Today The Manager Is Also Very Kind
by He Wu
Chapter 3: Nan Ge began to fool his bad uncle.

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Xin Nanyi sent them back to their dormitory, poured himself a glass of milk and began to think about the problem of Q&P not being popular.

Their looks were absolutely good enough in the entertainment circle, but their figure was out of shape, and when they appeared in the mirror, their looks would be greatly discounted. There was also the problem of resources, the original was a wealthy second generation, wouldn't lead the group was certain, so these two years only gave them the albums and didn't increase their exposure to other resources, so this high-profile girl band was gradually forgotten by the public. There was also the possibility that the strength may not be enough, which he would have to wait until he had seen their practice or their talent before concluding.

Xin Nanyi drank the milk in his glass and saw the glass of milk on the table for Ning Ning's was untouched. It seemed that he had a bigger problem to solve now, how to let down their guard and trusted him.

The relationship between managers and artists was often very complex. Some were teacher and friend, some were family-like, and some would be blacklisted. But no matter be which kind, the relation between both was very close. If they always kept their resistance to the manager, then Xin Nanyi would encounter great obstacles to their arrangement and training in the future, which would not achieve the results he wanted.

He sighed quietly. Who told the original lord to do so many bad things? He became a man who could not get rid of his skin.

He emptied his glass of milk, then climbed upstairs to the empty room full of fitness equipment and began a long weight loss journey. When he was a manager in his last life, he helped an artist under him lose ten kilograms successfully, so he had some experience.

While he was running in a sweat, the phone that Xin Nanyi put aside rang. The earth-shaking heavy metal music successfully evoked Xin Nanyi's attention, who had already run out his head off. He turned off the treadmill, picked up the towel next to him, wiped his sweat, and went over to pick up his phone.

The call display on the screen made him subconsciously frown, Sweetheart No.1? Was there any No.2 and No.3?

Sliding the answer key, the flirtatious girl voice from the receiver finally aroused original Xin Nanyi's memory that stuffed in the corner.

"Nan Ge~" the girl's voice on the phone was trembling slightly and a bit childish, "Nan Ge, I haven't seen you for a long time. I miss you so much."

Xin Nanyi was so confused and his head was in a mess. He had no interest in love in his last life. He doesn't expect to be reborn into a big man with numerous tricks on his feet. This was the only call he got and he thought these things were fucking troublesome!

He was not accustomed to wading in mud and water [1], and the messy things of the original were completely cut off with his departure!

"Break up! By the rules, I'll call later you for the breakup fee." Fortunately, the original had another advantage. He made a statement before started dating with these girlfriends to pay when he broke up, as long as he gave the break-up fee, he couldn't be entangled anymore. These women were also for money with him, or by virtue of his ghost appearance, but also want to soak up with many excellent dream sister!

"Why? Did I do anything wrong? I don't want to... Nan Ge, I don't want to break up! No! Uh uh..." the girl on the other side of the phone was aware and threw a tantrum.

"Three hundred thousand! I added one hundred thousand yuan to the original basis!"

"Okay, Nan Ge. Happy breakup! I'll send you the card number! Mwah!"

She hung up the phone neatly as if it wasn't her who just cried out not to break up.

Xin Nanyi's face was covered with black lines and felt a crow flying in the sky.

After he transferred the breakup fee to Sweetheart No.1, he broke up with Sweetheart No.2, No.3 and No.4 in his phone contacts in the same way.

Xin Nanyi sat on the ground powerlessly as he watched his account lose 1.2 million overnight, and his mind was still haunted by those woman's howl like wolves. He doesn't understand how the fat and wimpy master could hold four girlfriends at once. Dealing with four girls who could cry and make a fuss was the limit of his life as a single dog. If he had one more, he would have collapsed completely.

Early the next morning, Xin Nanyi put on the only floral suit he left behind, drove the most dazzling Lamborghini to Xin Yu building, and then took the elevator straight up to the director's office in the top floor.

"Uncle, I'm coming." Xin Nanyi pushed a couple of assistants who wanted to stop him, kicked the door open without knocking, and then swagged in and sat down on the sofa inside.

Xin He seemed to had become accustomed to such impolite and educated behavior from Xin Nanyi. He covered up the papers he was working on and waved to the assistants to let them out. As soon as several assistants tried to close the door, they heard a generous voice inside, "Arthur, go and pour me a cup of espresso with lots of sugar and milk."

Arthur, who his name was called stare blankly, then lowered his head to hide his disgust and answered respectfully, "Yes, Nan Shao [2]."

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Arthur was uneven and disdain. There were so many people who were so fat that they couldn't do anything but order someone and drink a strong Italian drink with lots of sugar and milk. He might as well just go and buy a cup of milk tea!

