There Is Chef Yu In The Entertainment Circle
by Unawakened For Years
Chapter 3: Another Tragic Experience

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Yu Siyang was lying on the bed weakly. His head was already painful, but now it's even more painful.

He wondered how he had become an eighteen years old teenager with a huge debt.

From Luo Peng's mouth, he heard a small but tragic story.

Young Yu Siyang's life before the age of 18 was like soaking in a honeypot[1]. Stern father, caring mother, rich and happy family.

But everything changed tremendously at the age of seventeen.

The father of the teenager mistakenly believed friends, and successively failed to invest. The company's financial stakeholders and outsiders were running away with all the liquidity. The company went bankrupt. Father Yu couldn't stand the blow and jumped off the building to commit suicide. Mother Yu who suffered a sudden stroke because his father committed suicide, was failed to rescue her in time and died.

The huge debts fell on the teenager.

Suddenly lost his parents, heavily in debts, the relatives and friends avoided him. Under desperation, the young Yu Siyang pulled out a business card the talent scout had given him two years ago. Give medicine to a dead horse[2], he then dialed the phone number on the business card.

Wei Xiaofeng was precisely the young Yu Siyang star scout.

Wei Xiaofeng wanted to sign Yu Siyang two years ago, when Chu Quan his good friend was casting for a new film. At one glance, he took a picture of Yu Siyang in a clean and refreshing school uniform on the street.

But when he found the kid's home, he was flatly rejected.

Not surprisingly, the parents of the kid did not agree. But, to his surprise, Yu Siyang himself disagreed.

And the reason seemed perfunctory to Wei Xiaofeng. He wanted to take part in the math competition. He had no time.

At that time, Yu Siyang's family was in good condition. He was the only child in his family and had really grown up in a state of perpetual adoration.

Wei Xiaofeng didn't give up and left a business card for the kid.

Yu Siyang did not throw away Wei Xiaofeng's business card and he didn't think about it, so that's going to be useful.

However, Wei Xiaofeng did not bring any artists at that time, and the film emperor in his hands was also handed over to other agent. When the teenager came to him, Wei Xiaofeng thought about it for a long time and signed the teenager on behalf of All Star Entertainment, and arranged him to his cousin who just entered the circle.

In order to pay off his debts, the young Yu Siyang had not finished his high school. He was determined to drop out even though he was about to take the college entrance examination. He does any kind of work, whether it's playing the role of a dead person in a movie or playing as a soy sauce[3] in variety shows, as long as it gave him money.

Luo Peng pitied him to encounter such a great change and admired him for carrying up a debt of more than a billion yuan. He tried his best to help him get more jobs. The artist and manager were just newcomers, stumbling together for nearly half a year, and gradually had a mutual understanding.

Wei Xiaofeng couldn't see these two idiots running around like headless flies. He helped him find the leader of Hengsheng Group, the big boss of All Star Entertainment. The company helped pay off the huge debts of the teenager.

So Yu Siyang, a young debtor, became All Star entertainer. His income, deducted from the company's allowance, and most of it had to be returned to the company, leaving only a small amount of living expenses, but at least not as poor as before.

Although he signed a 15 years abnormal contract and had to pay off his debts, Yu Siyang was extremely grateful to Wei Xiaofeng, who helped him everytimes he needed help and was his benefactor.

It’s just that there was regret in the teenager's heart that he couldn't go to college.

He also had no parents, dropping out of school, carrying a livelihood early. Two Yu Siyang with different origins, the trajectories of life were strangely overlapping.

So was this the reason for exchanged a shell? Where did the boy go? Had he become the 25 years old Yu Siyang?

With that in mind, Yu Siyang's head hurt even more.

He used to be a firm atheist, but now... He decided to buy a copy of "Peony Pavilion". Maybe after reading it, he ended his journey of the soul travel and the teenager returned to his own place.

"Xiao Yu, have a meal." Luo Peng came in with a disposable lunch box.

The meals were all bought in the hospital canteen, which was full and placed on the bedside table. Yu Siyang looked at them and had no appetite.

Luo Peng held the lunch box, put a mouthful of plain rice to his mouth and said in a muffled voice, "Don't be picky. Quickly eat. Big brother's crafts were not as good as the restaurant. You haven't had any problems before."

Yu Siyang held the lunch box and silently sympathized with the teenager and Luo Peng for a minute. It was worse than the restaurant. What a life they had before.

"Luo Ge, what about the things I asked you before?" Yu Siyang asked.

Luo Peng took the rest of the disposable lunch box and put it in the garbage bag. After poured a glass of water for each of them, he sat down on the chair beside the bed and said, "I have found the man whom you asked me to inquire about."

Yu Siyang sat up straight, stared at Luo Peng with a bright eye and urged, "What happened to that man? Which hospital?

"Coincidentally, that person has the same name as you." Luo Peng drank all the water in his glass, but his face was a bit heavy, "Xiao Yu, you need to mentally prepare about your friend. The person you asked about... already dead..."

Dead... dead?

Yu Siyang's eyes widened, his face was blank, his head was buzzing, and his mouth gaped several times but couldn't make a sound.

What does it mean he dead?

