There Is Chef Yu In The Entertainment Circle
by Unawakened For Years
Chapter 4: In those years, my might shadowed the world.

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After the bankruptcy, all the properties of Yu family were auctioned off to pay their debts. His relatives shunned him. The teenager had no place to live and lived on campus before he dropped out. After signing a contract with All Star Entertainment, he lived with Luo Peng. They lived in a two-bedroom apartment rented by Luo Peng.

The little boy has never done housework since he was a child. Luo Peng also had not much choice[1]. No matter how diligent they were, the house was not very tidy. Wei Xiaofeng once made a sharp comment on the word "pig's nest".

As for the food, these two people were even more unconcerned. They either order takeout or went to dawdle to get a free meal. The kitchen in this room was just a decoration since the lived here.

Yu Siyang opened the fridge. It's either a beer or spicy potato chips, there's no ingredient for a lunch.

"Xiao Yu, do you want a baozaifan[2] or gaimafan[3] today?" Luo Peng slumped on the living room sofa with a stack of takeout orders in his hand.

Yu Siyang came out of the kitchen and took Luo Peng's takeout orders and threw it on the tea table. He refused to ordered takeout food. "Luo Ge, let's go to the supermarket and buy some food and cook by ourselves."

Luo Peng sat up from the sofa and said in surprise, "Do you do it? I can't cook anyway."

When he first moved in, he cooked a meal that almost took them both to the hospital, and he had stayed away from the kitchen ever since that.

"I will do it." Yu Siyang nodded and went back to his room to pick up his wallet. "Luo Ge, let's go."

The supermarket was not far from where they live. It took about ten minutes walk. Luo Peng was carrying a large reusable bag, he was not reassured and asked while walk, "Xiao Yu, are sure you can cook, and it's not dark dish ah."

Yu Siyang glanced at him blankly. The chef of a five-star hotel cooked for him for free. Dare to say, he knew how much he had to pay for a table.

Looking at the confident look of the child, Luo Peng decided that even he had a stomachache after eating, he should keep the show and not hurt the child's confidence.

As soon as he entered the supermarket, Luo Peng began to order, "Then I want to eat braised pork, beef, chicken wings, oh... and fish, I also like shrimp."

He spoke enthusiastically and had completely forgotten the question of "could Xiao Yu cook".

Yu Siyang looked at him speechlessly, "...we're only two people, we can't eat that much."

Luo Peng put a box of frozen chicken wings in the shopping cart, waved and laughed, "I have a big appetite. I can definitely finish it."

Yu Siyang looked at his figure and silently put a piece of beef in the shopping cart.

They're pretty efficient at shopping, just less than half an hour. They walked out of the supermarket with a bag full of meat, vegetable and seasoning. Luo Peng also carried a bag of rice on his shoulder.

When they came to the gate where they lived, they saw Wei Xiaofeng going inside. Luo Peng quickly stopped him and said, "Xiaofeng Ge, why are you here?"

"Buying so many dishes, can you cook?" Wei Xiaofeng watched their shopping bags and frowned. Once he ate Luo Peng's dark food, his stomach hurt for three days, and he had psychological shadow since then.

Luo Peng quickly cleared up, "Xiao Yu said he would do it."

"Xiaofeng Ge, let's have lunch together." Yu Siyang was also very grateful to the benefactor of the teenager. If it hadn't been for Wei Xiaofeng's help, his situation would have been worse.

Wei Xiaofeng looked up and down at Yu Siyang with doubtful eyes, secretly decided to leave the matter and refused to stay and abuse his stomach.

Back in the rented house, Wei Xiaofeng and Luo Peng were talking in the living room. Yu Siyang put the purchased dishes into the fridge in different categories. Snacks that didn't need to put in the refrigerators were cleared out and put away in the cupboard.

After washing the pots, bowls and pans, Yu Siyang washed his hands, measured the rice and cooked the meal. The dishes for lunch are neatly stacked on the counter. He washed a piece of pork belly. He took the knife and thought about it, he decided to cook braised pork.

