His Son Has A Richest Billionaires Dad
by Shou Xin
Chapter 3: He Wants Him (Thanks For Yesterday)

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When Cheng Yang woke up, he was the only one in the room. He opened his eyes and stared at the pure white ceiling for a moment.

His eyes blinked and he reached to the bedside to take his mobile phone to look at the time. His body moved slightly, involving a place that had been overused last night, the sudden pain made Cheng Yang even moan.

At the same time, all the memories that belonged to last night slowly come back. That memory was very bad at first, but behind it, especially when he lay on the comfortable big bed, the memory pictures let Cheng Yang pulled the quilt over his body and immediately covered his blushing cheeks.

Cheng Yang frowned as his face sank into the quilt, his lips and teeth were constantly making angry noises.

Everything that happened in the night, even every detail, came back in the same way as the movie was rewound.

Cheng Yang remembered clearly that he pulled his hair so hard that he could not believe that he was entangled with a strange man last night and was open under his opponent's body. The person who invited the other person to invade his body in a frivolous way was himself.

Cheng Yang hoped that all yesterday was just a dream of his own, but there was still that kind of sour and tired feeling on his body, which reminded Cheng Yang that it's all true.

He stayed in the quilt for a long time, until Cheng Yang couldn’t stand it anymore and he opened the quilt.

He was glad that he was the only one in the bedroom. He couldn't imagine how he would look at that man if he wasn't gone yet.

The whole time, Cheng Yang was the one proactively throwing himself at him. That man poured cold water on him to calm him down. He felt uncomfortable and wanted to go out. Then the man came in and said that he had found a doctor.

But if Cheng Yang could bear it any longer, not grabbing the man's clothes, and wait for the other to open the door for the doctor to come in, he would not have rolled the sheets with the man he just met twice.

Cheng Yang pummeled his head with his fist and slowly get out of bed. His whole body was very sour and weak. He was bare and had no clothes. However, the room was heated and he didn't feel cold.

His clothes were wet last night. Cheng Yang bit his lip and thought whether he was going to wear wet clothes or borrow the man's clothes. Cheng Yang thought as he lifted the quilt off the bed. As soon as his foot fell to the floor, his knees suddenly softened. Cheng Yang grabbed the edge of the bed and did not let himself fall.

Cheng Yang glimpsed a set of clothes neatly stacked at the end of the bed. Cheng Yang slowly moved his body over, subconsciously assuming the clothes should be prepared for him. Sure enough, when Cheng Yang looked at the size, it was for him.

The price tag hasn't even been taken down yet. Cheng Yang took the tag and looked at it. His eyes widen instantly. The price of the clothes was worth the money he earned half a month when he was broadcasting live.

Cheng Yang pursed his lower lip and knew that his clothes were not only wet, but also that he might have ripped off several buttons. Since he had clean clothes, he had no reason not to wear them.

With the clothes on, Cheng Yang opened the bedroom door. The living room was empty. The room where the man stayed was very different from Cheng Yang's. Not only was the space several times larger, but there were all kinds of furniture and things in the room were expensive.

The view of this room seemed quite good. From the floor-to-ceiling window, you could see the blue ocean which was connected with the sky outside.

The ship stopped sailing when the waves rippled.

Cheng Yang was the only person in the room. The empty room had a faint scent of flowers. Cheng Yang immediately found an elegant orchid on the coffee table in the living room. He stared at the orchid. Cheng Yang suddenly imagined what it would be like for the man to sit on the sofa.

It's undeniable that the man was handsome and cool, his body was also a first-class, he was also magnificent, the work was exceptionally good. Cheng Yang recalled that he was held under the man yesterday, unable to stop crying and begged slower. The man's two shapely abdominal muscles were taut, with a strong wild beauty in it, Cheng Yang gulped at the thought.

After a physical shock, Cheng Yang immediately stopped himself from thinking about it. This was Cheng Yang's first x love[1] in all these years. He doesn't expect that the first time was so wonderful that it even made Cheng Yang have a good taste. It gave him a little hope that he could really be with that man.

But when Cheng Yang turned around, he knew the gap was too wide, not in age but in ability and background.

Cheng Yang escaped from the room like a refugee. There were signs in the corridor. Cheng Yang found the elevator and quickly returned to his room.

Just when Cheng Yang arrived at his door, he reached into his pocket and found nothing in it. His mobile phone and room card were all in the front room.

Ah! Cheng Yang muttered low as he stood in front of the door, banged his forehead against the door.

Whether it's the mobile phone or the room card, he had to get it back. Why does he want to take the cruise ship this time, if he had knew that this would happen, he would have stayed in the dormitory and never went anywhere.

Just took the elevator down, and now had to take the elevator up again. Cheng Yang's eyes were downcast, his face listless.

The elevator was provided for VIP guests. It needed a card to go to the specified floor. There was no mobile phone. Cheng Yang doesn't know the exact time. He sat on the floor against the wall and curled his legs up. The ship was so large that it was difficult to find a stranger. Cheng Yang's body was unwell, and he doesn't want to ask for help. He didn't even want to leave. He just sat outside the elevator and waited.

