Florist Little Boss
by Ink Drop in White Paper
Chapter 3: Encounter

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"You came early." Tao Zi took his time walked out of the elevator in an elegant manner, like a model walking on the catwalk.

Gao Yang thought that if he doesn't want to be a doctor in the future, he could be a celebrity. Even if he doesn't had that talent, he could eat with his face. "It's not good to waste your time."

"I don't usually ask for a consultation, but I'm still relatively empty." Tao Zi took out the key and opened the door and went in, he looked very casual. "Sit down, have you had breakfast?"

"No." Gao Yang was afraid if he had to do blood test or something, so he didn't dare to eat it.

"That's right. I'll give you a form and go downstairs to draw out some blood." Tao Zi asked Gao Yang to gave him his citizen card, gave him several items to check, and specify who would do it. "Now there is a discount for doing this, but there will be no more from next month. You can come back for breakfast after taking your blood."

Gao Yang went downstairs with his card to pay for the bill. There was a long list of forms to be checked. When he handed the form to the blood test office, the little girl looked around and called for another older female nurse to come and draw blood for Gao Yang. After six blood sample was drawn, Gao Yang felt a little dizzy. When he went back to Tao Zi's office, he was not polite to him either, he picked up the steamed buns on the table and ate it. He was not picky at all.

"Fuyuanji's soybean milk is good. Freshly squeezed, original taste." Tao Zi introduced it.

"Thank you!"

When Gao Yang finished eating steamed buns and sat down for a while, Tao Zi began to do all kind of examinations for him.

"The laboratory test report will be out in about five days. I'll call you when the time comes. There's no need to go more than once if there's no problem." Tao Zi put the instrument away. "I said, you really have courage. I thought you would choose to abort the fetus."

"It's also a small life, not to mention..." in his future life, it was lucky to be accompanied by a related relative.

"Are you twenty?" Tao Zi couldn't help asking.

"Identity cards can prove that I'm twenty years old." Gao Yang said. "What's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing." Tao Zi blinked, "I thought you were just an adult. You look younger."

"I just graduated from college."

"Twenty years old college graduate?" Generally, people of this age should still be in their freshmen or sophomores.

"I skipped a grade. To be exact, graduate at 20years old with a master's degree."

Wow! It turned out to be a little genius, that's rude. "I can't see that you are still an excellent student ah."

"Vice President Tao is also very young." He looked only 24 or 25. It was rare for a vice president to be so young. He was young and promising. Compared with him, the difference between the two men was not the slightest.

"Ha ha ha." Tao Zi laughed and waved, "I'm in my late 30's."

After leaving the hospital, Gao Yang doesn't rushed back. Instead, he took the No. 6 bus and went to Wodong, the biggest supermarket in the city.

Wodong was an industry owned by Huan Yu Group. It covered all the provincial capitals of China. There was only one branch in each province. Huan Yu Group had a large fortune. In the most prosperous central area of the city, they invested a large piece of land and a 21 story building has been built. Wodong Supermarket was on the fifth and sixth floors. It had a large area and all kinds of goods. You only need to came here and everything could be bought. No need to go anywhere else, the price was no more expensive than other supermarkets.

Gao Yang liked to shop here every time he needed something. Even if he lived far away from here, he loved to buy here. He's a bit obsessive-compulsive. He liked to buy things all at once. If he doesn't do it, he would be impatient and would felt wrong about everything.

There were a lot of people visiting the supermarket at this point. Gao Yang pushed the shopping cart while carefully avoiding the flow of people and picked up things into the cart.

"Salt... I have to buy iodine-free... ketchup, this brand tastes the best... yogurt and milk... I have to buy some shrimp... and fish... snacks can be skipped..."

He picked things very quickly. Except for a few items Huang Qianyi specifically advised him to replace, he was used to bought them and knew where to put them. The shopping cart soon filled up. Gao Yang put the last thing in the cart, ready to go to the cashier's counter to settle the payment. As soon as he stepped forward, Gao Yang reflexively looked back at the exclamation behind him.

It's him!

Gao Yang was shocked when he saw a few people crowded nearby. That person seemed to have noticed him too. Two pair of eyes met, but in five seconds Gao Yang quickly looked away and pretended he doesn't see anything. He held the handle of the shopping cart tightly, pushed the cart and ran away.

"President Qin?" When the supervisor saw him stopped, he thought he had something to say and waited for a while. But he didn't open his mouth.

Qin Shaoyan regained his gaze, "Nothing. I know what you said. Remember to vacate the seat and how to do it. Someone will inform you in the next two days."

"All right."

It was not until he walked out of the building that Gao Yang found his palms were sweaty. He sighed and carried two bags back to the flower shop. The result could be imagined, he was educated by Huang Qianyi.

"I told you that I would drive to buy something this afternoon. Why don't you listen to me? Not too close, carrying so many things, what if you hurt your baby?"

