There Is Chef Yu In The Entertainment Circle
by Unawakened For Years
Chapter 5: A Shiny Bald Head

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"Happy Player" was an entertainment variety that Starfish TV broadcasted every Saturday night. Some stars were invited to play games in the program. The stars would come to the program to promote their new songs, new movies, new TV series and so on.

This show was not only Starfish TV's ace variety show, but also the most popular program of all major TV stations at the same time. The stars who could be invited were those who have a certain position in the entertainment circle.

But Starfish TV, which was owned by All Star Entertainment, their artists tend to take a little more care. If a program has less important vacancies, they usually let their company's newcomers go to play soy sauce.

As for the appearance of the new people, it depended on their own luck.

"Happy Player" was a show that all new people want to be on. Many new people were recognized by the audience in this program, and then gradually become popular.

The host of the program Fang Yuan, an old friend of Wei Xiaofeng for many years and one of the star performer of Starfish TV. He came to greet and asked Yu Siyang to fill in the vacancy, which was a kind of favor.

Wei Xiaofeng had seen the script for the video. It's basically a game without big action. Yu Siyang just happened to be injured. He does not know if there were any sequelae. It's impossible to shoot during this time. It's also a good choice to play soy sauce in such programs. It's also a good way to earn a little income, so that the kid did not worry about money.

Nevertheless, Wei Xiaofeng was angry at the thought about his bald patch on his head before he went out to buy food. "Go and shave your hair later, you bald and ugly."

As an artist, how could you pay so little attention to your image? Even if it's not popular now, but also to pay attention to it, so as not to leave any ugly photos, later would be turned out to ridicule.

"Oh." Yu Siyang touched the bald patch on his head, which had been shaved because of the operation. Now he grew short stubble and felt prickly, because it was at the back of the head, he could not see it and did not know how ugly it was.

Luo Peng washed the dishes, wiped his hands and walked out of the kitchen. He saw Yu Siyang's bald head and laughed, "You have to shave your head. How can you show your bald head?"

"Buy him a wig to wear." Wei Xiaofeng picked up his coat and put it on. He told Luo Peng, "Tomorrow you will take Xiao Yu to the Starfish Tower, find Wen Cengzhen on the seventh floor. She will take you to Fang Yuan."

"I'll see Fang Ge tomorrow. I'm his fan." Luo Peng smiled like an idiot.

Wei Xiaofeng slapped him on the head angrily, "Put away your foolishness. If you let me know you are stupid to Fang Yuan tomorrow, I will not deal with you."

Luo Peng dodged left and right and hid behind Yu Siyang, "Aiya, aiya, brother, you should be gentle. This is my head, not a watermelon!"

"If you dare to lose my face, hmph..." Wei Xiaofeng opened the door and falsely pointed Luo Peng twice, leaving an unfinished threat and leave gracefully.

Luo Peng was frightened by the threat, took Yu Siyang's shoulder and said sadly, "Xiao Yu, you must pull brother by all means tomorrow. Don't let brother see idol to do something shameful, or Xiaofeng Ge will kill me."

Yu Siyang was more dejected than Luo Peng, "How on earth should I record a program?" Wasn't it too hard for him to be a chef on TV?

"Ah?" Luo Peng was so stupid that he could forget it. It's really a powerful amnesia.

The two melancholy brothers hurriedly hugged the Buddha's feet when danger arises [1] and took the tablet to review the previous episode of "Happy Player". The teenager Yu Siyang had been taking acting lessons since signed up for All Star Entertainment, and had taken a huge notebook that he could use right now.

Early the next morning, Luo Peng yawned and walked out of his room. Yesterday, he accompanied Yu Siyang until two o'clock in the morning. He slept for less than five hours. He felt that he could fall asleep standing up now.

Yu Siyang, who was also listless, came out of the kitchen with two cups of soy milk and said, "Luo Ge, morning. Come have breakfast."

"Wow——" Luo Peng rubbed his eyes and stared at the exquisite and rich breakfast on the tea table as his mouth watered, "Xiao Yu, you did this?"

"Yeah, there's not many ingredients. Just do a little." Yu Siyang nodded, put soy milk on the tea table, and went to the kitchen to bring out two dishes of egg rolls.

Luo Peng ran quickly to the bathroom, brushed his teeth and washed his face at the extreme speed. He sat happily at the tea table, picked up a rolled egg roll and bit it off.

Because the omelet was specially made thicker, the texture was a little Q-tan [2], very chewy. Drink a mouthful of fragrant soybean milk, it was so comfortable.

"This is done casually? I used to eat garbage!" Luo Peng's mouth was full of food and generous praise.

Yu Siyang was not in high spirits. He hardly slept at night. He was constantly woken up by strange dreams. What's more, he woke up from his last dream, and the next dream was a sequel to the previous one.

"Luo Ge, I'm a little worried," Yu Siyang said nervously, "what if I screw up today?"

Luo Peng held the deep-fried breadstick in his mouth and froze. He saw Yu Siyang turned black and blue, swallowed the deep-fried breadstick into his stomach quickly. He was surprised and said, "You didn't stay up all night because of this, did you?"

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Yu Siyang nodded.

