He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 5: Big Brother

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The little boy Lu Ran, a young and stinky boy. Lu Ran, 11 years old, ran away from home because his parents wanted to have a second child and met Gu Qingyan, who ran out.

Lu Ran saw the kid sitting alone in the corner, his clothes look a little dirty, but Lu Ran knew the brand was not bad. The kid's face was dirty and maybe ran away from home like himself, so he went over and chatted with him.

After all, it's good to form an alliance when you run away from home and met a poor little fellow for the same illness.

"Hey, did you run away from home too?"

"Hello, I'm talking to you." Lu Ran saw Gu Qingyan ignored him, then touched Gu Qingyan

The result was Gu Qingyan pushed Lu Ran to the ground, he was shocked. At that time, he got angry and said, "What are you pushing me for?"

Want to teach the kid who pushed himself, but found the other was crying. Lu Ran was speechless. The pushed boy didn't cry. What did the boy who pushes cry about?

"Hey, don't cry. There's nothing to cry about, stop crying." Lu Ran was a little at a loss. He suddenly remembered that when he was sad, his mother would hold him and comfort him in her arms.

Lu Ran held Gu Qingyan in his arms.

As a result, the people in his arms not only not comforted but also crying more and more also struggled, "Don't... Don't touch me... Sob sob... Don't touch me... Bad guy... Wuu..." the cry broke.

Lu Ran was a little hurt when he hit him, but when he saw the other's face, the dirty face was even dirtier because he had cried, but the beautiful eyes with tears were somewhat little attractive.

Lu Ran tried to soften his voice, "Don't cry, don't be afraid... Don't be afraid..."

After that, he patted Gu Qingyan's back with his hands. Perhaps because his tone was too gentle, or because of his goodwill to appease, Gu Qingyan was not so resistant.

Lu Ran watched the other calmed down and refused to use his clean clothes to wipe Gu Qingyan's tears.

"You're such a crybaby. My name is Lu Ran. I'm 11 years old. What's your name?

However, Gu Qingyan did not answer, just silence.

"Why don't you talk? Tell me your name." then he pinched Gu Qingyan's face with his hand.

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Gu Qingyan felt wronged and stared at Lu Ran. For some reason, Lu Ran felt that the look of the little crybaby was looked a little cute.

"Don't do that, crybaby. Come on, give brother a smile."

"Come on~ smile~ smile~"

Then Lu Ran started making weird faces to make Gu Qingyan laugh. After the boy cried, he sat quietly and looked at him with his beautiful eyes.

Gu Qingyan doesn't dislike the boy who had good intentions towards him.

Lu Ran spoke with Gu Qingyan about the reason why he left home. It was very simple, his parents wanted a second child, but he did not want a little brother or sister. Because the kids are too noisy for their own benefit, they can only fight.

They sat in the square for a while, the sky gradually darkened, street lights lit up one after another. Under the lamplight, two small figures lean together in an inexplicable warmth and harmony.

It's a warm picture, but it was destroyed.

Li Bo, the housekeeper of the Lu family, came to find the young master who had escaped from his home. As a result, Lu Ran refused to leave him alone and would take him home. He had to bring Gu Qingyan together.

In the end, they left together. Gu Qingyan saw that Li Bo dared not get too close and held Lu Ran's hand tightly.

Lu Ran was strangely happy, the corners of his mouth raised slightly.

He liked the little crybaby depended on him.

This child with beautiful peach blossom eyes, he likes him very much.


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