Waiting for nothing.

Cheng Yang thought he would wait a long time. But unexpectedly, he heard the elevator door open soon. At first, Cheng Yang thought that it should not be the man. When the steady footsteps stopped in front of Cheng Yang, a very oppressive gaze fell on his head. Cheng Yang raised his head and looked at the person in front of him with slightly red eyes.

After the shock, Cheng Yang went to see the man's hand and found that he had not brought his mobile phone or room card.

For some unknown reason, Cheng Yang felt a special grievance in his heart, and his nose began to sour.

Because he liked traveling, he chose a seven-day cruise. He couldn't figure out why this happened to him on the very first day. Cheng Yang sniffed his nose and tried to restrain himself from showing too much weakness in front of the man in a sober state.

However, the other's calmness and silence seemed to set off Cheng Yang more awkwardly.

Supported by the wall, Cheng Yang stood up slowly. He looked at the man's deep and dark eyes. The other's presence was too strong and his eyes were sharp. It was like a moment to see Cheng Yang thoroughly, so that all Cheng Yang's thoughts could not escape.

Cheng Yang's heart was trembling, and he was busy lowering his eyes and avoiding direct contact.

"Yesterday... thank you." Whether the man in front of him rescued him, or the man behind him begged him to help him ease his body's desire, it was irrefutable that the man had helped him.

Cheng Yang thanked him for this.

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"You're welcome." She Yan noticed that Cheng Yang lowered his head and murmured his voice, made him particularly vulnerable as if the slightest touch might make him cry.

She Yan had an idea last night and this idea was directly determined this morning.

He knew it should be the first time for the boy. In the process, She Yan watched Cheng Yang's green reaction[2] and subconsciously asked. He got a positive answer.

Although it was an accident, but in terms of how well they fit together, the boy was a good match for him.

She Yan liked this beautiful and cute boy very much. If the other wanted him, he was willing.

"I forgot to take my mobile phone and room card. It should be in your room." Cheng Yang avoided the discussing the affair with the man and wanted to get his things back quickly, and hopefully never get involved with the man again.

"So you're waiting here, and I'll get it for you?" Actually, Cheng Yang's phone and room card were on the coffee table, but it was blocked by something, so Cheng Yang didn't notice. She Yan saw that it was almost time for lunch, so he went back to his room. It turned out that Cheng Yang had already gone and forgotten his room card.

He could have brought them down to Cheng Yang just now, but he didn't take them on purpose.

"I'll go up with you." Cheng Yang felt guilty about making the other another special trip.

Two people have entered the elevator, the elevator space was narrow. The scent that belonged to another person seemed to be particularly strong, there was a faint wood fragrance on the man. Cheng Yang's body leaned in the corner. It's a subconscious behavior. It's a subconscious effort to distance himself from the man he had been sleeping with for hours.

He was a little afraid, though he didn't know what he was afraid of.

The elevator seemed to be moving slowly. Cheng Yang kept his mind away from the man. He suddenly thought that he was, fortunately, a man. If he was a woman, he would definitely had to buy a contraceptive pill. He vaguely remembered that there were no condoms in the room, and he was eager to take the initiative to stick to the man.

Following behind She Yan, Cheng Yang lifted his eyes slightly and looked at the broad, straight back of the man in front of him. A picture flashed in his mind. Yesterday, he seemed to have grabbed a lot on the other's back. Cheng Yang suddenly felt his cheeks warmed up.

Before going to the room, She Yan opened the door with his room card.

Cheng Yang stood outside the door and did not follow in.

She Yan went to the coffee table and took Cheng Yang's mobile phone and room card. He also took a small bag beside it.

Looking at what was coming in front of him, Cheng Yang took the bag that belonged to him. The other bag, Cheng Yang didn't know what was inside.

"A little anti-inflammatory and swollen medicine, where you are..." when She Yan was explaining, he suddenly saw Cheng Yang's cheeks flushed. He immediately thought that Cheng Yang might have a fever. After all, he soaked in cold water for so long yesterday, and then he did some really intense exercise. It also his first time.

"Have you got a fever?"

In a calm voice after a quiet pause, She Yan reached out and touched Cheng Yang's forehead.

Cheng Yang looked stunned. A few seconds later, he realized that the distance between him and She Yan was too close to each other. He quickly retreated, trying to distance between themselves.

He retreated too quickly and twisted his foot.

After that, Cheng Yang was pulled by She Yan, and he was yanked into She Yan's arms.

Cheng Yan also wanted to struggle again, realizing that he overreacted and that the other did not take the initiative to mention the situation between them. It's just that he himself here was like a frightened bird[3].

"No. I'm fine. Thank you." Cheng Yang stood firm and the man released his hand.

Cheng Yang also took the small bag contained anti-inflammatory medicine.

"I'll go first." Cheng Yang tried to be calm, there was no need for regret or anger, at least not in front of the man.

Cheng Yang took something and turned around. He quickly left. When he reached the elevator and the iron door closed, he exhaled heavily.

When he finally returned to his room, Cheng Yang collapsed on his bed. Suddenly, he jumped up and laughed at himself for a moment, then lay down again.

