Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 26: Business

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Mo Shaoqing simply asked him to cook some signature dishes and taste them. Sure, they came from a big restaurant and tasted good. However, Mo Shaoqing was very confident about his aunt's craftsmanship. To invite everyone to dinner, Mo Shaoqing asked Master Yue to write down the menu he was good at and then asked the advertising design company to add a menu.

During the meal, Mother Mo noticed that her son was absent-minded and worried that such a small setback could make him grow up a lot. "The waiter is not in a hurry. After all, looking for people is a very long-term thing. You can't just find a few people to make up the number in order to quickly recruit staff, then the restaurant will be ruined in the future in the hands of these people."

"I know, mom. If I can't find anyone, I can only take part-time jobs for the time being. The important job of a waiter is still to be selected slowly."

Mother Mo also said, "Shaohong, you have a lot of experience, help your brother."

"Big brother has worked hard, these days thanks to him, and thank you for helping me. I asked big, though... Thank you very much!"

Father Mo said, "It's all a family. Your career, shouldn't your parents help you? It's just your birthday this year——"

Mo Shaoqing laughed and said, "I forgot that although it's not my birthday this year, this restaurant is already my best birthday gift this year."

Mo Shaoqing really liked this family in his heart. He worked together in the same boat. No matter what their children want to do, they would try their best to help him. This may be the best thing that ever happened to him!

It would be opened in a few days, even if the sun was on the west side, everybody dared not relax for a moment and was preparing for work. Mo Shaoqing found an excuse to go home. In fact, he entered the space and started to cook the sauce which needed for spaghetti.

Authentic spaghetti sauce usually took four or five hours to cook. Mo Shaoqing worried that he would be too busy after the Spring Festival and the opening, so he had to cook it in advance. While cooking, he also admired that the supplier he was looking for was really good. The quality of cheese bacon noodles pasta was very good. With the seafood and fruit produced in the space, the Western food made in that way must be very typical.

In addition, there were all kinds of cake dessert production. If it made every day, it's estimated that he would be too busy, but also in advance to make.

After leaving the space, Mo Shaoqing went to the butcher market. Bought a few pigs, cattle and sheep meat, then shipped back to the warehouse, take in the space, and then from the space to transport the same number of pigs, cattle and sheep back to the butcher market to find someone to slaughter, then processed, and finally transported the meat back to the restaurant.

After a series of things had been done in the evening, the sun gradually set. Although the winter in the South was very cold, but Mo Shaoqing was still busy sweating. Although very tired but also couldn't help it, who let the space was a big golden finger at the same time was also □□[1]. In order to be safe, he had to be so troubled. Go home and simply wash, eat something, put the vegetables in the car and transport them to the restaurant.

Before entering the restaurant, a strong aroma of meat came, which made the winter day warmer. His parents and the staff had gone. There were only Mo Shaohong, Mo Di and Wang Lifang left in the shop. They were busy preparing in the kitchen. When they saw Mo Shaoqing coming, they just greeted him and go their separate ways. Mo Shaoqing put the vegetables back in the storage room for later use.

Now in addition to menu signboard were not yet done, they could only wait for the opening of the business. The leaflet would be available tomorrow. He would find a few college students who willing to send out flyers, it would start tomorrow... Mo Shaoqing cleared up behind the counter carefully and took notes from time to time, but he didn't want the business to drop in[2].

"Excuse me, is this your first business day? I haven't seen it before. What's the business?" It was a middle-aged woman who was appropriately dressed, well maintained and with her own elegant temperament. Next to the middle-aged woman was a middle-aged man in a black coat and a pair of glasses on the bridge of his nose. He also looked very elegant and looked like a couple.

The first time the customer came to the door were shocked everyone, they stood still, but Mo Shaoqing first responded and went forward and answered, "This lady, our shop mainly manages some home-cooked dishes and Western-style dishes. Come in, please."

The restaurant was full of heat. The middle-aged couple took off their coats and Mo Shaoqing accepted them naturally. Then he hung it up and led them to the table. At this time, several people on the side also reacted, deliver tea or water, and Wang Lifang went to the kitchen to show her talents.

"Just walk to the entrance of the lane than I smelled the strong fragrance. My stomach became hungry and I came in. What are you cooking?" the middle-aged women spoke very gently.

Mo Shaoqing relaxed a lot for a moment, "Our shop has not yet officially opened, now the chef is cooking big bone soup as a hotpot base, but the menu has not been customized yet——" Speaking of this, Mo Shaoqing was inevitable somewhat embarrassed.

"Hot pot is also good. It's nice to warm up. What vegetables do you have?" asked the middle-aged man opposite. Mo Shaoqing was grateful. Just now, he was afraid that two guests who were neither rich nor valuable would leave when they heard that only hot pot was served.

However, when it came to vegetables, Mo Shaoqing had a little more confidence. Because the space couldn't be divided into four seasons, in the university years, Mo Shaoqing had grown many vegetables.

