Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 24: Renovation

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Then the document was produced and sent to an advertising design company in Y City. The owner of the advertising design company was also a student of S City Art College, but he was a student of the design department. As Mo Shaoqing's senior, the price for Mo Shaoqing was much cheaper. Spent money like water now, naturally, it's best to save what you could.

He attached a request for regular Chinese and fancy English, kraft paper cover, the menu would be added later, as well as the signboard of the restaurant, and the flyer. After discussing the price well, Mo Shaoqing was relieved.

Then he posted leaflets on the internet. When it was 12 o'clock, Mo Shaoqing threw himself on the bed like a big (大) character. He stretched out his lazy waist ruthlessly and rolled aside. He rolled up the quilt and closed his eyes. He had a new task tomorrow.

The next day, Mo Shaoqing arrived at the restaurant very early. Before his eldest brother and second brother arrived, Mo Shaoqing opened his own shop and welcomed the decorators in first. Now the restaurant was almost full, and the balcony upstairs was wallpapered. It's just that the tables and chairs haven't been moved in yet.

When Mo Shaoqing arrived in the kitchen, he closed the door after observing. He put the pots and pans that were put in the space yesterday, carefully inspected the electric appliances, refrigerator, oven, freezer, disinfection cupboard, all ready, and went to the side lounge.

The back kitchen was divided into kitchen, staff changing lounge, and storage room. The whole back kitchen pattern was slightly long and narrow. When designing the interior of the shop, the designer pointed out that the kitchen was too high and had two floors that were so high. Mo Shaoqing asked the owner of the beauty parlor about the design of the back kitchen. The position of the back kitchen was also her own kitchen. The kitchen occupied a small area, mostly making cloakroom for employees. The higher space was suspended and the space was used rationally for bedroom.

Mo Shaoqing thought that his aunt might not have a place to live when she came to work in the future, so he did the same thing, in this way, there would be enough sleeping areas in the kitchen, and it was not small, as long as she climbed the stairs from the lounge. Mo Shaoqing went to see it specially. The arrangement was good. There were two beds, desks and windows. The sleeping people should be had no problem.

Come out from the break room there was a flower bed. The flower bed belonged to the back high-level community. Across the flower bed and a small road was someone else's villa, some parsley or something could be planted here or wash dishes.

When Mo Shaoqing thought of the job offer, he also published online information. The number of applicants was very few, after all, the shop had not been decorated, how could people come to work? He was too impatient.

He posted a notice of workers recruitment on a bulletin board at the end of the street and planted some pansies from the space in front of the floor-to-ceiling window of the restaurant.

After another busy day, Mo Shaoqing drove through the seafood market and bought some seafood. When he got home, the food was ready. While waiting, Mo Shaoqing quickly went to make two dishes.

The family finally got together and talked about their life in recent years and the market prospects of restaurants. Before they knew it, they talked about ten o'clock. Mo Di was so excited and soon he was drunk. Mo Shaohong was thinking about supervising the decoration tomorrow. Unfortunately, he was not good at drinking, and he was also slightly drunk.

Mo Shaoqing arranged for his two brothers and returned to the house in the Donghu residence by himself. Simply tidy up himself, changed the pajamas, lie on the bed, closed his eyes, and think about the space in his mind. In a moment, his consciousness entered the space.

Now the space had changed a lot, not only empty fields and primitive forests, Mo Shaoqing had been developing his own space in the past few years in S City, but also spent his childhood in the countryside, so as not to be defamed.

S City was a first tier big city in China. Various kinds of farm vegetables, plant and animals to cultivate, and also close to the sea. It had abundant seafood. It's really convenient for Mo Shaoqing.

With the idea of opening a restaurant, Mo Shaoqing roughly planned future development and took advantage of the space according to his ideas. Over the past few years, he had been transplanting animals and plants into the space, each of which had its own ecosystem, and each of them was at peace with each other.

Besides, Mo Shaoqing also found a wangling spring [1] in the mountain stream in his later explorations, which was also a great surprise to Mo Shaoqing. He guessed that this spirit spring might have something to do with the ancient well below. It must be a secret among the mountains, but after all, it was a primitive forest. Although there were no animals in the space before, it was better to be careful. Mo Shaoqing did not go deep.

He's been a little nervous these past few years about the "treasure" but found that in addition to himself, other people were not allowed to come in, even relatives were not allowed. This made him feel confused and relieved. As long as it was not found and less dangerous, he would be safer. After all, this thing was still too supernatural.