The cost of the clothes may not be worth a sleeve on his body now. Although he really liked it, he couldn’t.

Cheng Yang skipped lunch. He tossed back and forth, lay on the bed, and soon fell asleep again.

He doesn't sleep very long this time. He woke up at about two o'clock in the afternoon.

His stomach made a hungry growl. Cheng Yang's smashed the pillow twice with his fist. Li Ye betrayed him. It must be useless to call the police. Now it's on the cruise ship again. Even if Cheng Yang wanted to smash his fist on the other's face now, he still had to endure it for a while.

It's impossible for him to act like nothing had happened. Although Cheng Yang not the kind of vengeful person, he wouldn't really did not fight back when he was bullied.

Speaking of Li Ye, they were in a panic all night after they learned the identity of the man who took Cheng Yang from last night. They had no idea that Cheng Yang had a relationship with She Yan. As far as they could remember, it was clear that Cheng Yang had always been single and they both know that he was gay. It's also because of this that the dirty business of giving drugs to Cheng Yang and sending Cheng Yang out was driven by huge interests.

The man who wanted to touch Cheng Yang was a senior executive at a game company who watched Cheng Yang's live game broadcast six months ago. When Cheng Yang made an appearance later, he immediately thought ill of him, throwing thousands of dollars at Cheng Yang in the live room.

Later, Cheng Yang added Q of the senior executive[4], the senior executive who was happy to know that the next moment Cheng Yang returned the money to the senior executive in the form of a red envelope.

There would be a cut from the live broadcast platform, the other was voluntary to throw money, Cheng Yang himself returned all the money he could get.

It's like hitting an executive in the face. The senior executive also told some of his friends that he had hooked up with a beautiful male anchor[5]. The friends asked the senior executive to take Cheng Yang out to meet them. The time was set and Cheng Yang showed up.

Out of a desirable hatred, the senior executive knew that Cheng Yang and Li Ye were on good terms. So he contacted the two people, who were also game anchors. But if it's about the skills, it's not as good as Cheng Yang's. The senior executive said the company could sign them up as long as they deceived Cheng Yang out.

The cooked duck[6] was about to reach the mouth when it was suddenly cut off outrageously.[7]

The man who cut off outrageously was well known in the business world, the tactics were even more tyrannical and domineering. Li Ye was frightened and scared, and the senior executive had no fun here for a moment.

After waiting for a whole night, he didn't see She Yan until the next morning. The senior executive could not help thinking that maybe he had misunderstood that She Yan did not know Cheng Yang at all. He said that Cheng Yang was his man only because of the scene at that time.

Otherwise, how could Cheng Yang live in a room by himself instead of staying with She Yan?

The senior executive secretly sent someone to watch on Cheng Yang. The message came back that Cheng Yang went back to his room at noon and had no further contact with She Yan.

The senior executive called Li Ye and Song Pengcheng and asked them to go to Cheng Yang to clear up the 'misunderstanding'.

Cheng Yang spent the night in She Yan's room last night. He was still on state of being drugged. As for what happened, it's almost self-evident.

The senior executive knew that he could not move anymore, so he felt very regretful. At one point, he imagined that he put Cheng Yang to sleep first. The boy's face was elaborately carved, and his figure was beautiful and smooth. The point was he still young. It's not easy to find a similar type.

Cheng Yang didn't know what Li Ye was talking about there. He hadn't eaten for more than half a day. He was hungry. He washed his face and took his room card and went out.

He went to a small restaurant where there weren't too many people and ordered a light dish.

Cheng Yang went to the cashier counter after eating here and was unexpectedly told that the money had been paid. Cheng Yang wondered who paid him. He turned around and saw two people stood outside the restaurant.

The two men smiled when Cheng Yang looked over.

Leaving Cheng Yang to that place, he just felt hypocritical.

Cheng Yang was curious about how they were not ashamed to appear in front of him, and what happened afterward let Cheng Yang knew that they might not have faces at all.

"Where were you last night? We looked for you." Li Ye appeared worried.

Song Pengcheng also said, "Yes, we were worried all night."

"We played a little joke on you yesterday. We were going to pick you up later, but we were told you and the other had left."

Li Ye spoke earnestly.

"Who is that man? You know Cheng Yang, between you and him..." Song Pengcheng asked cautiously because Cheng Yang seemed to have a normal expression. At least when he saw them, he didn't rush up and beat them.

He and Li Ye sang together and cooperated very well. If Cheng Yang didn't leave the bar and look back and saw with his own eyes that they were trading with some man, he might have believed them.


[1] I leave it as in the original (something R rated so the author cencored it)
[2] Green reaction: Young and inexperienced
[3] Frightened bird: A badly frightened person
[4] I leave it as in the original (whether it's misstypo or something, I don't know)
[5] Anchor (主播): Anchor (TV); host
[6] The duck here is (鸭子) male prostitute (slang)
[7] Original is 煮熟的鸭子眼看着要到嘴边,突然被人给截胡了。 Tell me if you have any better translation. I'm very confused about this one T.T

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