His Son Has A Richest Billionaires Dad
by Shou Xin
Chapter 5: Sitting On Lap (Behave Yourself)

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Cheng Yang's eyes quivered and when he was about to push away the man who had suddenly kissed him in front of him, the other seemed to have expected it. Before Cheng Yang started, he would step back and move away.

"You..." Cheng Yang had just uttered a sound when he found his voice hoarse. He stopped his voice abruptly. His expression was obviously shocked and incredulous.

He fantasized about getting along with She Yan, but it shouldn't have happened so quickly.

On second thought, Cheng Yang thought they were even rolled the sheets, but now they just kissing.

"Good night kiss. Go to bed early." She Yan himself was surprised to blurt out the gentle words.

But when he looked at the boy's clear and bright eyes, She Yan even slightly pulled the corner of his lips. Although it did not look like a smile, but it was a smile.

Cheng Yang stood in front of his door and watched the tall man turn around and walk away. Suddenly, he thought to stop the man and ask if he was going to pursue him.

The man's figure soon disappeared from Cheng Yang's sight. He unconsciously reached out and touched his lips, as if the heat belonged to another person was still there.

If Li Ye's deceit and betrayal made Cheng Yang angry and sad, then She Yan's unexpected appearance made Cheng Yang's heart stirred.

The handsome, rich and calm man approached him voluntarily, even if it's only for a few days on the cruise ship. Cheng Yang swiped his card to opened the door.

He closed the door and went straight to the window. The night was deep. His ears were filled with the pleasant sound of the rippling water. He didn't lose anything, or he could completely treat this encounter as an affair. The man was looked cold outside. In fact, he was quite gentle and perfect. Cheng Yang clearly remembered what kind of comfort it was when he was in the arms of the other.

Cheng Yang raised his hand and opened the clear glass window with his palm.

Everyone had the desire to get the best of everything. Cheng Yang considered himself as ordinary.

In a very short time, Cheng Yang thought it through for himself. She Yan's original intention was to slow down the steps and pursue Cheng Yang slowly.

The next day, She Yan and his assistant took the elevator downstairs. As he just came out of the elevator, he unexpectedly bumped into Cheng Yang, who was leaning on the railing of the corridor. His slender and beautiful figure was particularly eye-catching.

Although Cheng Yang turned his back to the two and changed his clothes, however She Yan recognized Cheng Yang in a flash.

There were footsteps behind him, Cheng Yang did not look back. He waited outside for nearly half an hour, but She Yan was nowhere to be seen. So he guessed that She Yan might not be in the room upstairs, but went out early. The truth was that when She Yan was ready to go out, something happened in the company. He had a video conversation with other subordinates in his room, which made him late now.

Cheng Yang doesn't think it's probably She Yan, so he didn't turn around.

The sound of footsteps suddenly stopped beside him and did not continue. Cheng Yang lift his body and took his arm off the railing.

On the side of his eyes, he saw the handsome man who had come and was staring at him.

Perhaps the so-called favored son of heaven was such a man who was handsome, rich, super good-looking and quite friendly. Since She Yan saved Cheng Yang, he felt that She Yan almost had no shortcoming. At this time, Cheng Yang did not know that he was the only one who was acknowledged by She Yan. In particular, his business rivals, all wished She Yan didn't exist in the world. The other's existence was to let him feel what it was like to lose.

She Yan stopped, and his assistant looked at the time. It's almost time to meet someone. The assistant stepped forward to remind She Yan.

She Yan raised his hand to signal his assistant not to make a noise before the other said something.

Cheng Yang came to see She Yan, and when he met the man, he suddenly realized that he didn't know what the right reason to met him.

Said he just happened to pass by here?

There's a desire to cover it up, and how to said he wanted to meet with She Yan?

But there was nothing to see, they only had dinner together last night.

"Is there anything?" She Yan looked at Cheng Yang who seemed was in trouble and asked.

"No, it's all right." Cheng Yang shook his head immediately.

"Any plans for later?" She Yan could almost guess that Cheng Yang was waiting for him, without directly mention it.

Cheng Yang licked his lower lip and shook his head again.

"Lend me your time for a few hours."

Cheng Yang was stunned. It's hard to imagine, such a kind of similar love words would come from She Yan's mouth, who looked solemn and respectful.

"Not good?" She Yan's tone was the same as his stern face, without much fluctuation.

Cheng Yang answered subconsciously, "It's fine."

Without waiting for him to said anything more, She Yan nodded and said, "Let's go."

Go, where to go?

Cheng Yang's lips parted. She Yan, who had been in front of him, had turned and moved forward. Cheng Yang noticed that the assistant was staring at him with an astonishing face. Cheng Yang tightened his fist, ignored the expression on the assistant's face, and quickly followed She Yan in front of him.

"Have you had breakfast yet?" She Yan saw Cheng Yang coming over in the corner of his eyes and asked casually.

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It was so casual that Cheng Yang felt that he might have heard his own voice.

She Yan asked that question, and unexpectedly did not ask anymore.

It was later that Cheng Yang watched the assistant handed him a warm breakfast. Cheng Yang realized that the sentence he had heard before was She Yan's voice who asked.

