There Is Chef Yu In The Entertainment Circle
by Unawakened For Years
Chapter 2: A Sad Reminder of Life

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Yu Siyang was an orphan, he was abandoned at the entrance of the orphanage. The orphanage's Aunt Du said that when she found him, he had nothing on him except the swaddle wrapped around his body. Even his name was given by Aunt Du.

Aunt Du was reading a dog's blood romance novel called "The Kitchen God's Naughty Little Wife". The protagonist in the novel called this name and was given to him by Aunt Du.

It was said that all the children in the orphanage who doesn't have their own names were named by Aunt Du as male and female lead of all kinds of dog blood. The boy who had a good relationship with Yu Siyang called Diwu Buji, a domineering name.

When Yu Siyang grew up, he expressed sympathy for Diwu Buji.

Diwu Buji slapped him on the shoulder and said, "At least not Xuan Yuan Aotian. I'm very satisfied."

Orphanage life was hard. When the funds were tight, the children were hungry for a full meal. The sensible one would do their own manual work for pocket money to buy steamed bread to fill their stomachs.

When he was young, Yu Siyang looked forward to the day when his parents could come to the orphanage to take him home, and then hope that someday when someone kind would adopt him.

In this expectation, he gradually grew up and then didn't dream unrealistic dreams.

The orphanage took in many children, which couldn't provide every child with the opportunity to study all the way. Only the children with excellent grades had the chance to go to the high school entrance examination.

Yu Siyang's grades were not bad, but they were not good enough for the orphanage to support him in high school.

Hence after he graduated from junior high school, he left the orphanage with his several good friends. So early in the community to go through hard work and full of warm and cold human feelings.

He was diligent, hardworking and somewhat introverted. He always read books when he was on break. Instead of smoking, drinking and playing cards with those who were older than him.

The people who worked in the hotel with him all said that he doesn't fit in and somewhat crowded him out in the dark.

He doesn't mind doing what he had to do.

This honest character made the executive chef of the hotel look at him differently. He drank the master's tea and accepted him as an apprentice.

Perhaps thanks to Aunt Du's blessing, Yu Siyang, like the protagonist of "The Kitchen God's Naughty Little Wife", was talented in cooking, sensitive in smell and taste, quite inspired and willing to work hard to learn.

In a few years, he almost learned all of his master's skills and made his own innovations. He soon promoted to the head chef of the kitchen division. He also took part in the Bonova International Cooking Competition on behalf of Emerald Hotel and won the gold medal.

Saw his life was about to take a new road of prosperity, and then... he was smashed by a huge earthen pot.

When he woke up, he lay in the hospital and listened to Luo Peng's ramble to woke up his memories.

Yu Siyang tried to interrupt him several times, but it was only in vain. Finally, he couldn't hold back, he tried to raise his voice and shout as loudly as possible, "Luo Ge, I need to go to the toilet."


Luo Peng blinked and digested his words. Then he jumped up immediately, "Okay, I'll help you."

He pulled out the medical urinal bag from under the bed and said "wow". He lifted the quilt and help take off Yu Siyang's trousers.

Yu Siyang was shocked and quickly used his hand to stop him, "Luo Ge, what are you doing?"

"Let you pee, ah!" Luo Peng said as if it was normal things. Glanced at him and pulled Yu Siyang's hospital trousers and then went to pull his underwear.

Yu Siyang grabbed his trousers with both his hands, he wanted to cry but couldn't. "Stop, stop, I'm going to the toilet, let me go to the toilet..."

Luo Peng laughed, "Little Brother Yu, don't be shy. It's the same way as using urinal pot, you're injured at the end. You'd better not move around."

What kind of person was this? Yu Siyang was about to hit his head with the urinal pot.

My head hurts, stop that now!

"Eh... What are you doing?" there was a person stood at the door of the ward, watching the two fight and asked in confusion.

Luo Peng and Yu Siyang looked at the same time. At the door stood a young man in his early twenties and his was face flushed.

"It's Xu Mumu. Are you coming to see Xiao Yu?"

Luo Peng finally let go of Yu Siyang's poor little trousers. Yu Siyang quickly put on his trousers and covered himself tightly with the quilt.

"Good afternoon, Luo Ge." Xu Mumu said hello to Luo Peng. "I just finished my show and passed by the hospital. I stopped by to see Yu Siyang."

Luo Peng waved and said, "Come in, come in, sit down. Xiaofeng Ge brought some fruit. I'll wash it for you to eat."

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Xu Mumu heard the words "Xiaofeng Ge", his eyes flashed and he politely said, "Luo Ge, don't bother."

"No trouble, you sit down." Luo Peng filled the fruit tray with some cherries and went to the bathroom attached in the ward to wash them.

Xu Mumu sat on the chair beside the hospital bed, smiled at Yu Siyang and said, "Yu Siyang, you are awake. I wish you a speedy recovery."

