Today The Manager Is Also Very Kind
by He Wu
Chapter 5: Meet an old friend, who is that?

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Xin Nanyi drove to the sales office of an upscale residential area to see the house. The security work of this district was very good, especially in the aspect of anti-paparazzi and private powder, it could be regarded as one of the best in Capital. Many artists live in this district, and he also lived here for a period of time in his last life. Now they were in the third period of selling the house. (TN: fans)

After he looked at the room type, he followed the salesman to see the apartment.

Xin Nanyi paused as he passed the door of a familiar unit.

"I think this building is in a good position. Is there any empty one here?" he asked with a smile.

"I'm sorry, sir. This apartment has been sold out."

"Then, can you let me know if any of the owners are interested in reselling?" Xin Nanyi looked into his eyes with a smile.

"Five years ago, the owner of this building was in jail and asked our sales office to help resell the apartment. As it happens, the house was bought by a famous singer within a few days. The money for selling the house should have been returned to the owner after he came out, but also in recent days, there came the news that no one was there. Now, that money is still with us!" He's kind of the old cadre in the sales office, and he knew a lot. He could also share gossip with clients when it's not particularly personal.

"Like this, ah!" Xin Nanyi smiled coolly, completely unconcerned with what he said, "Then forget it, let's keep looking at the apartment that we just started looking at!"

Xin Nanyi's last choice of the apartment was sitting in the north and facing the south. It has good lighting and a large space. There were four bedrooms in the apartment alone.

He signed the sale contract, swiped his card and paid the full price.

Then he found an interior design office with a good reputation, good quality and satisfactory service to help with the design and decoration. They do all the furniture, so long as the price was quoted.

At first, Xin Nanyi was not used to spending so much money, but he couldn't help it, the wallet was too big. The company's dividends kept flowing into his account. So it took him a few days to convince himself: Don't waste your money in the bank.

Xin Nanyi and they agreed to do the princess style decoration, from the color to the design as far as possible to highlight the femininity of girls, plus some European romantic and aesthetic furniture. Although he was not sure what style of decoration the girls liked, most girls will yearn for a beautiful fairy tale world in their hearts, so the decoration should not trample thunder. He also offered to set aside the largest bedroom with a mirror on the wall, add a curtain in front of the mirror and use it as a practice room.

The director of the studio gave him a specific completion of two months.

Xin Nanyi nodded, no objection, just need them to decorate more carefully.

Xin Nanyi went to a high-end restaurant specializing in making nutritional meals, ordered a one-year healthy weight loss package for them, and delivered three meals a day to the company or their dormitory.

After swiped the card again, he felt that he really had the heart of an old father.

After a hard day's running around, this bloated body became unbearable, aching all over, especially those feet, it became heavy and began to twitched. It's time to take a break. Xin Nanyi stretched out and took out his car keys and drove home.

On his way home, he passed a violin exhibition hall. He stopped and looked at the sign at the door. It was an exhibition run by a private collector. He could enter it by buying a ticket.

He also liked violin very much in his last life. Although he could not play the violin and was not a collector, he just liked it. Whenever there was a violin exhibition, he would make time to attend it. He also made a friend of interest because of this interest.

He parked his car in the parking lot and then went to the ticket counter to buy the ticket. This ticket price was really not affordable to ordinary people, no wonder the collector dared to open the exhibition venue.

The clerk in charge of ticket checking looked suspiciously at the fat body, dressed like a nouveau riche Xin Nanyi. Hesitantly, he took the ticket in his hand and tore it open.

Xin Nanyi ignored his eyes and went in, and welcomed the complicated eyes of others.

Xin Nanyi knew that today's outfit was out of place with the elegant exhibition, but he just couldn't resist his desire to see the exhibition and looked at the delicate and elegant violin in the display case.

In this exhibition, most of them were Stradivarius and other valuable Italian instruments. Unfortunately, there was no Gesu Guarneri violin in sight.

Xin Nanyi smiled helplessly shook his head. Also, the price of famous pianos rising and reaching sky-high price. Now, most of them were scattered in Europe, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places. It was rare to had more Stradivarius in the interior at the same time. However, the original lord had a violin in his collection before. He was just faking it, bought it at a high price to show off in front of his friends and then abandoned it in the warehouse.

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Qin Wenlou accompanied his friend, Xia Zeqi, around the exhibition and proudly introduced his excellent collection to him in a voice full of pride.

But then he saw a fat man in flashy clothes shaking his head at his favorite stringed instrument.

He frowned and thought, What's wrong with the violin? Impossible!

Xia Zeqi also noticed the fat man and murmured, "Do you want to go over and see it?"


