, even if kill a few people right now, surely several girls would not refuse.

After getting everyone's unanimous agreement, Mo Shaoqing began to introduce, "Steamed sea bass, shiitake and vegetables, garlic mushrooms, fruit salad, minced meat and egg custard. How about broccoli, shredded dried pork and rice ball as the main dish?"

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Liu Xueman wanted to show off, but she was a little disdained of these dishes, "So ordinary, what's the sign of your shop?"

Mo Shaoqing said patiently, "The seafood in our shop is not bad."

"That changed the rice ball into a bowl of abalone sauce! Change the sea bass into fried salmon!" Liu Xueman casually said, smiling and explaining to her roommate, "This is all Qi Yong and I went to S City to eat. It's called a tunnel by the chef there... I just don't know if it can be done here."

Abalone sauce fish rice was a big meat dish, so Mo Shaoqing had prepared abalone sauce in the space, put them out and pour them over hot sesame rice, and then mix eggs and steamed them with water on the pot. Then add oil in the pan, stir-fry the minced meat, add the homemade soy sauce, add salt, it would very fragrant. Wait until the egg custard steamed, then pour over the minced meat.

Fried the marinated salmon in butter for one minute, then turn over and fry it. Fried the fish skin until it's really crisp. Make the other three, and let Li Zhiye serve. The other dishes were relatively simple. They were all handed over to Wang Lifang.

Ten minutes later, the dishes were served. At first, the four girls were more reserved. When the main dish came to the table, Mo Shaoqing looked at their chopsticks and was about to fight.

"Wow, it's delicious!" the girls quickly talked about it.

"Just so-so!" Liu Xueman maintained an arrogant attitude.

"I'll settle the bill first." then she went to the counter with Mo Shaoqing.

"That'll be 380 Yuan, thank you."

"What? Have you ever..." Liu Xueman didn't expect such a few dishes to be so expensive. She grabbed the menu and it did say that there were four fried salmon and four abalones sauce fish rice... a total of 384 Yuan. She suddenly realized that it was not the price problem, but today she bought a lot of clothes, there seemed to be no more than two hundred left, who knows that such a small restaurant could even cook these dishes......

"That, I didn't bring a credit card. Can I get it on credit?" Liu Xueman put it another way, "I'm a local student and I'll pay tomorrow. I have enough money to keep my balance."

She had some lack of confidence. After all, she's just recently show off.

Mo Shaoqing saw her embarrassment. Who didn't "pretend to be rich" when they were young? But she was only a schoolgirl, "In fact, there are big discounts in the past few days~"


Back to her seat, Liu Xueman was still a little angry. She didn't realize that the waiter directly saved her two hundred yuan. She said to her roommates that there was a discount for opening day. Did he think she was just a poor student and couldn't afford to pay at all? She watched Mo Shaoqing, who was talking and laughing happily. Nails stuck in the flesh...

"Is your boss still hiring? May I come as an apprentice?" asked one of the slightly fat girl. When it came to recruiting people, it reminded Mo Shaoqing of things that he hadn't been recruiting for a long time. If the school start, the shop would have a few helpers.

Mo Shaoqing laughed and said, "Our family businesses are not short of apprentices, but we need several waiters, long-term work. Can you do it?"

In fact, he also saw that some people in front of him were students, and unlikely that they would really apply for a job as a waiter.

"Is it really possible?" Zhou Xiaotong asked. Her family and Han Sisi's family were relatively ordinary. University tuition and living expenses were relatively large expenses. They had been looking for part-time jobs. This restaurant was not only had a good environment, but the food also tasted better. It would be nice to work here after graduation. Of course, Mo Shaoqing couldn't really accept them, so he just smiled and said nothing.

After the dishes were served, several people were no longer discussing but gorging them. When Wang Lifang came to tidy up, there was no soup left. Several girls had to wipe their mouths with a shy smile. They began to ask Mo Shaoqing some questions that they were interested in. Because they were all common questions, and Mo Shaoqing answered them one by one. After knowing that Mo Shaoqing was the boss, they were very surprised. Mo Di checked out the bill and handed it to them, but because it was just opened and only counted 180 Yuan. When everything was ready, it was almost ten o'clock. Mo Shaoqing pulled down the shutter door and said goodbye to the girls who were reluctant.


[1] Bleed (出血): To spend money in large amounts

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