His Son Has A Richest Billionaires Dad
by Shou Xin
Chapter 4: Invitation To Dinner (A Gentle Kiss)

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Both of them stared intensely at Cheng Yang, waiting for his answer.

Cheng Yang's fist fell on his side and clenched violently, tried to restrain himself from greeting them with his fist.

He took a slow breath and suddenly smiled.

He was already beautiful, and the smile was like a snowflakes falling, revealed an unsullied softness part. Li Ye and Song Pengcheng's tight nerves were also loosened.

"No, we just met by chance. Nothing happened last night. I slept on the sofa in that man's room, but you're making a good joke." Cheng Yang bent his eyebrows and revealed his old kind smile.

But what Li Ye didn't know, that deep anger was hidden in Cheng Yang's eyes.

"Sorry, we've gone too far. It won't happen again." Li Ye saw Cheng Yang and did not blame them. He immediately climbed down the pole.

Song Pengcheng walked over to Cheng Yang, one arm resting on his shoulder and wrapped his arms around Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang's eyes drooped down, hiding a flash of hatred inside.

Yesterday he was lucky enough to meet the man in the elevator and went to his room instead of someone else's room. And last night's entanglement, Cheng Yang had to admit that his first x-love[1] was with such a handsome man with high quality. That was the best person Cheng Yang had ever seen in reality. The intercourse really gave Cheng Yang to know the taste and even had some extravagant hopes that he shouldn't have.

However, even this couldn't erase the fact that Li Ye cheated on him and sold him out.

This kind of trash friend, Cheng Yang wouldn't take it anymore.

They were acting in front of him, so does he.

Song Pengcheng saw what happened yesterday as if it was Cheng Yang's generosity and indifference. So it came to an end. In sum, he had nothing to lose, it's a matter of signing a game company. Now, because the senior executive didn't sleep with Cheng Yang, he was temporarily stranded, but they got the money.

Both of them now had ten thousand yuan, so they propose to go to the internet cafe on the cruise ship and played a few games.

"You go first. I forgot to take my cell phone. I'll take it later and look for you." The mobile phone was in Cheng Yang's pocket, he just hated standing with them in his heart.

"Okay. The internet cafe is just behind the bar yesterday.Turn a corner and you'll see it." Song Pengcheng doesn't doubt him, he said that after taking his hand off Cheng Yang's shoulder.

Cheng Yang nodded slightly and turned to walk upstairs. They kept looking at him until Cheng Yang's figure disappeared. Then they withdrew their eyes, instead of going to the internet cafe immediately, they went to the senior executive's place and conveyed their conversation with Cheng Yang to the senior executive in full detail.

When he learned that nothing happened between Cheng Yang and She Yan, the senior executives were a bit suspicious. After all, the kind of aphrodisiac he gave to Li Ye was a new variety. He used it on these little lovers, and it was very powerful, so he wouldn't get better so easily.

No matter what the fact was, as long as Cheng Yang was not She Yan's person. The senior executives immediately suddenly had another idea, it doesn't matter that it was not Cheng Yang's first time. With a pretty face and a beautiful body, just think of the naked body lay in his bed, the senior executives felt very excited.

So he took the drug to Li Ye and asked them to give it to Cheng Yang again. Li Ye and Song Pengcheng were a little hesitant, but heard the senior executive promise that this time it would work, not only to sign them as professional game players, but also to give them another 50,000.

They agreed without hesitation.

There seemed to be no difference between selling Cheng Yang once or twice.

Besides, Cheng Yang was a man, who wouldn't get pregnant like a woman if he was taken on, and there would be nothing to lose.

Cheng Yang did not know that Li Ye was going to give him another drug. He went back to his room. He wanted to unscrew the mineral water cover and drink some water. Then he saw a small bag in his sight.

Although Cheng Yang would rather not care, the place below seemed to be a bit swollen. Cheng Yang stared at it for a while and finally decided not to fight with his body.

There was a tube of ointment in the bag and a few days' supplies of medicine in it, and several finger cots.

Cheng Yang thought that man was very kind. His appearance looked cold, always serious without too much facial expression, but he's actually a very nice person.

If such a person was his boyfriend...

Cheng Yang's lips twitched and laughed at his naivety. That man were successful person at first sight, even if he had met countless men and women, he would not have slept with someone like him.

He doesn't have a big charm.

Cheng Yang went to the toilet with the ointment and finger cots and smeared the ointment on the slightly swollen place inside. He not only smeared the outside, but also the inside, and used the small half tube. After that, Cheng Yang leaned against the sink and looked up to see the cold sweat coming out of his forehead in the mirror.

He heaved a loud breath and went out.