"Xiao Nan! You haven't come to see your uncle for a long time. What's the matter?" Xin He smiled and asked kindly.

"Uncle, I want to elect a girl band again."

Xin Nanyi's casual remarks made Xin He's heart thumped. Although there were many trainees in the company, it took a lot of energy and financial resources to train them, and the production cost was also very high. He had already made a group for this little brat, and he bled a lot because of that. Why elect another one now? Xin He was very dissatisfied, but not show it on his face.

He asked softly, "What's wrong? Xiao Nan, didn't you choose a group before? Why do you want to elect another one?"

"The previous group wasn't good."

"How bad?"

"No power, no fire, and long disabled! No more!" Xin Nanyi imitated the irresponsible tone of the original lord.

"Weren't you not interested in the girl band before?"

"That was before, and now I'm interested again. I watched several videos of the new girl band from Yuntong Company the other day. Their face and figure were so beautiful that my mouth watered." Xin Nanyi said with great interest.

Yuntong was another big entertainment industry. The girl band they launched were all based on sexual interest. They were all beautiful women with long legs and a wasp waist.

At this point, Arthur brought the coffee in, put it on the table and went out.

"Xiao Nan! Our company also has girl band with a good body. I'll let them dine with you if you like."

"No!" Xin Nanyi refused without thinking, pretending to be a wayward child and said, "I want to make my own girl band and have the fun of cultivating them! Well manufactured is not fun!"

Xin He had some difficulty and said, "You can take the girl band now, and it's okay to develop them into a sexual and emotional route!"

"How to cultivate them!" Xin Nanyi slammed the coffee cup back on the table with a word of disagreement and the cup fell to one side. The caramel colored coffee liquid spilled, stained the ebony tables and the white marble floors.

Xin Nanyi stood up. The button of his shirt on the front of the chest was broken off by his fleshy waist. "They don't even have their own training room. They are weak and fat! The won't do!"

"That's not easy! I arranged a special practice room for them. Give them access cards to the company gym. There are teachers there to help them lose weight."

Hooked! Xin Nanyi mentally laughed, but his face was still unwilling.

"But uncle, didn't you say that there were no empty practice rooms in the company before?" Xin He said this two years ago when Q&P was debuted. In order not to let Xin Nanyi waste the company's resources again, he told countless lies. The original lord had forgotten about it, but he searched his mind for a long time last night and finally remembered this sentence he had said two years ago.

"Now that the company has an empty practice room, let's give that to your group. Take good care of it, you still can cultivate them." Xin He was still smiling, and he had cursed this wastrel many times in his heart. Although he still had the management qualification of Xin Nanyi share, but the vote at the shareholders' meeting was for Xin Nanyi to appear in person, so he had to follow this useless moth.

"No way! I don't want it!" Xin Nanyi knew he couldn't stop so quickly and kept making trouble.

He spent nearly an hour in Xin He's office before he reluctantly agreed to it under Xin He's trick.

He cursed and left with a bunch of keys to the practice room and a few keys cards.

He went home first and changed his car into a seven-seater, then went to the Q&P's dormitory. He sent them a message early this morning, asking them to wait for him to pick them up in the dormitory today.

Today, the girls had a rough day. They didn't know what the manager said yesterday about losing weight. All kinds of imagination and the final conclusion was bad.

When Xin Nanyi arrived, he saw that they were still cowering and somewhat helpless.

He beckoned them to get on the car, "Let's go to the company."

The girls stared at each other and finally got on the car.

Ji Chuqi was sitting in the passenger seat when Xin Nanyi glanced at her and noticed that her small arm, which was exposed under her long-sleeved coat, had new scars. What's going on? Ever since he became Xin Nanyi, he hadn't done anything to them! This scar was so new as if it was only in these two days. What's going on here?

"Hand. What's wrong?" Xin Nanyi asked, pretending to be casual.

"It's all right." Ji Chuqi's eyes wander and dare not look at him.

"Tell the truth, don't be a coward." Xin Nanyi emphasized his tone.

Ji Chuqi trembled, "It was Teacher Wang, who was in charge of the public practice room when teaching me last night."

Teacher Wang who was in charge of the public practice room often kicked and punched the trainees. In the entertainment industry, trainees often faced a lot of dark sides, they had to obey the management, being beaten was only the lightest punishment, but also the most common.

"You're not a trainee anymore. Why should he grovel at you?"

"Because we have to use public practice rooms and..." and the people who didn't back them up were worse than the trainer.

When Ji Chuqi said this sentence, the car fell into silence. It took a long time for Xin Nanyi just to say "hmm".


[1] Wading in mud and water: a slovenly job; sloppy
[2] Nan Shao (南少): the translation is like Young Nan or Young Master Nan, but I'm using Chinese suffix here

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