He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 3: Missing and Struggling

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Loving you was my business, you don't love me was your business. I would try to make you fall in love with me, I would never let it go, no matter what the cost. I only knew that in the world without you, there was no life.

Although I have been psychologically prepared and warned for a long time, when I heard my lover say that he doesn't love me, it’s so hard to suppress people’s heartache.

Lu Ran tried to relax and wanted to talk to Gu Qingyan again.

But then, a woman's voice came out, "Assistant Gu, are you okay?"

"Right away." Gu Qingyan shouted. "Lu Ran, I'm leaving. My colleague is waiting for me."

Lu Ran doesn't want to let himself think for so long to let him leave so simply. He also wanted him to stay. After all, they were not done talking. But he knew he couldn't do it now, so he thought about it, "Give me your number and we'll set up a time to talk, ok?"

Gu Qingyan thought for a moment and gave his number. Lu Ran immediately dialed with his mobile phone. The phone rang and the tune was a soft, cute child's voice: There's a phone call, answer the phone quickly~~. Then there's the voice of a child's voice humming softly.

Lu Ran was absent-minded for a second. He knew that the voice was probably Gu Qingyan's son. Lu Ran adjusted his state immediately. Five years made Lu Ran become more mature. Although he would be naive and afraid when he encountered something about his lover, after all, he was also a person who had experienced a great storm. He adjusted himself quickly.

"Don't refuse to answer my phone, will you?"


Gu Qingyan knew that now he has returned to China. With Lu Ran's ability, he would always find his information. It's really time to have a talk with him. Five years ago, he left without saying goodbye. He was immature. Not now. He had grown up in five years. It's the best choice to talk about it and put an end to this evil fate.

Gu Qingyan opened the door of the toilet and pretended nothing had happened. The beautiful woman stood outside the toilet saw Gu Qingyan come out and say hello, but she saw Lu Ran who followed him. The beautiful woman was obviously made a wild guess. Two men were in a toilet stall, and she could see that the men who came out later were particularly handsome. Gu Qingyan lips were red and her brain filled up with N drama.

Gu Qingyan went out and left with the beautiful woman. The beautiful receptionist called Luo An, was attracted by Gu Qingyan's face at first sight. Although the other person obviously refused, Luo An doesn't care because Gu Qingyan was good looking! Good looking! Good looking! The important things were said three times.

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As beauty fans, it's very important to have a beautiful face in such a flourishing age. And Gu Qingyan was little cold but gentle, even ascetic people found it exciting. Although he has a son, but still wanted to get closer to him. It's also good to be friend, because Luo An also has a hidden attribute, she was a rotten [1].

Was she attracted to Gu Qingyan because she thought he was a good-looking mortification? Although the three dimensional YY colleague was not bad, but she couldn't really think about the other person with another woman.

As for the fact that Gu Qingyan had a son, she could make up for a big play, a drama of boys. Don't ask her why because she's seen pictures of Gu Qingyan's son, just that cute little bun, and Gu Qingyan and the man who came out with Gu Qingyan look very similar!

Luo An has a kind of inexplicable excitement. Although she knew that her brain hole was a little big, it's very exciting to know that Gu Qingyan has a relationship with this man. Because both of them have great faces. Homosexual marriage was recently legalized, and homosexuality was increasingly accepted by the public, so Luo An felt happy when she saw the couple.

She asked carefully, "Assistant Gu, was that your lover just now? Did he come to check on you?" my mom, it's sweet to think about it. Vinegar overbearing loving gong, self-restrained beautiful shou, and the two people going home... So exciting...

Gu Qingyan was puzzled. He saw the gossip and the strange excitement in her eyes, there was a kind of bad feeling. He probably knew why this beautiful woman was so persistent in making friend with himself. Obviously, she was a rotten girl.

"Just friend, let's go back quickly."

Luo An shut up quietly when she saw that Gu Qingyan doesn't want to answer the question. But she kept looking at Gu Qingyan's lips, which was look like kissed till red, she really doesn't understand it. Wow, it's exciting to think about it. So maybe something else happened to the two men in the toilet just so long ago. Whoa, they blushed.


[1] Rotten here means she is rotten girl (fujoshi: BL/danmei fans)

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