He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 4: Little Crybaby

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After a short stay in the private room, Gu Qingyan said helplessly that he needed to go home and his son was still waiting for him. Luo An also helped, because in her mind Gu Qingyan's jealous gong must be waiting for Gu Qingyan to come home. Well, they can't disturb the couple's nightlife.

If Gu Qingyan knew what the other person was thinking, he would be laughing and crying. Nightlife? He had been alone since he separated from Lu Ran five years ago and had been in a state of abstinence to nightlife.

However, he was very happy to go home early to see his baby son. When Gu Qingyan returned home, Gu Xiao Sheng was asleep. Looking at his baby son's sleeping face, he could not help thinking of Lu Ran.

Gu Qingyan sighed and tucked his son in and went to his room to bath and rest. After taking a bath, he also received a text message from Lu Ran: Are you home yet?

Gu Qingyan thought for a long time and answered: Arrived, ready to sleep, good night.

Lu Ran was very excited when he received the text message, but when he saw the short message he couldn't help laughing bitterly, and then answered: Good night.

Gu Qingyan lie on the bed, unconsciously touched his lips with his hand, then forcing himself not to think about Lu Ran to sleep. But don't want to be more uncontrollable. He had a dream that night about himself and Lu Ran.

16 years old Gu Qingyan came home alone to Fang Wo City just for one person, someone who made him "normal".

Gu Qingyan grew up in M Country since childhood. When he was 7 years old, his mother brought him to his grandparent's home in Fang Wo City due to the quarrel between his parents. Mama Xia born in a literary family, both parents were teachers and had been well educated.

The 7 years old Gu Qingyan was already pretty, but he had been different from others since childhood. He doesn't like to talk, very quiet, and occasionally he laughing. When he was young, he obviously like to laugh very much, but he does not know why, he grew up and became so.

Mama Xia didn't realize her son had a problem, because Gu Qingyan was smart, she thought his son was just overly precocious. She didn't know that her son had autism.

Gu Qingyan seemed to have nothing on the surface, but he was extremely resistant to the new environment. He does not like contact with people. He can barely accept the touch of his family but instinctively resisted people he did not know.

Gu Qingyan grandparents had never seen him when he was children, so they thought that the child was too young to have more contact with people and was not trying to overdo it.

They asked Gu Qingyan to play with the children around him. Gu Qingyan showed some resistance but barely touched the children but could not get too close.

All the children around here like this beautiful steamed bun from M Country. Gu Qingyan has beautiful peach blossom eyes, but he doesn't like smiling very much.

But Gu Qingyan ignored them and treated them as air, but they couldn't help liking him. Just once or twice a child is likely to lose his temper, and then there is a prank between the children.

They would say that Gu Qingyan was unsocial and abnormal, and that the children's words were always unintentional. Gu Qingyan felt his family worried and tried to make friends with them.

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Gu Qingyan didn't want to go at first, but he agreed later because he thought everyone was friends and he couldn't be disappointed.

Later they took Gu Qingyan to a remote building far away from home to talk about exploring. Then they suggested playing hide-and-seek together to hide Gu Qingyan.

As a result, when he hid in an abandoned room on the first floor, he was locked up, and they went away and told him to teach him a lesson.

As the sky grew darker, Gu Qingyan's anxiety grew worse and worse. He was very frightened. He was the only one here. He did not know how long he would be locked up.

He was helpless and depressed. Finally, he decided to save himself. He tried to break the window glass with forgotten objects in the room, and then he got out of the window and he could felt himself hurt.

Because the pieces of glass cut his skin, it hurt and maybe his clothes were ripped. Gu Qingyan wanted to go home, but he doesn't know the way.

He can only go to crowded places by himself. He doesn't know the way very well. After all, he doesn't come to Fangwo City for many days and doesn't like to go out. He just stays at his grandfather's house.

Gu Qingyan also fell down, dirty all over, his face also dusty, plus the wound that was caused by broken glass at first, poor thing. He was so scared and uncomfortable that he didn't know how to ask for help.

He went to a park where there were many people. But Gu Qingyan was afraid to come near them. He had an instinctive resistance to adults and strangers and did not even think that children of his age that abandon him.

Gu Qingyan had no idea what to do but to curl up alone in the corner, very helpless and at a loss.

Suddenly, a handsome little boy came over.


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