Today The Manager Is Also Very Kind
by He Wu
Chapter 4: Today, he is very kind.

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Xin Nanyi took Q&P members to the company and walked directly to the public practice room on the second floor.

"What is he going to do?" Ning Ning grabbed Qiao Cheng's clothes and whispered.

"I don't know." Qiao Cheng held her hand.

Xin Nanyi walked in and saw Wang Qun, who was directing the trainees to clean up.

When Wang Qun heard the movement and turned around, he did not notice the fierce Xin Nanyi at first sight. Instead, he saw Q&P following him first.

"Why are you so slow today, don't you know we're going to have a clean-up today? Or was it not beaten enough yesterday? Ah!"

Xin Nanyi punched Wang Qun straight in the nose before it bled.

Xin Nanyi was accustomed to being kind to others but keeping them short. This problem was the leftover from his last life. If anyone touched his artists, his hidden nature would be revealed.

"Who are you? You dare hit me!"

"Laozi is a man you dares to touch even though you don't know who he is! Laozi is Xin Yu's biggest shareholder!" Xin Nanyi swung another punch! His eyes were swollen from his violent temper. Looked like this one's not growing for nothing and had great strength.

"Utter rubbish! Xin Yu's biggest shareholder is the chairman, you count a yarn!"

"Are you new or stupid?" Xin Nanyi smiled coldly.

"You... you..."

"If you touch these people again, you'll have more than two punches." Xin Nanyi kicked him again, straight to the ground. Put harsh words directly and took them away with him, but as soon as he turned around, he saw that the girls were going to cry or not.

"Let's go!"

"What should we do, ah! There's no place to practice in the future... Wu wu..." Ning Ning cried and Yi Ke also became disorganized.

Qiao Cheng and Qi Chaohan were ashen, Ji Chuqi had a crumbling expression on her face, Zhao Yanyuan lowered her head without speaking.

Xin Nanyi couldn't see them like this and told them to leave quickly.

Qiao Cheng was looking up at him with coaxing eyes. A face of desperate determination and unbearable outburst, "Nan Ge, what are you going to do to spare us? What is going on? Can't you give us even a little hope?"

Wang Qun in the back covered his eyes and shouted, "Damn it, you are not going to appear in my practice room in the future, or I'll kill you..."

His voice stopped abruptly when he saw Xin Nanyi pull out a key with a number. He knew the key in that shape and he had one in his hand.

"You are the team leader and this key will be kept for you." Xin Nanyi could not help but stuffed the key to Qiao Cheng, who was so startled that her mouth was wide open and then went out.

Qi Chaohan was the first to react and patted the other members who were in shock as they leave the public practice room with Xin Nanyi.

Together they took the elevator to the fifth floor and used the key to open the door of the 506 practice room.

Xin Nanyi was the first to walk in. There was a lot of dust inside. It had not been ventilated for a long time. As soon as he stepped in, the dust rose and choked him.

He hurried to open the curtain, opened the window, and then saw the girls, who were huddled in the doorway, looking in and not daring to enter.

"This practice room hasn't been used for a long time. You can use it. You have to clean up by yourself."

As the members watched the spacious practice room dare not enter, Xin Nanyi walked over and pulled them in one by one. Took out the paper towels, wiped the door panels, and pasted a Q&P logo on the door. Here, it would be a special Q&P practice room! Xin Nanyi nodded with satisfaction.

The members went around the practice room in a confused way.

Qiao Cheng stared at Xin Nanyi and her voice was slightly dumbfounded, "Nan Ge..."

Xin Nanyi took out a few gym key cards from his bag and handed them to her and said, "One for each person, there will be trainer to help you keep fit and lose weight."

Qiao Cheng stared at the gym key cards in her hand. Xin Yu's gym was equipped with top-notch facilities. With one-on-one coaching and only the performers or senior executives of the company could get the card from the chairman. Although several of them had already made their debut, but from the beginning, other people in the company regarded them as abandoned children and did not give them the treatment they deserved.

"You practice the dances and songs you've learned in the practice room these days. I will ask the company to arrange teachers for you." Xin Nanyi continued, ignored the disbelief of their face.

"Nan Ge, why are you..." become so kind? Qiao Cheng doesn't simply ask the whole question. Although she could clearly felt Xin Nanyi's change, but she was still afraid that his sudden kindness in recent days was only a whim.

"You can rest assured that I won't recycle these things until you leave the group." Xin Nanyi made a little joke.

Qiao Cheng clenched her fist. Whether Xin Nanyi pretended to be kind or genuinely repentant, she would seize the opportunity to get Q&P back.

After settled down, Qiao Cheng gathered the members together, assigned cleaning tasks, and swept up clean and spotless the temporary practice room which belonged to them.

But they don't know, this practice room belonged to their Q&P from now on, not temporarily. For as long as Q&P existed, the practice room belonged to them for one day.