"No wonder you look so bad." Luo Peng scratched the back of his neck, "In fact, there is no need to be nervous. There is a script, you just have to follow the requirements of the script. Just pay attention to your position, don't block other people's lens, and don't be blocked by others."

It's the same as saying nothing, it's written all over these notes. Yu Siyang was dissatisfied and took away the dishes with three egg rolls left.

Luo Peng blinked as he lifted his chopsticks and watched the egg rolls disappear from his eyes, "I haven't finished yet!"

"Go and change, we'll be late." Yu Siyang shouted from the kitchen.

Hmph hmph, I wouldn't let you eat.

Luo Peng was bitter when he didn't eat the three remaining egg rolls. He kept talking all the way on the subway, interspersed with a joke about Yu Siyang's new look, to take revenge on him for took away his breakfast.

Yu Siyang was so nervous that he had no time to catch up with Luo Peng. He used his mobile phone to catch up with "Happy Player" before the show.

"Happy Player" invited the film emperor Zhao Ang and the film empress Sun Wangshu, to promote their new film "Blooming Time", together with three supporting actors.

All Star Entertainment only arranged Yu Siyang to fill the vacancy, which was not a matter of secrecy. The company's newcomers at the same time all knew it, they were more envy and jealous.

When Yu Siyang and Luo Peng found Wen Cengzhen in the Starfish Tower, Xu Mumu, who had visited the hospital, was talking with her. Saw Yu Siyang coming, the smile on his face became uncomfortable for a moment.

Luo Peng waved to Wen Cengzhen and complimented, "Beautiful Zhen Zhen, I haven't seen you for more than half a month. You're getting more and more beautiful. That is a real beauty without makeup."

Most women like to be praised for their beauty. Wen Cengzhen was impatiently entangled by Xu Mumu. When she heard this, she changed her expression, laughed and thumped Luo Peng, "Did you go out today with honey on your mouth, and talk like that?"

"I'm telling you the truth, and I didn't wipe honey. Somebody robbed the omelet." Luo Peng said, glancing sadly at Yu Siyang behind him.

Wen Cengzhen completely missed the joke of this sentence and threw him a "you're just baffled" look and turned her head to look at the people stood behind Luo Peng.

She had seen Yu Siyang before, and was impressed by the boy that as delicate as a handmade doll, but the hairstyle of the teenager...

"How did you shave your head?" Wen Cengzhen frowned at Yu Siyang, a beautiful young man who had been ruined by the hairstyle, it was a real disaster.

"Not bald, but a little stubble." Luo Peng touched Yu Siyang's furry head.

Yu Siyang dodged the big hand on the top of his head and sheepishly explained to Wen Zengzhen embarrassingly, "Cengzhen Jie, my hair was shaved before the operation, so I cut it short."

"You call this cut short? It's clearly a bald head." Wen Cengzhen looked at Luo Peng disapprovingly and said, "How do you record a program with such a shining head? When no one else goes to see the film emperor, they all come to see the bald head."

Xu Mumu took the opportunity to say, "Cengzhen Jie, Yu Siyang couldn't help it, he was seriously injured. I heard that he can't do strenuous exercise yet. We'll have to ask the seniors to take care of him."

Hear this word, Wen Cengzhen looked down at the schedule on the tablet. The smile on Luo Peng's face faded and he did not follow Xu Mumu's words.

Yu Siyang looked at Xu Mumu and his intuition said that he meant this in a bad way. So he did not answer his words and showed a shy smile to Wen Cengzhen, "I'm sorry to bother Cengzhen Jie to wait for us today and delay your time."

The teenager looked good, blushed slightly, bowed his head and smile shyly, let Wen Cengzhen's motherhood erupts in an instant, she pinched the teenager's face, "Ow, what's with the polite Cengzhen Jie with you? Fang Ge specially told me to wait for you."

"Has Fang Ge come yet?" Luo Peng incarnated in brain powder for a second with bright eyes. "Beautiful Zhen Zhen, take us to Fang Ge. I will ask him to sign a photo."

"Are you not already signed a photo, come back!" Wen Cengzhen glanced at him and looked down at the watch on her left hand, "What took so long, let's go, Fang Ge is still waiting."

Wen Cengzhen led the two men to Fang Yuan's special dressing room. Xu Mumu, who was completely ignored by the three people, stood in the same place. The TV staff that passing looked at him with a hidden look. His face turned red and white with embarrassment, forcing his heart not to feel angry, and left quickly.

Before he had gone far, the two staff members who carried the props talked.

"Nowadays, the quality of the newcomers is really poor. If they take down the stage in front of others, can they give them a good face?" the staff member A looked at Xu Mumu's awkward figure with a sneer.

"Yes, yes." the staff member B nodded.

"But the one Wen Jie took away is really good looking." the staff member A's face was infatuated.

"Yes, yes." the staff member B continue to nod.

"You can't change a word except 'yes yes'?" the staff member A was dissatisfied.

"Don't be lazy. Come and move this prop." the staff member B was a good worker.

"..." it's hardly pleasant to be his co-worker.

*lol yes~ Yang Yang actually bald

[1] Hugged the Buddha's feet when danger arises (idiom): to profess devotion only when in trouble; doing things at the last minute; making a hasty last-minute effort
[2] Q-tan (Q弹): to describe something bouncy and chewy (food)

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