"I'm not so delicate." He's a big man, although he had a baby in his stomach, it's not a problem to carry it. Though the two bags were quite many, they were not heavy. In the countryside, women still had to work even if they were pregnant, and that's not less than this.

"You still talk back!" Huang Qianyi pretended to be angry, "Go and sit there. I'll get it. Don't do anything."

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"Yes, yes." Gao Yang nodded repeatedly.

He sat in the chair at the door, he remembered that handsome and extraordinary man who thought he would never meet again... He knew that the man was a successful person at a glance, and how could he paid for pointless expense of 100,000 Yuan for a young bird if he had no money.

But the richer the man was, the more status and rights he had, the more dangerous he was. Gao Yang touched his stomach to comfort himself. It's okay. They just trade money. After that, the bridge was returned to the road. As long as he was careful, he couldn't had known this secret without taking the initiative.

Baby, you're daddy's, daddy will protect you. No one can hurt you, even your other father can not!

"I looked at the report and it's all very good. It's just that you're lack of iron. I'll prescribe some medicine for you. It's not a big problem and you need to eat calcium." Tao Zi held the laboratory test report in one hand and the phone in the other. "No need to come here. I'll send it to you directly after work."

Today, many people came to the shop to buy flowers. Gao Yang couldn't get away for a while, so he agreed, "I'm sorry to trouble you."

"You're welcome. If you feel really bad about it, will you invite me to dinner?" Tao Zi smiled.

"Well, what would you like to eat?" Gao Yang wanted to invite Tao Zi to eat dinner and he's doing him a lot of favors.

"It's up to you, I'm not a picky eater." Tao Zi said.

"Then wait until you come over here." A customer selected the flowers and asked Gao Yang to wrapped them, so he stopped chatting with Tao Zi.

"Do you want to add more gypsophilas [1]?" Gao Yang asked the customer who looked quite young.

"No, that's it." the youngster shook his head and refused.

"Well, I wish you success." Gao Yang handed him the wrapped red roses.

The youngster smiled, "Thank you!"

Gao Yang watched the customer went out and said to himself, "It's so nice to be young."

When Tao Zi arrived at the flower shop, Gao Yang just saw off the last guest.

"The business in your shop is quite good." Tao Zi teased Gao Yang as soon as he came in. "I think it won't be long before you get promoted to a young boss." It's unconscionable for the boss not to give us a raise for such diligent work.

"Although it's nice to have ideals, but I think my life is very good now." Gao Yang smiled. If he really wanted to make money, he wouldn't work here. He could get a good job with his education.

Tao Zi shrugged his shoulders. Instead of continuing the topic, he handed him the medicine. "Take the iron supplements after meals, three times a day and one calcium tablet a day."

"Thank you. How much is it?" Gao Yang took the medicine and asked.

Tao Zi wanted to say no, but according to Gao Yang's nature, he must have given the money. Rather than pushed each other, he might as well accept it happily, "Five hundred and thirty."

Gao Yang neatly counted the number from his wallet and gave it to Tao Zi. Tao Zi took it without looking at it and stuffed it directly into his pocket.

"Where are we going to eat dinner?"

"Just eat at home. I've got everything ready." Gao Yang took him to the second floor. "The food outside is not clean, and it tastes like MSG. Let's make it ourselves."

"You can do it?" Tao Zi was surprised that some young people these days could cook.

"Just simple thing, not complicated compared with five-star hotels." Gao Yang said modestly.

Tao Zi had just begun to take his words for granted. He doesn't expect much until he saw the dishes at the table. He and his juniors... He forgot to go out with his juniors today, and he was so shocked!

What the fuck! Was that still simple? Not to mention the taste if it's just relied on this knife skill! This color! He gave full marks. Tao Zi doesn't hesitate to put a piece of sweet and sour lotus root in his mouth with chopsticks. Hmm... it tasted great! Tao Zi held out his thumb to Gao Yang. It's like a five-star hotel. Why not run a restaurant!

"It 's delicious! I'm going to have three bowls of rice today!" Tao Zi spoke boldly.

"Then eat more." Gao Yang doesn't take his three bowls of rice seriously.

Tao Zi doesn't eat three bowls of rice, but he ate a lot more than he usually does. He half lay in his chair, picking his teeth, and asked, "Why don't you open a restaurant? The business will be going well."

"I don't have the money." Gao Yang laughed, in fact, no money was only a small part, most of the reason was that he never thought about going to open a restaurant. He was so good at cooking because at that time in order to let his mother eat more, the talent was also a part of his speciality to learn.

Tao Zi doesn't say anything like "I can invest if you want", so he sat back and took a break for a while, then he said goodbye to Gao Yang.

"Next time I come again for food."

"Always welcome at any time." Gao Yang doesn't had any other close friends, so he really cherished his friendship with Tao Zi. Let's hope that this time he could respond to that sentence—— friendship forever.


[1] Gypsophila (Baby's Breath/Gypsophila paniculata/long lasting love)

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