"Your friend's first lover died on the day he was sent to the hospital," Luo Peng said, "The funeral is over. He was buried in Qing Songyuan Cemetery. Are you going to mourn him?"

"Mourn?" Yu Siyang repeated a dull sentence.

Luo Peng nodded and said, "You'll be discharged in two days. You can mourn your friend's lover. It's also like doing your best for your friend."

"...Ok." Yu Siyang said slowly, "Thank you, Luo Ge. Thanks for your hard work."

"It's all right. Anyway, I don't have anything to do right now. It's just running errands." Luo Peng held the garbage bag in his hand, laughed and said, "You take a rest first. Xiaofeng Ge asked me for something. I will go back to the company. In the evening, I'm going to eat a meal from Xiaofeng Ge. I'll bring you some delicious food later."

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Yu Siyang managed to pull a smile from his mouth. When Luo Peng left and there was only one person left in the ward, he couldn't help curling up on the bed and suppressed his cry.

There was such a ridiculous thing in this world. He was dead, but he clearly alive—— living in someone else's body.

What was he? A wandering ghost? A thief who stole someone else's life?

But he's alive. What about the original 18 years old teenager? Did he died with his body?

Yu Siyang squatted down in front of the tombstone and gently stroked the photo on the tombstone with his hand. The young man in the photo had a bright eyes and smile.

The photo was taken recently by the Personnel Department of the hotel after he won the Golden Award in the Bonova Competition. It was said that he wanted to put it in the excellent staff display column. Unexpectedly, it was his last portrait.

I'm probably the only person in the world who has cleaned his own grave. Yu Siyang thought and laughed at himself. Leaned on his tombstone and looked at the strange hands raised in front of him. These hands were long and white. At first glance, they looked as if they had never done any work. Unlike his own hands, they were rough with calluses and scars.

He came out of the orphanage and worked in the Emerald Hotel. After ten years of hard work, he finally got some achievements. When he won the Bonova Award, he was excited to plan his future. He saved enough money to open his own small restaurant, but also took the university entrance examination and round up his college dreams.

But all those dreams were destroyed by an earthen pot.

Originally, he was a young man with a small savings. He was smashed into a debtor by an earthen pot or owed more than one billion yuan.

More than one billion!

As a small citizen with a savings of about 100,000 Yuan, he had never seen so much hot money in his life. Who ever thought that once he closed his eyes and opened it, he owed one billion yuan, which was really crazy.

He felt that even if he never ate or drunk for a lifetime, he still couldn't have this huge sum of money. Yu Siyang looked up blankly at the sky and felt like crying again.

Yu Siyang hadn't cried since he learned that his parents didn't want him and that there would be no kind people to adopt him. Even if he suffered any hardship and was scolded by others, he gritted his teeth and survived.

Knowing that he was dead and burned to a pile of ashes, he couldn't help crying these days.

But the big man was always crying, like what it looked like.

Yu Siyang struggled to hold back his tears, wrapped his hands around his legs and buried his face in his knees.

"What happened to you?"

The sudden question interrupted Yu Siyang's self-pity. He looked up at the person who asked him, who stood with his back lit up by the blazing sun and Yu Siyang could only see a vaguely tall figure.

"Thank you, I'm fine." Yu Siyang shook his head and did not stand up. He bowed his head and said slowly, "I'm sad that the people closest to me have died. I'll just stay alone for a while."

The man made an "Hmm" voice and said, "People cannot rise from the dead, and they will griefed."

After that, he turned to leave and went up to the cemetery.

Yu Siyang turned his head dully to see the tall figure of the man who had walked away, then looked at his tombstone dully, muttering to himself, "I'm not dead yet, but... my body is dead... am I dead or reborn?"

He could only change the identity to continue to live in the future as a teenager Yu Siyang. Took on the double life of himself and the teenager?

"Well, let's pay off our debts, save some money, and then open a restaurant and go to college." Yu Siyang stood up, patted his dirty pants and looked down at the smiling young man in the photo.

"Goodbye, Yu Siyang. I'll see you again." The teenager with red eyes pulled a big smile on his lips, just like the young man in the photo.

When Yu Siyang walked to the gate of the cemetery, he couldn't help looking back at the top of the cemetery. The man who was talking to him was holding a chubby baby in his hand, with his back facing the gate.

"Thank you." Yu Siyang said softly.

But the man seemed to sense something and suddenly turned back. The distance was too far away, Yu Siyang couldn't see the man's appearance. He waved at him and turned to run to the bus stop.

"Dad, what are you looking at?" the child pulled the man's hand.

The man patted the top of his son's hair, "Nothing. Go back?"

"Um huh." the chubby boy nodded vigorously, took the man's hand and jumped around, "Dad, go home, go home. I want to eat pork buns."

The man was led by his son and looked at the photo and name on the tombstone as he passed by the tombstone where the former teenager was leaning.

"Yu Siyang." the man whispered the name on the tombstone.

The man never bothered to remember unimportant people, but now God made a ghostly note of the name.


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[1] Honeypot (蜜罐): comfortable living conditions
[2] To keep trying everything in a desperate situation
[3] Passerby or no one important

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