Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 25: Recruit

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At this time, the change of the courtyard could be said to be earth-shaking. Beautiful purple petals fell in the wind. The small courtyard was covered with a string of purple, white and pink wisteria flowers closely connected, such as purple clouds, in which like a fairyland.

When he came back from Kasukabe, he planted wisteria seeds at will, planted willow trees carelessly, and never expected to harvest such a large purple paradise. Well, that's useful. Because he thought the patio was empty before, and if he transplanted it, it would definitely attract customers. Which girl would refuse?

After careful selection, Mo Shaoqing chose fuchsia, although white was beautiful but too plain, purple was more romantic, and more compatible with European-style coffee table. Some lighter color for the stars were selected to complement each other. Mo Shaoqing decided to find someone to deliver some wisteria to the store tomorrow.

At noon the next day, Mo Shaoqing while taking advantage of the company's lunch break. Mo Di was sober from drunkenness and hurried to the restaurant. He was very embarrassed. After all, he hadn't worked all morning. Mo Shaohong secretly pulled Mo Shaoqing over, took an envelope from his pocket and handed it to Mo Shaoqing, "For you."

When Mo Shaoqing looked at the thickness, he could guess what it was. He kept buying restaurant supplies for the last two days. After knowing the market price, he realized that his little money was really useless and he didn't want to lose face in front of his parents.

Originally he wanted to ask Xing Zhipeng and Han Ziyi to borrow some money, but both of them were abroad. At the moment, his big brother gave him money directly moved his heart very much, "Big Brother, I have money, I can't always use your money!"

When he first decorated the stores, Mo Shaohong had already subsidized some with his savings, let alone the stores were big brother's! This time Mo Shaoqing couldn't ask for anything more.

"Take it with you, or brother will be angry!" Mo Shaohong deliberately put on a "threaten" face, he knew that his baby brother had been working, he sells flowers as a part-time job. But he was too distressed and should give his money to his younger brother. When he said "investment", Mo Shaoqing thought that the restaurant had just started, there would be plenty of areas to spend money, so he didn't push it back and accepted it.

Suddenly listening to the girls voice outside, Mo Shaohong went out curiously, and then he was also surprised—— there was a big dark blue truck outside. What was surprising was that a dense wisteria tree on the top. It's more than two meters high, and the wisteria flowers hanging even exceeded the height of the truck—— this was the worker that Mo Shaoqing especially found who know agriculture.

Because he was afraid that his space might be discovered by others, Mo Shaoqing rented a warehouse earlier, put some vegetables and fruits in the space, and then transported them back. Although it was a little troublesome, the safety problem had to be considered. Maybe this would also arouse the suspicion of others, but it was only a temporary measure. Later on, when the restaurant was well developed, he must find other ways. At present, he could only take one step at a time.

The beautiful wisteria flowers attracted the attention of all the shop's owner in the alley, as well as the surrounding residents and some passersby. Those exclamations were made by the girls in the beauty salon at the entrance of the alley. Of course, this was one of Mo Shaoqing's plans. The warehouse was in the suburbs (the location of the store has become a new development center). Mo Shaoqing especially let drivers circle the city for most of the time. Since wisteria was so attractive, why not do this for free advertising?

Mo Shaoqing also put a Mo's Cuisine House banner on the side of the truck, which he believed must have attracted a lot of people's attention. When the other two Mo brothers heard the words of Mo Shaoqing, they praised him. Mo Shaoqing also thought his decision was correct.

The wisteria flowers were planted on the terrace. Because Mo Shaoqing was afraid of blocking the light, so he did his best to select the highest and closest one. After all, it's still a place for eating and drinking. Put the purple vines on a shelf, wisteria does one-third of the work, which made Mo Shaoqing very satisfied.

Soon the tables, chairs and flower racks on the terrace were all delivered. Mo family three brothers simply began to tidy up and decorate. Mo Shaoqing stood at the door and looked carefully at what was missing. He discussed it with them. Mo Di did not understand the decoration, but he felt that the terrace was very inconvenient on rainy days, which made Mo Shaohong had an idea. The roads were slippery on rainy days, and the color of the terrace itself was not good.

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They both gave Mo Shaoqing a lot of suggestions. Mo Shaoqing thought that it might be possible to install an automatic glass cover that could cover the rain and wind on a rainy day. As for the ground, it could be decorated with wood. The hollows between the planks could drain water, and it could be made into a high and low staggered look. It would be helpful to set the tables separately. The automatic sunshade and rainproof cover were not cheap, but the ground could be paved without that fund for the time being.

After making the decision, Mo Shaohong returned to the company and contacted the manufacturer for his brother. Mo Di was sent to be a supervisor by Mo Shaoqing. After he left, Mo Shaoqing took out white hyacinths and some champagne, roses and orchids from the space. They were matched with blue-purple and white forget-me-not transplanted around the balcony. Looking at the new balcony, Mo Shaoqing felt satisfied for the first time.

