Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 27: Open For Business

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The busy New Year had finally passed. After a few days of holiday, Mo Shaoqing returned to the restaurant on the eighth day of the new year. Yesterday was Valentine's Day, and the festival atmosphere was still strong, which was one of the reasons for opening today. Today was the first day of the trial business for three days. It's pretty stressful to think about it.

As for the specific business hours, after careful discussion in the New Year, Mo Shaoqing wrote on the small blackboard in the restaurant:
Lunch: 10:00 AM - 13:30 PM
Afternoon tea: 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Dinner: 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Take-out is not supported for the time being.

After writing these, Mo Shaoqing looked at the time. It was nine o'clock. At seven o'clock, Mo Di took the college students employed by Mo Shaoqing to send out leaflets. This was Mo Di's own idea. From 7:30 am to 8:30 am, it was the peak time for work. Mo Di temporarily sent out some leaflets, mainly during lunchtime, so that more leaflets could be sent. In this case, the success rate would be relatively high, and there would be another part of dinner time. Mo Shaoqing was confident that as long as everyone had come once, they would come often in the future and the business would get better and better.

Wang Lifang washed her hands, picked up the marinated egg that had been boiled all morning, put them in a small bowl and took them to the lounge, "Shaoqing, come and have a taste. How's the taste?"

Mo Shaoqing tasted them carefully and found them delicious, "Auntie, you can cut them in half. And if someone orders it you can put it on top of the noodles. You can also put hot spring eggs. The side dishes of noodles should be put on the top separately, don't mix all kinds of things together. Corn kernels, chopped carrots, chives, sesame, enoki mushroom and bean sprouts. Don't put less, the amount is enough."

That idea was the experience of the third year of study tour made Mo Shaoqing think of it. R Country noodles were topped with seaweed, chives, eggs and meat slices. It looked appetizing. The noodle broth tasted so delicious. It's not made with seasoning. It attracted many tourists, so he put this idea to his own restaurant.

"Know it, I remember everything!" Wang Lifang answered and returned to the kitchen.

At this time, Yue Ling also came, followed by a young man, who looked very energetic. Yue Ling came forward and said with a slight embarrassment, "This is my apprentice. He used to study with me in a hotel before, but he was not very skilled. When the new boss came, he was dismissed. Now I have found a job, and you are short of people, too. Or would you like to leave him behind and make a miscellaneous job in the back kitchen?"

Mo Shaoqing were short of people, but also lack of money. One more person and one more salary, and he couldn't afford it. The point was that character was also very important, and it's also one of the reasons why he had not been recruited for a long time.

Saw Mo Shaoqing looked awkward, Li Zhiye first stood out, "Hello, Boss Mo. My name is Li Zhiye. I'm twenty years old. My strength is very big and can do many things. Even if you don't let me cook, let me do chores. I don't want a high salary. You can give it as you see fit."[1]

Mo Shaoqing was amused at what he said. He did not recruit people to do manual work. It's just a restaurant job. But he was really short of people. He knew about kitchen matters and had low salary requirements. He asked the other party about his birthday. Li Zhiye was one month younger than himself. Think about such a child. To think of such a child come out early to work, it's a little pitiful.

"Well, the salary is two thousand. I'll give you two thousand and five in a few months, but you must work hard and not be afraid of hardship."

"Of course, certainly. I will work hard." Li Zhiye heard that he could stay. He was very excited and didn't know what to say. Although he was a disciple of Yue Ling, he just learned a little bit and was dismissed. He had no skills, low educational background and couldn't find a job at all.

Yue Ling was also very happy, "This child can bear hardships, little boss, you can rest assured!"

It turns out that Mo Shaoqing was right to let him stay. Because the restaurants would be hot and busy in the future. Of course, this was the latter story.

"All right, today is a trial business. Master Yue, you take someone to prepare."

Then Mo Shaoqing and the workers of the advertising design company hung up the sign and put the flower basket at the door. After setting off firecrackers, the business opened.

At 10:30, the restaurant began to came in succession. But disappointingly, most people chose to leave after looking at the menu.

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This made Wang Lifang anxious, at first she felt that the price set by her nephew was somewhat expensive, but her nephew was unwilling to change the price, and she doesn't know where her nephew got the vegetables. The vegetables tasted better than the vegetables she planted at home. Wang Lifang guessed what kind of new vegetable might be. The cost was so high, that's why the pricing was so high. So he said it twice.

Of course, Mo Shaoqing did not know what his aunt thought. He simply felt that the space products must be high-quality products. Pricing certainly could not be cheap. As for Yue Ling, since he entered the restaurant, he thought the dishes would not be cheap. The restaurant was well decorated and the dishes were exquisite. Besides, he had stayed in a four-star hotel, and he didn't think there was anything wrong with the little boss's pricing.