The pork belly was cut into two finger-wide pieces, put it in a pot, pour half a pot of cold water and boil it over a large fire. Yu Siyang took advantage of this time to cut all the onions and gingers. He always grasped the fire well, in his Master's words, there was a beastly intuition.

Cut the scallions, just remove the meat, rinse it with cold water, and drain the water.

Remove the saucepan and replace it with a frying pan. When the pan was heated, put the oil. Then immediately add star anise, cinnamon and dried chili. Use a small fire to stir until fragrant and add the chopped scallions.

After a little stirring, Yu Siyang picked the scallions with his chopsticks. Originally, he wanted to use a spatula, but the spatula at home was a wooden spatula and he couldn't use it properly. He did not pull out the scallions several times, which was depressing ah.

He sniffed. Put the meat in the pan and fried with oil. The surface was slightly burned and the fragrance was subsequently spread to the living room.

The two people who spoke in the living room were somewhat surprised at the smell—— Yu Siyang really knew how to cook?!

Luo Peng couldn't sit still. He wanted to go there. It smelled so good. It should taste good.

Yu Siyang put the cooked meat aside and washed the pan. He was about to get the sugar when he turned around and startled when saw a big head poking out of the kitchen door, "Luo Ge, what are you doing?" It's scary, scary to death, okay?

"Haha, let me help you." Luo Peng could not move his eyes from the cooked meat.

Yu Siyang smiled and shook his head, "No, I can do it alone. You can accompany Xiaofeng Ge in the living room."

"Don't accompany me," said Wei Xaiofeng who also appeared at the kitchen door, "I'll help."

Yu Siyang: "..."

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The kitchen was so small that he could turn away by himself. One more person it's crowded. Two more people couldn't move at all. Are these two guys sure came to help, not to make trouble?

His complaints were clearly written on his face. Wei Xiaofeng and Luo Peng coughed uncomfortably, "You're busy. We'll wait for you in the living room."

Wei Xiaofeng was going to leave, but now he decided to stay for lunch. It smells so good, he shouldn't suffer from stomachache again... right?!

He used sugar to make the braised pork lascivious. Yu Siyang took out the newly bought earthenware pot and stewed the meat in it. While stewing the meat, he also handled other dishes.

When he had cut up all kinds of meat before, he felt that the teenager's body had not exercised much and his arms had no strength at all. The pork was easy to cut, but he couldn't cut the chicken, and the knife cut only one centimeter deep.

Yu Siyang held the knife, looked at the chicken and sighed. He was strong before, he could carry more than a hundred pounds of pot to the fifth floor without any effort. But now, he could not even cut the chicken.

Helplessly, the chicken could only be replaced by chicken wings without cutting.

In the living room, Luo Peng smelled the aroma coming from the kitchen. He couldn't even listen carefully to what Wei Xiaofeng said.

Wei Xiaofeng repeated the same sentence twice. On the third time, he slapped Luo Peng's head angrily, "I was talking to you, and you were distracted. Are you clear up yet?"

"Brother, let's talk after dinner," Luo Peng wailed, "I'm hungry, my brain has been dominated by my stomach. Only when I'm full, I can be good."

"...hungry to death!" Wei Xiaofeng was angry and said that he was also hungry. Why hadn't the food been done yet?

When both of them were starving and anxious, Yu Siyang finally came out of the kitchen with a bowl of braised pork and said to Luo Peng, "Luo Ge, can you help me with the dishes?"

"With pleasure." Luo Peng jumped up from the sofa and rushed to the kitchen. As soon as he entered, the exclamation of "wow, wow, wow" was heard from the kitchen.

There was no dining room in the small rented house, and the table couldn't fit. The three people could only eat around the coffee table.

