Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 28: B City

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The entire 100 floors building in CBD Center of B City was the headquarters of Claire Group, but it's puzzling that such a world-wide large group headquarters was actually in China, and the founder was B Nationality.

Some people speculated that ZF may have given the group many benefits, others speculated that its hostess maybe Chinese, others said that its founder was British aristocracy. In short, these mysteries made the group caged in a mysterious veil. Countless graduated students dream of working here and they were expected to be able to fly to the sky and embark on the peak of their lives. In a word, it's also a place that Mo Shaoqing could not be expected in his previous life.

In the top office of the central building, a stereotyped middle-aged man with three-dimensional features was attentively correcting documents. After correcting the last document, the assistant tidied it up and then stepped back. Then the middle-aged man looked up at the young man in front of the floor-to-ceiling window opposite him and said, "Ans, I don't agree. The subsidiary's business can be handled by the people below. You don't have to go in person."

"There are many elite members of the Ling Group!"

The young man turned around. His features in the sun were solid, mature and attractive, dark eyebrows thick and sharp, dark blue eyes under the brown eyelashes, thin lips slightly opened, "Although S city has convenient transportation and developed economy, but the land price in the city center is too high. We are just preparing to develop into film and television media. Although we have the resources of the Ling Group, it's not worth the cost. I bought a plot of land and built a building in the new downtown area of Y City, not far from S City, and now the smell is almost gone. I intend to use it as a new film and television company."

"Y City? Never heard of it."

"Y City is a second-tier city, but the land price is cheap, there are many second-tier cities around, and the first-tier cities have convenient transportation. That's why I will also open a company there."

"In addition, because there are many second and third-tier tourist cities in J Province and there are abundant tourism resources, I have purchased four-star hotels in some cities to help Lyle Hotel enter the second-tier cities with better development."

Finally, he firmly said, "Huaxia is a big market, if we can cooperate with the old hotel companies, then we can absolutely take the first-tier and second-tier cities, and these cities are only a small share of the market, what we need to do is to go deep into the Inland cities."

It's rare to saw his brother talk so much, Ald was also very surprised, but he had to let him go and wondered when he would catch him.

"Cough... that, but you go, but you can't come back for another year and a half. Mother means, that is, there's a young lady in the Li family who just came back from B Country and studied music. She's already studying for a doctor's degree. 27 this year, she's growing up..."

"Big brother, I booked a flight ticket for 12 o'clock. I'm leaving first." Then he really opened the door of the office and left, leaving only Ald, and a string of grass mud horses[1] in his heart, I hadn't agreed yet! Unexpectedly first decapitated then present your trophy[2], I'm the chairman!

Of course, these ridicule, Ansel, who had left, had not heard it.

There were many assistants waiting outside the office. They followed Ansel's footsteps and the leading woman took out the documents and pens that had been checked and handed them to the boss. Ansel took it to sign and said, "Monica, help me book my ticket for 12 o'clock."

At 16:00 p.m., the plane landed at Y City airport, where a line of black-coated bodyguards had been waiting, alongside a striking row of black cars, which attracted frequent passengers from the airport.

When Monica saw the preparation of the following people, she knew all about it and turned to see her boss. Indeed, the boss frowned. Monica rushed the bodyguard away and called another car.

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The black business car slowly drove along with the people on the road of Y City. There was an elegant man sitting in the back seat. He had a tall nose and a chiseled face. At this time, even the assistant dare not go forward because of the cold air.

But Monica still said, "Ling Group financial statements and senior personnel files are here for the past two years. Er... Ling Group, these two years are really not going to work, but it's just mismanaged, if Claire Group's funds are injected..."

Monica thought about it or said the truth tactfully, but Ansel stopped her with a gesture, "I understand, first follow my plan."

"By the way, after taking over Ling Group, call my Chinese name!" Ansel added.

"Yes, Ling Zong[3]."

"Oh, by the way, Ling Zong, Yin Group know that we have come to Y City and invited us to a party in S City tomorrow. What do you think?"

"Push it off!"

"Are we going to the new company first?"


"Well, I'll have dinner prepared."

Monica agreed and recorded the next trip on the tablet.

In the evening, the restaurant's business was quite deserted, but it was not surprising to Mo Shaoqing. After a day's business, everyone was very tired. Mo Shaoqing took a look at the retro clock. It was already over nine o'clock. He thought it would be better to leave work earlier today.

"Auntie, how's everything going?"

"In a moment, Shaoqing go back if you're tired. There are Aunt Wang and me!" Wang Lifang in the kitchen said as she prepared the food for tomorrow.

"Master Yue, the time is late. Your home is far away. There's no business anyway. You can leave work ahead of time. Ah Ye, you can go back too!"

Master Yue wasn't modest either, "OK!"

He finished his work and left. But Ah Ye still had a lot of bowls to look at. The first day of work, he want to leave a good impression on his boss, must stay, Mo Shaoqing also did not refuse.

Because there's a back door, outside was the district road, so everyone started from behind. Mo Shaoqing intended to first shut the shutter door, but before that, he first poured some spring water to the flowers in the small flowerbed outside. Just as Mo Shaoqing bowed his head and watered the flowers, another group of guests came. Mo Shaoqing quickly put down the watering can and went in to welcome the guests. (TN: to set off; to start (on a journey))

These were four girls dressed in bright clothes. They look like college students. They were carrying a lot of shopping bags. They may had just finished shopping to have supper.


[1] Grass mud horse (草泥马): to mock or avoid censorship on the Internet
[2] First decapitate then present your trophy (先斩后奏): (idiom) act first, report later
[3] Zong (总): the Zong in this case is head; chief; general, but it can be translated as Mr., so Ling Zong can be translated as Mr. Ling

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