"We have all kinds of vegetables, and they are very fresh. The price ranges from 10 yuan to 35 Yuan. The prices of meat dishes are different. What do you want to eat? If it's a big pot, the price depends on the number of people, and what soup base do you need?"

Hearing that, the middle-aged couple was really interested in it. "Then big pot, I'm gonna take the big bone soup base, a medium beef roll, wood ear mushroom, enoki mushroom, some cabbage, corn, bok choy, a medium fish fillet, umm—— and some bean sprouts and tofu, that's it." the middle-aged couple discussed it and ordered several vegetables in different seasons without hesitation.

"Do you have a frozen fat cow or a fresh beef here?" the middle-aged woman asked again.

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"Both of them~"

"Looks like you really have everything in your restaurant. Let's have a steak roll and a fresh beef tenderloin!"

All these were hard to resist. Wang Lifang at the kitchen door listened and could not help saying, "Let's have a small portion of meatballs, both are handmade, just this afternoon."

The middle-aged woman took a look at Wang Lifang. Maybe she thought she was honest. She nodded her head gently. Wang Lifang was delighted to see her. Maybe she had pulled the business too much and was ready to go back in high spirits.

Mo Shaoqing took towels and an electric stove from the side disinfector, Mo Shaohong put tableware from the kitchen, and Mo Di went in to help in the kitchen. Seeing that he had nothing to do, Mo Shaoqing had to go to the counter computer and turn on the stereo. This was a European folk and some piano music carefully selected by Mo Mu. The music slowly poured from the ceiling. Warm music made people feel the quiet of this winter day.

The dishes came up on a plate, and the soup also gave off a strong fragrance. Two big bones boiled in the soup and came to the table with fragrance all the way. Mo Shaoqing hid aside and watched the couple carefully. Looking at each other's dishes, feel relieved to eat with relish.

After a while, the couple called Mo Shaoqing over and made him confused. Middle-aged women were still eating gracefully, but the frequency of using chopsticks had been accelerating. Mo Shaoqing laughed secretly and did not ask questions. Instead, the middle-aged women first asked, "Little brother, how come the vegetables in your shop don't taste like the ones we usually eat?" And the bone soup was particularly delicious, and why was the corn so tender and juicy? The tone was intimate.

"The bone soup in our shop has lasted for nearly four hours. The pork from a pig raised in the countryside. It eats rice bran instead of feeds, and vegetables and fruits are grown by my grandparents in the countryside. They usually eat it themselves, so they do not spray pesticides. They are transported today. They are fresh." Mo Shaoqing had long thought about his words and answered it with ease. Pushing all the fresh ingredients to the old people in the countryside, but he didn't lie. Indeed, some dishes were brought by his aunt today.

"No wonder, I've eaten vegetables for so many years, but I haven't eaten them so delicious and original... I thought they were expensive at first, but now I think I've earned it."

Seeing his wife still need to talk about it, and there was a feeling that the nature of foodie was exposed. The middle-aged man opened his mouth at the right time, "Cough... the food of the little brother's family is good, and there will be good luck in the future. Settle the bill."

Only then did Mo Shaoqing discover that the dishes in the pot were almost all eaten, even the big bones had been eaten, so he could only admire the speed in his heart and calculate the bill at the same time.

"A total of 270 Yuan!" After that, the middle-aged man took out the magnetic card[3], which could make Mo Shaoqing embarrassed again that there was no POS machine in the store. Instead, the middle-aged woman took out two red tickets[4] and handed them to Mo Shaoqing. The middle-aged woman asked, "When will your restaurant open formally?"

"Next Monday morning. Here is your change."

"Oh, next Monday. It's going to be another year——" Mo Shaoqing vaguely felt a little disappointed in the middle-aged woman's face, but immediately recovered. "Can you give me a point card, membership card or something?"

"This... This..." Mo Shaoqing had a poor word. After all, his restaurant was very small, which still incomparable with the five-star hotel. He never thought about it at all. Looked at his big brother obscurely.

Mo Shaohong understand it, immediately came forward and said, "I'm sorry, madam. The point card of our store is still being customized. This is my number. Next time you visit, we will send it to you. Keep a record of this consumption."

The middle-aged woman smiled and said, "My surname is Wen. My husband's surname is Chen. I'll visit you next time."

Heard what was she said, Mo Shaoqing quickly took out the paper note, let the middle-aged woman, oh no, Mrs. Wen smiled more deeply.

Sending off the two guests, let everyone relieved, but more excited. Mo Shaoqing also realized that there were still many things missing in the store. He simply tidied up. After the two Mo brothers went back, they immediately went to the printing shop to make membership cards and install the POS machine. Everyone was ready for war[5], waiting for the restaurant to open.


[1] Originally censored in □□
[2] Drop in (上门): to drop in; to visit; to lock a door; (of a shop) to close; to go and live with one's wife's family, in effect becoming a member of her family (Vijaya's note: help me to find the right sentence)
[3] Magnetic card (磁卡): magnetic card; IC Card (telephone)
[4] Red tickets (红票): In other words... It's money! lol
[5] War (备战): prepared against war; to prepare for war; warmongering

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