Qin Wenlou loved the violin like a fool. At this time, he only put his heart on his violin. He was not afraid of anything else. He was afraid that something was wrong with his violin. He hurried over and asked, "How do you do, Sir? I'm the sponsor of this exhibition. I saw you shake your head just now. Is there anything wrong? But what's wrong with my violin?"

Xin Nanyi heard his old friend's voice and turned his head. Smiling at his old friend and a... strange handsome man.

Xin Nanyi's face was very fat, and when he laughed, the flesh on his face squeezed his eyes into two small slits, and with his gentle expression, he looked friendly and lovely. He glanced at Xia Zeqi and looked back at Qin Wenlou. Business as usual! It's the same as it was five years ago, but there were more private collections. No wonder he doesn't guess that the exhibition was related to him just now.

"There is no problem with the violin, but it's a pity that there is no Guarneri's violin in this exhibition."

Xin Nanyi's warm and familiar tone distracted Qin Wenlou for a while.

He shook his head helplessly, "It seems that Mister is also a man who knows this stuff. I've been looking for this Guarneri's violin for a long time, but the violin I've found has its master."

Xin Nanyi gave a low laugh and said, "Sir, I got a Guarneri's violin by chance, but I have no experience in collecting violins. Many of the problems in nursing are not done well. How about we make a friend, exchange contact information, and I'll put the violin here for you to check occasionally. What do you think?"

Xin Nanyi said it properly, every drop counted, said to borrow, in fact, to give away. This meeting said to sent an expensive violin and it's easy to get people wrong. But Xin Nanyi's heart was very pure at the moment. He just doesn't want to ruin the violin and he just wants to reconnect with his old friend.

Xia Zeqi watched with interest as the corners of his mouth curved slightly as he watched a man who was polite and tactful, but do not fit in well with his appearance.

Qin Wenlou doesn't think so much, as soon as he heard Xin Nanyi say that he had Guarneri's violin, his eyes were bright and glowed green like a hungry wolf who saw its prey. Whether he gave it away or for some other purpose, he spoke to him affectionately, "Good, good. My name is Qin Wenlou..."

Xin Nanyi knew about his virtue long ago, and it's been a pleasure talking to each other.

After they exchanged contact information, Xin Nanyi turned his head to Xia Zeqi, who had been neglected for a long time. Suddenly, he felt familiar with Xia Zeqi, but he couldn't remember where he had met him.

Xin Nanyi smiled and his eyes were squeezed by the flesh on his face, "Is this gentleman also loves violin too?"

Xia Zeqi looked at his fleshy face and felt the urge to reach out and pinch it. He threw off the strange ideas in his mind and unconsciously warmed his voice.

"No, I'm just a friend with Mr. Qin. I'm invited to the exhibition. I'm not as interested in violin as he is."

"Yes, yes! He is a layman." Qin Wenlou now looked at Xin Nanyi with a pleasing eye. It's rare in this world to had "common person", although he had friends like that, it's just a pity... ei.[1]

"Then how did you know each other?"

"Three years ago I starred in a movie and the investors asked me to sing the theme song. I was also terrible at singing, so my manager came to him for guidance." Xia Zeqi explained patiently.

Qin Wenlou looked at Xia Zeqi with a puzzled look. Why does he said so much today? He always gave a cold shoulder when people he doesn't know spoke to him.

"Oh? The gentleman turns out to be a star, ah!" Xin Nanyi finally remembered that the man in front of him was just a newcomer five years ago. But he didn't have a representative work at that time. There's not much presence in the circle. There was no contact between them, so Xin Nanyi doesn't have a deep memory of him. The original lord only paid attention to beauty and money, not to mention how to pay attention to the male celebrity.

Xia Zeqi smiled like spring weathering rain and winter snow melting. He said, "Not a star, just an actor who has done some work."

"You don't know him?" Qin Wenlou looked at Xin Nanyi with a look of "don't you have Internet in your village?".

"He is the famous film emperor Xia. Five years ago, after performing a historical play, which became an instant hit, and then good works continued. The public praise is extremely good. Two years ago, he won the Golden Award and Baifang Award for the Film Emperor. This year is only 27 years old, double film emperor, rare in the circle, ah!"

Xin Nanyi was a bit shameful and embarrassed. Five years ago, he just went to a secluded "paradise". He really doesn't know much about the outside world. The most he could watch every day was the news broadcast, and nothing in the entertainment industry.

"I'm sorry. I didn't pay much attention to film and television before, so I didn't recognize him."

Xia Zeqi didn't know whether he really didn't recognize him or pretend, and he doesn't mind it. The corner of his mouth were still smiling, "That's all right. It just shows that I still have to work hard to improve my national level."

"Yes! The revolution has not yet succeeded, and comrades still need to work hard." Qin Wenlou also interrupted happily.


[1] Ei (诶): to express disagreement

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