At 11 o'clock, the restaurant hit a small peak. Many girls came to the wisteria gazebo. Some elite men felt it was not appropriate to leave after they came in. Some couples made up for Valentine's Day. In order to stay with their girlfriends, the boyfriends could only stay to order food, so it was impossible for them to leave.

After everyone sat down, Mo Shaoqing, Wang Lifang and Yue Ling went to the kitchen and got busy. Many people order pasta. Mo Shaoqing boiled the water, put salt and homemade olive oil in it, add noodles and wait until the noodles were cooked.

In addition, Wang Xiafeng washed the vegetables, Yue Ling and Wang Lifang were busily cooked the dishes, and Li Zhiye was assisting. The only one left at the front desk was Mo Di, who just returned from the New Year and the food was greasy, so many people ordered fruit and vegetable salad and freshly squeezed fruit juice. Mo Di was too busy. Fortunately, Mo Shaoqing worked as a part-time waiter to help with ordering and serving.

The waiting was tormented, and the aroma came from the kitchen. Everyone was shocked that the three points hunger had already spread to eight points. Homemade tofu, stewed pig trotters with soybeans, soup rice, fried cashew nuts with celery and lily, steamed luffa with minced garlic...

A lot of pleasant dishes were served, which were obviously ordinary dishes, but when it went in the mouth it's totally different. The taste of the food itself had been elevated to a higher level by the chef's delicate cooking skill. It could be said that the lips and teeth[2] remain fragrant, the meaning was wishing to continue.

Scooped up the pasta, doused it on the well-cooked sauce, decorate it with small tomatoes with black pepper and mint leaves. Mo Shaoqing served the two portion of pasta first.

This dish was ordered by two ladies on the terrace. When Mo Shaoqing went, the two ladies were taking pictures everywhere, regardless of their manners. Mo Shaoqing also had the right to not see it and respectfully put the food. The two elegant ladies could not wait to start tasting it. They said they could not eat it too much.

Mo Shaoqing politely said, "Shrimp pasta with bacon and tomato sauce pasta, your dishes are ready, please enjoy."

Then he took the plate of the fruit salad and was about to leave, but one of the ladies stopped him——

"Well, handsome boy, the food in your store is delicious. The fresh bacon and asparagus rolls and Louisiana baked wings are delicious. My tongue is almost gone. And the fruit salad is so fresh! Brother, where did the fruit come from?"

"These are all planted by grandparents in the countryside. They eat by themselves. They are very safe and not sprayed pesticides." Mo Shaoqing took the conversation with a smile and naturally revealed the identity of the little boss.

"I have never eaten such delicious strawberries. They don't even taste like strawberries anymore. And the little tomatoes on the noodles are sweet and sour. They have a lot of juice. I must come here often in the future!" the lady couldn't help exclaiming.

Mo Shaoqing knew it would be such a result, but his heart was still happy to blossom. These fruits were produced in the space, and the taste was not bad.

Another lady was more tactful and said, "Does the little boss sell strawberries?"

"Yes, will you sell it? I want to buy a few kilos, please, little boss."

"Eh... this... yes, but the quantity will not be too much, because the production is not too high and the store has to use it." Mo Shaoqing did not want to agree. After all, this was one of the restaurant's selling points, but after listening to the ladies' request, but he suddenly remembered the old days of selling flowers. He suddenly felt that the store may be able to expand a business. Thought about it Mo Shaoqing could not help but a burst of joy, hastily agreed, but couldn't let strawberry appear too cheap, and the scarcity of strawberries was emphasized.

"Then I'll take a catty[3]. Little boss, calculate the price!"

"I want three catty, eh... would it too much, two catty!"

After a brief tidy-up, Mo Shaoqing went downstairs and took three catty of strawberries from the space and packed them in boxes. Thinking about how much the price was right, 60 Yuan, umm—— was that alright? Would it be too expensive? Well, make it 50!

If this sideline was doing well, it's also a good income for the restaurant. After all, it's only open now, and there was still a shortage of funds. But now Mo Shaoqing couldn't imagine how much a kilo of strawberries will be fried in the future.

Although it was a busy day, Mo Shaoqing knew it was just the beginning. Watching customers eat with relish and listening to praise from time to time, Mo Shaoqing heart was very satisfied. A good beginning was half the success. Come on, Mo Shaoqing!


[1] Li Zhiye speak very formal here lolol
[2] Lips and teeth (唇齿): lit. lips and teeth (idiom); fig. close partners; interdependent
[3] Catty (斤): 0.6 kg

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