Cheng Yang buttoned up pants that had fallen to his knees and turned on the faucet to wash his hands.

Li Ye didn't take the initiative to mention it. Cheng Yang also wanted to play some games in the internet cafe. After all, he was a game's anchor. He earned money by playing games. He had better touch the keyboard every day to avoid losing his touch.

Li Ye and Song Pengcheng had already found the device when they went. There was an empty seat beside them, but Cheng Yang didn't take it. He found another place against the wall and played games. Cheng Yang arrived with only a squint to say hello and continued to indulge in the game.

After logged in his account and entered the live broadcasting platform. Cheng Yang told his fans in advance about the cruise. Yesterday he took a day off and he had a live broadcast today.

Cheng Yang skills were ranked highly among the live streaming platforms under contract. Loyal fans accumulated a lot, he wouldn't be like other anchors, who rely on plugins or other ways to attract fans if the game skills weren't good, Cheng Yang relied entirely on his own expertise.

He went into his room, where his fans were waiting for him. Cheng Yang used his own headphones and told them in advance that he was in a cruise ship internet cafe.

All kinds of welcome messages were instantly flooded on the screen.

Cheng Yang doesn't talk very often on live broadcasts, but occasionally he would say a few words. More often he concentrated on playing games. Most of his fans knew his habits. If someone new came into the room to ask a question, the older fans would answer for Cheng Yang.

The game ended soon under Cheng Yang's super-fast hands. Cheng Yang didn't stop, and then came the second sentence. He teamed up with a few passersby who didn't know Cheng Yang was a game anchor. Passersby skills seemed to be a bit like ordering a dish. Instead, it was Cheng Yang backing off a wave of soldiers and making a detour to help the other side.

The voice of thanks came from the headphones and Cheng Yang returned the compliment.

Cheng Yang doesn't team up with Li Ye. They usually play their own games, unless sometimes they had to promote each other, they would form a team.

After four rounds, Cheng Yang stopped more than two hours later. A fan earlier recommended a new game to Cheng Yang. It seemed good to see the introduction, Cheng Yang decided to go for a visit.

He opened the new game interface and registered an account. He saw the old fans in the barrage asked him if he had a cold, because they heard his voice to a bit hoarse.

"Not cold, just last night..." Cheng Yang just said a few words and suddenly stopped. Two seconds later, he coughed and continued, "Maybe the sea breeze blew for a long time last night."

Can you take some medicine if you have a cold, please?

It doesn't matter if you stop broadcasting for a day or two. The body is more important.

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The fans who care about Cheng Yang's body said that.

"It's good, it's not serious." Cheng Yang naturally wouldn't tell his fans that his voice was hoarse because he screamed too much last night. If he said that, he probably wouldn't have to do live broadcasts.

Cheng Yang spent three to four hours on live broadcasting every time. The next hour he played a new game. The game was a solo game, not a group battle. Cheng Yang caught on quickly. Although he died several times in a row, he was able to go far, even though he died.

Cheng Yang logged out of the game and then leave the live room. Before leaving, he told his fans that if there were nothing else, it would be the same time to broadcast live tomorrow.

On the other hand, Li Ye was playing games, but there was no live broadcast. Both of them felt that entering the professional team was a sure thing, and now they had some unexpected wealth, they were too lazy to do a live broadcast, so they had a good time first.

Cheng Yang went over and asked if they wanted to go. Li Ye waved his hand and said nothing, obviously unwilling to leave the internet cafe.

They don't get off the ship. But, it's what Cheng Yang wanted to see. He went out alone.

The sky was clear and the sea was blue. Looked at the boundless sky and sea, Cheng Yang simply felt his entire body and mind slowly calmed down.

There was a beach on the cruise ship, and many people were playing there. Cheng Yang went down to the beach, found his place in the left corner and then sat down on the beach.

The sunshine was bright and the warmth of the sun shone on people. Cheng Yang looked up and enjoyed the happy time with his eyes squinted.

His lips were slightly hooked and smiled brightly.

She Yan, who was upstairs talking about investments, his sight was landed at the beach, and a handsome face that had seduced him last night suddenly caught his eyes.

She Yan stared down at Cheng Yang, who was quietly basking in the sun below. His eyes deepened. People around him noticed that She Yan was suddenly stared at somewhere. Followed She Yan's gaze and saw a boy who was really a little beautiful.

"If President She likes him, I'll have someone come to him." Someone thought She Yan was interested in the boy.

As soon as he finished speaking, She Yan looked back. The piercing coldness in his face made the man in front of him gasp in horror.

"No." She Yan turned around and missed the other's shoulder. They hadn't finished talking about investment yet, but looking at She Yan's expression, it seemed that he was not ready to talk about it anymore.