After several days of decorating, the restaurant was put into finishing touches, and soon the piano arrived. Such an old-fashioned piano was rare. Mo Shaoqing's savings suddenly bottomed out. He put the piano at the bottom of the patio and left some vintage cabinets beside the pillars of the restaurant. The drawers were stuffed with stars. Put a table cloth on it, European vases and books on it...

Mo Shaohong did not know where the two British-style telephone booths were found, which were placed in the corner of the restaurant. There was a stone wall built, a washstand installed, and a telephone booth designed as a toilet. Before, there was no toilet area downstairs, and it was a bit troublesome to go upstairs, this was the result of brainstorming.

During the renovation time, everyone was not idle. Mo Shaohong had numerous connections. He contacts some food suppliers. Father Mo and furniture workers helped to move the cake cabinet. Mother Mo helped to make the final arrangement. Mo Di followed Mo Shaohong to learn how to make coffee and milk tea.

Another thing that also on the agenda was recruitment. There were very few candidates since the previous announcement. Now the time was running fast. Mo Shaoqing's intention was to try out the business after the New Year and then officially open it. If the right people couldn't be recruited, then the plan would be all in vain...

That morning, Wang Lifang rushed to the restaurant early in the morning, followed by a woman from the same village. Two people came down from a van with a small package, put down the packages in their hands and returned to the car. Mo Shaoqing was surprised to see some vegetables, live chickens and ducks, and this year's new rice.

"Aunt, you——" It was a lie not to be touched. It's estimated that these were the few live birds left in the hometown, and the freshness of the vegetables was estimated that they were picked this morning. But now it's only eight o'clock. It seemed that his aunt really got up very early.

"Haha, my nephew has a good future, auntie, of course, want to support you." Wang Lifang said with a smile, wiped the sweat from her head, then pulled over the woman and introduced him, "This is your Aunt Wang. Wang Xiafeng and I live in the same village. She once held you when you were a child. I don't think you remember. I just wanted her to come over and be a cleaner, and wash dishes and vegetables by the way. Help me, Shaoqing don't blame auntie for her own opinions."

"How could it be? It's still not too late to welcome her. I'm short of people here!" Mo Shaoqing knew that his aunt also helped him to recruit people! Fortunately, there were beds upstairs so that dishwashers were not needed and leave out the janitor.

Because it was the first month and he didn't know whether the business was good or bad, so Mo Shaoqing offered her 1,500 salaries. Although it was low, she was covered up with food. When it was got on the right track, Mo Shaoqing would pay her 2,000 Yuan and a bonus. He told Aunt Wang what he thought. He thought it would be too little. After all, it was only when Mo Di mentioned that she came to work in the city because her family was poor. But they not only agreed but were very grateful. Mo Shaoqing was actually a little guilty and thought that the salary should be raised when the business does well.

Mo Shaoqing's plan was to recruit three waiters and to pass on the dishes, then a chef and a dishwasher, and then appropriately cut down according to the business, in addition to the job advertisements at the alley, Mo Shaoqing also posted some news in school web forum and forums, but it did work this time.

In the morning, many applicants came in succession. Most of them felt that their salaries were too low. They chose to leave. Even though Mo Shaoqing said that they would increase their salaries later, few people promised to stay. After all, the salary increase later on was somewhat not realistic. Mo Shaoqing was also upset.

A Cantonese cuisine chef arrived at noon. Mo Shaoqing thought it was very good. The Southern people also had a delicate taste and were prone to acne when they eat too much spicy food. So Mo Shaoqing did not find a Sichuan cuisine chef. But if it's Cantonese cuisine, Cantonese cuisine was delicate, light but not light, while local food was light and mellow, so it should match well. Finally, it was talked down, the salary was not high for the time being, only 3,500 and later the pay would be increased.

The Cantonese chef was called Yue Ling, and was originally a chef in a big hotel. His salary was about 6,000 a month. But the hotel had a new owner. After the new owner bought the hotel, the hotel was completely changed. Even the chef inside was changed into a Western chef. The hotel overall paid more attention to the development of Western food and devoted to making the hotel into a five-star hotel. Most of Yue Ling's original staff had been dismissed and become a steward from a chef. Their salary had been reduced to more than 3,000. His big family relied on him. The salary was so much less at once, and he was also oppressed by others. It's difficult for him to keep up with this situation. The heart was inevitably unbalanced, thinking that he had a skill and simply resigned.

He didn't want to apply for a job here, but he resigned on impulse and refused to work as a cook in a small restaurant. After several months, the family situation deteriorated. His wife persuaded him to come out to seek a job, but finding a job as a chef in a big hotel was not easy! Looked at the sign advertisement of Mo's Cuisine House, he came to try it because it didn't say what kind of dish the owner was supposed to cook. He also thought carefully that although the salary was not high, he didn't need to look at other people's faces. The boss was very young, the working environment was very good, and it was not like an ordinary small restaurant, and the work was easy. So it's time to come down.


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