Cheng Yang later followed She Yan. After a few minutes walk, he went to a very spacious room, and there was only a number on the door. If looked at the outside, it's hard to find that it was originally a small casino.

There was a casino on the cruise ship, and it's not a big surprise that there weren't many visitors to this casino. But Cheng Yang took a few glances and found that the visitors were either rich or respectable people. This should be a high-end casino. It took a certain threshold to get started.

Passing through the hall, they were led inside and then went to a luxurious VIP room.

There was a big table in the middle of the room. There were already two people at the table. They both came alone. Not like She Yan, who brought someone with him today.

This was a rare situation. Both players turned their heads and looked at Cheng Yang on She Yan's side. Both of them looked alike and shocked. Almost immediately, they guessed Cheng Yang's identity as She Yan's little lover.

"President She, you're in such a good mood to bring your little friend over today?" There had always been a rumor that She Yan was cold-hearted and never saw him bring his lover out. Now the rumor had been broken suddenly, and curiosity was certainly there.

"You can sit on the sofa and watch TV if you get bored." In addition to the gaming table, the room was equipped with a sofa and TV. She Yan grabbed Cheng Yang's waist, and the tenderness rushed up from his eyebrows in an instant, which made people just want to absorb on it.

Cheng Yang doesn't know why She Yan brought himself here. He could read their eyes and he knew they were misunderstood. But how to put it, this misunderstanding, Cheng Yang doesn't feel offended.

He himself stood up and sat up straight, not caring what others thought.

Because it's on a cruise ship, it's on a tour. If it's at school, maybe the mentality at then and now would not be the same.

The environment could affect and change a person, Cheng Yang was now exploring this.

Life was always on track[1]. It's boring to think about it. Sometimes he indulged once in a while and enjoy the beauty of x-love. Cheng Yang pretend to be a magician for so many years. He could have a wonderful man in front of him. If he doesn't seize it this time, afraid that he wouldn't have such a chance in the future.

Today was the third day. He was supposed to go around on the cruise ship with Li Ye. Now Cheng Yang was not happy to saw them. It's good to have a handsome and stylish temporary sex friend. At this rate, Cheng Yang was clear that they'll sleep together again soon.

Cheng Yang was conscious enough of himself, he should not expect extravagant things. Just think about it, he wouldn't really ask for it, so he could only be a sex friend.

Cheng Yang sat on the sofa to eat breakfast and watching TV alone. Keep the TV sound low so he wouldn't disturb a few people playing cards over there.

It's just a quick breakfast, there was nothing particularly interesting about watching television.

Cheng Yang held his chin on his palm and stared at the man who sat there with his head tilted. He went over to have a look. It shouldn't make any difference.

He thought about it for a moment, Cheng Yang stood up and walked quietly to She Yan.

When they arrived, they left the middle place for She Yan. After all, in terms of assets, She Yan controlled more than two people combined.

Cheng Yang stood behind She Yan. She Yan did not notice him immediately, that the two people next to him saw him first. They were playing cards, so they did not bother to remind She Yan.

She Yan lost the first couple of matches in a row, and this one he suddenly won. He shuffled the deck in front of him. She Yan leaned back slightly and turned to look at Cheng Yang on the sofa over there. When he saw Cheng Yang, he didn't know when he would come to him, but he remained silent.

Two people standing and sitting, Cheng Yang lowered his eyes and his curly eyelashes landed at She Yan sight, the curvature gave him a charming and seductive look.

She Yan's lips moved in a small arc, and then he suddenly reached out and grabbed Cheng Yang's wrist and brought him forward.

The next second Cheng Yang was pressed to sit on She Yan's lap. Cheng Yang's body suddenly tensed and struggled to stand up. The man behind him wrapped his arms around his waist. His strength was not obvious, but Cheng Yang could not struggle.

The point was there were other people next to them. Looked at Cheng Yang sitting on She Yan's thigh, and the sight was focused on them in a flash.

"Let go." Cheng Yang dared not move too much, he glared at She Yan fiercely.

As a result, instead of letting him go, the other leaned toward Cheng Yang, as if he was going to kiss Cheng Yang in front of the people around him. Cheng Yang was frightened that he moved aside, but in front of him was a table, so there's no place to hide.

Cheng Yang regretted his decision that he had to dug his own pit. He not only jumped down, but also covered himself with earth and buried himself.

She Yan seemed to be just teasing Cheng Yang, knowing that Cheng Yang doesn't like it and he doesn't really kiss Cheng Yang.

"Be good, I won't kiss you." There were many men and women around She Yan, but in his eyes, Cheng Yang was as soft and lovable as a cute little rabbit. Even if he showed his claws, he couldn't hurt people at all. She Yan stick to Cheng Yang's ear and breathed his hot and humid breath.

Cheng Yang's skin was so sensitive and had goosebumps all over his body.

"Really obedient!" She Yan rubbed Cheng Yang's nape with his fingers and praised him. At that moment, the cold color that had always accumulated between his eyebrows dissipated and warmed up.

The man's thighs were muscular and was not comfortable to sit. Cheng Yang moved and adjusted his sitting position. When he sat down again, he suddenly stiffened and twisted his neck to look at She Yan. He saw the man staring at him with sharp and dangerous eyes.

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[1] To keep to the working routine (idiom) (按部就班)

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