After more than three years of exploration and cultivation, the most common vegetables and poultry in life were almost all available in the space, and the vegetables grow well. It has spread from one acre to several and does not rot. Mo Shaoqing planted a lot of rice and wheat in space, which was originally for household use, but now it was a vast area, harvesting had become a problem.

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The number of poultry were also increasing, the grasslands were almost entirely theirs. The nest that had been built for them was not enough, but there was no rain in the space, so there was no natural disaster.

The fruit trees were already full of fruit. Because the fruit does not decay, Mo Shaoqing usually stored the fruit in the small warehouses in his house. But it could not hold them, because fruits and vegetables grow too fast, their families couldn't eat them, they could only put them in the field.

But now it was different, with this restaurant, there's a market for these fruits. Mo Shaoqing was still a little impressed by his own vision. It was supposed that space was a big golden finger, and the plants and animals in it were all growing in the wrong way. So the beginning of not too much, or you has to open a wholesale market ah!

In order to satisfy his mother, Mo Shaoqing planted a lot of flowers in the space. Besides aloe vera, Chinese rose, and any kind of roses, even lavender, tulips, hydrangeas, lilies, calla lilies and so on. Now it had become a sea of flowers.

The flowers in the space could live for more than a month with ordinary water. So there was always a delicate and charming rose on the tea table of the Mo family, which made Mother Mo very gratified and happy. She love this little son more and praised him to everyone she met.

Moreover, after having space, the "vegetable shopping" at home was basically handed over to Mo Shaoqing, and Mother Mo rarely went out to buy vegetables, which also lightened a lot of family burden.

In recent years, "foreign festivals" emerged in China. The flower business on Valentine's Day and Christmas were so good that Mo Shaoqing does not expect to make a profit. After the last fruit of peace incident, he kept a low profile for a while, but he was still unwilling to let go of this opportunity to make money, so he simply took the business a little further.

He took out a lot of flowers from the space and set up stalls in the square with the most people on holidays. Because of the variety and freshness of flowers, and Mo Shaoqing's handsome appearance, there were many female customers, he really made a full pot of money. Some even took video photos and posted them on the internet, and became a net celebrity for a while. People gave him the nickname "The Rose Prince". Many girls went to his school to ask for information. What's more, fan support groups and many pursuers, let Mo Shaoqing cry and laugh. The school had a bit of trouble, there were a lot of people who hated him anonymously, but there was no real harm, Mo Shaoqing wasn't impressed.

This face was for others to see, unless doesn't want to make money or could say anything, it doesn't matter. Gradually, everyone in the school was all accustomed to it. The Piano Department's grass was like to set up a stall, there was no follow-up, but the rumor calmed down.

Mo Shaoqing had to be careful when he went out every day. Because the people who express their feelings for him were men and women. For the first time, he was frightened by so many people. Mo Shaoqing, who had lived straight and narrow for 30 years, was called "big star" by several dormitories and one after another asked to keep his health. But Mo Shaoqing refused their offer, and it was his invitation to dinner that finally settled the matter.

After that, Mo Shaoqing did not leave the job to the other three people. He was responsible for "the goods". When he thought of it, Mo Shaoqing also missed the three of them in the dormitory. Do not know how were they doing in this New Year.

For the final decoration of the restaurant, Mo Shaoqing also had his own secret weapon. First, he purchased all kinds of cups and dishes from abroad through Han Ziyi. This was not traditional dishes, but European antique porcelain, including bowls, plates and cups. He also bought colored glasses and mugs that were exotic and very eye-catching.

The second one was the fruit wine brewed by his grandparents. After knowing that their grandson had the intention of opening a restaurant, his grandparents who spoiled their grandchildren also strongly required one of their own. If Mo Shaoqing did not stop them enough, his grandmother would have wanted to do his job. Maybe these wines are not so good as Lafei champagne, but they also have their own characteristics. Mo Shaoqing does not think the wine produced by space fruit was inferior. Besides, Father Mo also asked his friends to buy some fine wines from abroad to support the operation of the restaurant.

As for the beverage in restaurants, Mo Shaoqing firmly opposed this point because he knew that many hotels use compressed juice to blend. He insisted on making fruit juice from space to ensure that it was natural without any additions. He also deliberately learned how to make yogurt, pudding, double skin milk and other foods that girls especially like. And finally, the secret weapon was in his own small yard.


[1] Wangling spring (汪灵泉): spirit water/pool spring

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