"Thank you." Yu Siyang laughed, but his mind kept muttering, who was this man, I don't know him, how does he know me, it should be the wrong person.

Was there another person with the same name who looked like him in the hospital?

"Xu Mumu, come and eat cherries." Luo Peng came out from the bathroom, handed Xu Mumu the fruit tray, dragged a chair over, sat beside him and asked, "Are you alone, your manager doesn't come with you?"

"Ting Jie is busy." Xu Mumu smiled unnaturally and glanced at Yu Siyang.

As a newcomer to the company at the same time, Yu Siyang was very jealous.

Although the manager who actually took him was Lou Peng who was a newcomer, he was nominally an artist under Wei Xiaofeng.

No one in the circle doesn't know Wei Xiaofeng's name, a gold medal agent. He has almost won all the big names of All Star Entertainment. The high-quality resources in his hand could make these little transparent newcomers on fire.

Xu Mumu also heard that Luo Peng, who had just entered the industry was Wei Xiaofeng's stalwart cousin. Wei Xiaofeng was practically carrying his cousin.

Compared with Luo Peng, who only brought Yu Siyang, Xu Mumu's manager, Zhang Ting, had more than ten artists on her hands. A small newcomer like Xu Mumu, if he was not especially attractive to his manager, he could only do his best.

Therefore, Xu Mumu heard in the company that Yu Siyang was injured while shooting, so he often came to the hospital to see him very frequently. It was only because Luo Peng wanted to be drunk, not because he cared about wine.

If he could be transferred to Luo Peng, it's the same as he could be transferred to Wei Xiaofeng. Xu Mumu's plan was that Luo Peng was extremely attentive to him and flattery words could be very pleasing when it was spoken in a subtle way.

But Yu Siyang, who really wanted to go to the toilet, he couldn't hold back. Xu Mumu was talking to Luo Peng all the time and neither of them was paying him any attention.

Yu Siyang could only move slowly to the bedside on his own helplessly.

His brain concussion was very serious, coupled with intracranial hemorrhage, and he felt dizzy and wanted to throw up when he moved. It took nine cattle and two tigers to move to the bedside.[1]

Luo Peng jumped up when he saw Yu Siyang getting out of bed. "Xiao Yu, what are you doing?"

"I'm going to the toilet." Yu Siyang felt dizzy when he looked for his shoes.

"Be careful. I'll help you." Luo Peng helped him put on his slippers, held the infusion bag in one hand and slowly walked to the bathroom with Yu Siyang.

After seeing this, Xu Mumu wanted to help Yu Siyang on the other side, but he was robbed by the nurse who happened to come in.

"Xu Mumu, you go back first. When Xiao Yu is better, I'll invite you to dinner." Luo Peng said without turning around.

Xu Mumu also wanted to say something, but when the three of them went to the bathroom, the door was closed and he had to go back reluctantly.

Luo Peng heard footsteps far away and quietly opened a gap in the bathroom. When he saw nobody in the ward, he laughed loudly and said, "At last, he's gone. This dude is too good at talking."

Yu Siyang moved his eyes and tried to look at Luo Peng. Pondered secretly, this big man was not as heartless as he looks.

"Xiao Yu, brother will tell you something. A person like Xu Mumu, their mind are all floating on the surface, don't have a deep friendship, but don't have to go too far." Luo Peng said very seriously.

"I know. Thank you, Luo Ge." Yu Siyang wrinkled his face and said wrongly, "Luo Ge, can I go to the toilet? I can't hold it any longer."

The toilet was just one step away, but it was too hard to move, it was miserable.

Luo Peng said embarrassingly, "Haha, hurry up. Big brother will help you to take off your pants."

Yu Siyang: "..."

Although two people stared at the toilet, Yu Siyang, who couldn't hold back any longer, couldn't deal with the embarrassment. Solved the physiological problem was the most important thing.

When Luo Peng and the nurse helped Yu Siyang to wash his hands on the sink, he finally understood why these people mistook him—— This face, this person, definitely not him at all!

He looked at his face for 25 years, and though it was often said that he was handsome, but it was definitely not the face in front of him with some childish facial features that were so delicate as to be impeccable.

Yu Siyang raised his free right hand and poked his face lightly. The person in the mirror also poked his face.

It felt so real. Was it really my face?

"Don't worry, your face is not injured. Nevertheless, handsome people totally anger God." Luo Peng thought he was worried that his face was also injured and comforted him with a smile.

Yu Siyang looked at him blankly and pinched his face so hard.

It hurt! The face was not fake!

What the hell is going on here?

* Diwu Buji: The unruly fifth
* Luo Peng called Yu Siyang Xiao Yu Didi (小郁弟弟), but I translated it as Little Brother Yu (same with Otoutou-chan in Japanese)

[1] It took great effort to move to the bedside.

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