The people behind him were stunned for a moment, then followed She Yan as he walked away.

Cheng Yang knew that many people were watching him, which was very common situation in school.

The attention was relatively friendly, so Cheng Yang doesn't take it too seriously.

But after a while, Cheng Yang suddenly straightened up and looked over his shoulder.

There was a pair of a man and a woman, the woman's had a heavy makeup and wore a strappy miniskirt. She nestled in the arms of a fat, greasy middle-aged man, who was probably two times older than the woman. The man was looking at Cheng Yang with what could be called an offensive gaze.

The man's eyes were very aggressive, as if he had stripped Cheng Yang naked and then unscrupulously admired Cheng Yang's body.

Cheng Yang was disgusted with this kind of look very much.He stood up straight. There was this man staring at him, and he couldn't pretend he didn't exist. He sat on the beach for some time and could leave.

When Cheng Yang left, the gaze behind him fell to his lower body. Even though Cheng Yang turned his back, he still felt the gaze sickened him.

The ship was also equipped with a small library. Cheng Yang followed the route marked on the ship ticket.

The library was located in a relatively remote place, which was much quieter than the noisy beach.

He stayed in the library until dark. Cheng Yang hadn't decided exactly what to eat for the evening. Because of his health, he couldn't eat as openly as usual.

Just as he came out of the library, another man stood in front of him.

The stranger's face was vaguely familiar. Cheng Yang lowered his eyes and suddenly saw that the other was carrying a bag with his clothes in it. His wet clothes left in She Yan's room, looked like it had been washed and dried.

"Hello, President She asked me to bring your clothes." he politely handed the clothes to Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang received it, he took his clothes and looked at them. He remembered that he had torn off several buttons, but the buttons of the clothes in front of him were in good condition.

"Do you have an appointment for a few nights?" the assistant president smiled politely and asked Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang responded subconsciously, "No."

"President She wishes to invite you to dinner tonight as an apology for last night's offense." the assistant conveyed She Yan's message.

Cheng Yang stunned for a while and declined without much thought.

"No, it's not an offense. It's my own carelessness."

The assistant had been with She Yan for some years and could basically figure out the real intention of the President of the company.

Cheng Yang was so blunt in his refusal. Knowing that the other person may not want to be associated with She Yan. However, his boss gave him such a task, so he must complete it.

"The restaurant seats have been reserved and now President She is waiting there. Please accept our invitation from President She." the assistant's words were sincere and there was a certain kind of attitude that if Cheng Yang refuse, he would continue to fight with Cheng Yang.

Such a fine man. Unless Cheng Yang's exceptional aesthetic, otherwise it's really hard not to be tempted to not having sex with such a man. He was Cheng Yang's first man, it could also be said that the other person taught Cheng Yang how good sex was.

Cheng Yang liked She Yan's face and his perfect body, which was full of male hormones. Cheng Yang's heart was tangled, but he couldn't resist the enormous physical attraction of the man. He then nodded.

Cheng Yang went to the dinner with a bit of nervousness, but throughout the whole event, She Yan treated Cheng Yang with a rather gentlemanly manner.

The other began to apologize to Cheng Yang, but did not mention it later.

Cheng Yang thought he would be more restrained at the dinner with someone he had slept with, but the result was he relaxed and he didn't even know it.

They seemed to have known each other for a long time, not just a day. Cheng Yang knew the name of the man and knew he was doing some business. He doesn't talk much about the details and Cheng Yang didn't ask much.

Much of the conversation revolved around Cheng Yang, who quickly and unknowingly revealed most of his information.

A preconceived notion that makes Cheng Yang thought the man wouldn't hurt him. So he wasn't too defensive, and he couldn't think of what the other could do to him.

Rolled sheet once again? That's not a loss.

After dinner, She Yan sent Cheng Yang to his door. He saw a strand of hair falling from Cheng Yang's forehead, covering his eyes. Without thinking, he reached over and pulled the strand back.

Cheng Yang felt She Yan's fingers lightly brush his forehead. The light in the corridor was not particularly bright. In the dark light, Cheng Yang raised his eyes, a little spark was dancing.

Cheng Yang was about 1.8 meters tall, while She Yan was about 1.9 meters tall. Cheng Yang raised his face slightly and his expression seemed slightly confused at that moment.

He may not have realized that the moment She Yan rescued him in the elevator, he was already making a pass at the man.

A short distance away was the boy's beautiful white and tender face. The gesture of raising his head at the moment fell to She Yan as if he were asking for a kiss.

She Yan immediately followed the voice in his heart and bent down to kissed the two lustrous soft lips.


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