After cleaning the practice room, the members were going to eat in the canteen. They awkwardly look at Xin Nanyi, sat in a nearby chair, playing with his mobile phone. He always ate only in high-end restaurants.

Xin Nanyi felt the gaze of the others, put his mobile phone away, looked up and asked with a smile, "Are you going to eat?"

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"Go... to eat in the canteen." Qiao Cheng said.

"Let's go!" Xin Nanyi stood up and went out. He took a few steps and then stopped, turning sheepishly to the girls behind him with some embarrassment and said, "I haven't been to the company canteen. I don't know where it is."

Yi Ke giggled and quickly covered her mouth. She felt that Nan Ge was not so mean to them today and somehow cute.

Xin Nanyi ignored Yi Ke's laughter and pouted to Qiao Cheng to let her lead the way.

Qiao Cheng, who had tightened up all over when Yi Ke was laughing at him, breathed a sigh of relief and led Yi Ke and Ning Ning ahead. Today Nan Ge seemed to had been possessed by a ghost, so kind and tolerant. Usually, they only need to say one more word, Nan Ge would be like a dragon that has been touched against the scales and would do all kinds of attacks. Today, he was really kind.

In Xin Yu, only some trainees would come to the canteen to eat. Artists and staff in the company would not normally appear here. Of course, Q&P was an exception. Today, there was the Second Young Master Nan.

Xin Nanyi followed behind them, watching what they ordered followed by what they ordered, in exchange for a strange look from the girls. Could he get used to the food? The girls looked at each other to communicate, then buried their doubts in their rice bowls and ate them tacitly.

They were late and the canteen was out of vegetarian dishes, so they ordered the cheapest meat dishes. Xin Nanyi watched them eat, then he put a piece of meat in his mouth and chewed it to find out the problem.

Xin Nanyi put down his chopsticks and the sound of the chopsticks hitting the table startled the members sitting opposite him.

Qi Chaohan seemed to remember something and put down her chopsticks. The others who saw her have also put down their chopsticks and were sat tightly.

Qi Chaohan took a deep breath, "Sorry, Nan Ge. We're wrong."

Xin Nanyi stunned and said, "What's wrong?"

Qi Chaohan thought he was angry and her tone was even weaker, "We, we want to lose weight, we shouldn't eat meat. Sorry, Nan Ge."

The others echoed the apology, "I'm sorry, Nan Ge."

Zhao Yanyuan bowed her head and felt unsatisfied, the canteen was almost empty and couldn't order this meat dish. What would they eat? Do you had white rice? [1]

Xin Nanyi sighed and said, "You really shouldn't eat this chicken anymore."

At the time when they order the food, this dish was the most leftover. Indicated that this dish was eaten by the fewest people, maybe just a few of them.

"Is that what you often eat in the canteen?"


"This chicken is not good. Don't eat it anymore. I will prepare your food in the future, don't come to the canteen again."

Zhao Yanyuan's eyes lit up and asked, "Why?"

Xin Nanyi took a deep look at her. It was their first positive conversation.

"This chicken is not good, the meat quality is loose and it's tasteless. It's supposed to be overactive the hormones. It's hard to eat this kind of chicken without getting fat." Xin Nanyi's former artist liked to eat roast chicken wings from a roadside stall. The chicken was injected with hormones, so he gained ten pounds in half a month. Xin Nanyi also tasted it and remembered it well, so he ate them at once.

This sentence was like thunder that they nearly dropped their dinner plates. So that's why they keep gaining weight?

Yi Ke pushed the plate away like a cockroach.

Xin Nanyi saw that they couldn't eat anymore and said, "Let's go out for a vegetarian dinner! We're all losing weight anyway."

The word "all" included himself.


After dinner, Xin Nanyi personally took them to the gym on the sixth floor of Xin Yu building. The trainers at the gym saw such a huge crowd of people for the first time.

The trainers here were all old fox. As soon as they saw the figures of Q&P, they know that they should pay attention to the shaping exercises in those areas.

The trainers that hadn't met these people thought it was the company's new girl band.

Xin Nanyi had something else to do. Instead of dawdling here, he grabbed the members into the corner and said, "You may meet some older artists here. Don't initiate conversations first. Now you are not famous, it's difficult to make true friends here. Do what you should do now and don't think about other unrealistic things. Otherwise, there will be a gossip. It's your own who will be blackened."

Xin Nanyi had seen so many things like this. He knew how chaotic the circle was and it's easy to confuse the black with white. He doesn't know if any of them had been infected with that kind of thing in the past two years, but according to his memory, he never disdained to send them to the unspoken rules. Anyway, he had plenty of money. With such a big Xin Yu to do backing, he doesn't need to do the dirty work, and he doesn't had the interest to win the fame of this group.

They nodded their heads and agreed. Whether they do it or not it's a matter of personal choice.

Although Xin Nanyi wanted to hold them up, but he was not a fool with a goddess's heart. Whether these girls were worth cultivating again, it depended on their own performance.


[1] What she means here is plain cooked rice (rice with nothing to go with it)

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