Luo Peng ordered almost all the dishes. Although it was a very ordinary home cooking, but that's Yu Siyang's professional habits. When eating at home, the dishes should be exquisite and beautiful.

Wei Xiaofeng looked at the dishes filled the coffee tables. When cooking, the color, flavor and taste must be paid attention. The color and flavor were already there. The taste... it doesn't look bad.

He put a piece of braised pork into his mouth. His eyes slightly widened and looked at Yu Siyang in surprise. The meat was made of three layers of streaky pork, the lean meat was strong but not hard. The fat meat was fragrant but not greasy. The meat was sweet and salty, soft and crispy, but not loose. When he chewed it in his mouth, he could clearly feel the distinct layers of a layer of fat and lean meat. The thick and spicy juices were chewed out of the meat and eroded every taste buds.

"Xiao Yu, when did you learn this skill?" Wei Xiaofeng asked.

Luo Peng chimed in, "That's right. You're craft absolutely amazing. Why didn't you cook before? Otherwise, we don't have to eat takeout every day."

"Haha..." Yu Siyang laughed awkwardly, "This... probably... extraordinary talent..."

He forgot that he was a young master who was not touched by the sun and spring water[4] before he was a teenager. How to explain the sudden excellent culinary skill in a scientific way?

However, Wei Xiaofeng and Luo Peng did not know much about him and didn't doubt his cooking skills. They only learned a little about him when he was at home.

Luo Peng also ate while yelling with his thumbs up, "This talent is good, divine skill."

Was it so simple to pass? Yu Siyang breathed a sigh of relief and took the bowl to pick up the vegetables.

The next second, he was deeply silent.

Three people eat six dishes and a soup. He thought there would be more, but did not think the food was almost gone before he ate it.

Yu Siyang snatched the last chicken wings quickly with hateful eyes. Luo Peng was one second slower, the chopsticks fluttered in the air and began to wail.

"Xiao Yu, you grab my chicken wings." Luo Peng complained.

Yu Siyang was angry, "I haven't eaten yet. Why are you eating so fast?"

"It's obvious that you cook fewer dishes, you should cook more."

"Why don't you say you eat a lot? You should eat less."

Wei Xiaofeng, who had wiped out two-thirds of a fried squid when they were arguing childishly, sniggered: Go on arguing, and when I finish eating, you'll stop.

Yu Siyang and Luo Peng found that when they quarreled, Wei Xiaofeng ate happily alone and saw that there was nothing left. Both of them had a truce and ate what was left.

Six dishes and one soup were swept away like a windswept cloud. Wei Xiaofeng and Luo Peng eat till their stomachs full with food and rest contentedly on the sofa.

"Xiao Yu's craftsmanship is very good ah. Even the rice is cooked very fragrant." Luo Peng rub his stomach and madly praised Yu Siyang.

"With a little salt and lard, the cooked rice will be more fragrant and soft." Yu Siyang didn't eat enough and glared gloomily at Luo Peng, "Don't think I need to wash dishes. Instead of boasting, go do the dishes."

"Oww... I hate washing dishes most." Despite that, Luo Peng kept on tidied up the table and wash the dishes.

Wei Xiaofeng, who had something to eat but doesn't need to wash the dishes, held a cup of green tea in his hand and watched his cousin busy in and out with satisfaction. He said to Yu Siyang, "Fang Tu told me once, the video record of "Happy Player" was lack of actor, just in time for you to go."

"Ah? What am I going to do?" Yu Siyang asked stupidly.

"Play games with them and play as soy sauce. You've been there before." Wei Xiaofeng said.

Yu Siyang laughed awkwardly, "Haha... I don't remember."

Wei Xiaofeng sighed. When would this child's temporary amnesia be over? It's killing me.


[1] Original is 半斤八两 (not much to choose between the two)
[2] Baozaifan (煲仔饭)

[3] Gaimafan (盖码饭)

[4] Not touched by the sun and spring water: have no need to fend for oneself; to lead a pampered life (idiom)

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