His Son Has A Richest Billionaires Dad
by Shou Xin
Chapter 2: Then I Will Help You (Kiss and Hug)

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Cheng Yang's body was soft all over. The cold outside and the hot and dry inside stimulated Cheng Yang's sensitive body from inside to outside.

He doesn't have much strength left around, Cheng Yang's clothes were soaked in cold water and clung to his skin, which made him feel particularly uncomfortable. He tried to tear off his clothes, but his limp fingers were shaking violently.

Cheng Yang would think of nothing but just to get out of this torment as quickly as possible.

His fingers joints clasped the edge of the bathtub, trying to pull his wet body out of the water.

As he got up, a lot of water flowed from the edge of the bathtub to the floor.

The floor was covered with a lot of water in an instant, and Cheng Yang’s entire skin was burning with intense fire, creating a seductive blush.

He stepped out of the bathtub and gasped heavily. He knew that there was someone outside the bathroom. He didn't know the other person's name, but he remembered what the man had said to him before he put him in the bathtub and left.

The man said he's outside and if anything happened, call him.

He also said that he was safe and no one would hurt him.

The man seemed to be a kind person. With this idea, Cheng Yang walked toward the closed bathroom door and his soft body was swayed.

But he doesn't seem to notice that there was water on the floor. After two steps and there was a dull thud, Cheng Yang slipped on the floor, his body fell flat on his back.

The back of his head hit the floor tiles and Cheng Yang immediately let out a cry of pain.

Tears rushed out of his eyes, and the intense pain spread quickly, it violently attacked Cheng Yang's body. He couldn’t see clearly and now it’s blurry.

With his arms on the floor, Cheng Yang tried to get up after the pain, the fire in his body suddenly burned more vigorously.

Even though Cheng Yang tried to bite his lips, there was still a low moan escaping from his teeth.

In the outside, She Yan was turning on his laptop, connecting to WiFi in the room and dealing with his work. Suddenly there was a loud scream from the bathroom.

She Yan's hand was still on the keyboard, he was surprised for a while—— he always works, and he could enter the state of self-forgetfulness in a blink of eyes. Many people in the industry privately call She Yan a workaholic. It seemed that all the interests of this workaholic were working to make money, not drink and smoke, he doesn't play with cars and doesn't play with women or men. He was like a robot. Now there’s a stranger in the robot’s room. After She Yan’s thoughts pulled back from his work, he remembered that he saved a smiling boy in the elevator just out of goodwill.

He took the boy inside and put him directly in the bathtub. He intended to let the boy calm down slowly in the cold water by himself. It seemed that this process was not going as smoothly as he expected.

She Yan took his hands from the laptop, the urgent things were almost handled basically. Since the boy was saved, he was in the room, even if there were no strangers, at least this moment, She Yan felt that he had responsibility for the boy.

Get up and leave the sofa, She Yan's long legs were about to go and about to walk towards the bathroom. As he approached the door, heard a knock on the door.

She Yan's pupil tightened slightly, he went to open the door first. As soon as the door opened, his subordinate stood outside.

"President She, the boy’s room number was found." She Yan had some business contacts with the owner of this cruise ship. This seven-day cruise was also invited by the owner.

Naturally, it's easy for She Yan to find out the room number of people who stay on the cruise ship.

His subordinate said that they looked into the room and unexpectedly didn't see the boy in the living room. They didn't even go to She Yan's bedroom. As soon as the idea arose, they push down about it.

"He is in the bathroom, probably drugged." Actually it's not an estimation, it's an affirmation.

She Yan then let his subordinate enter the room, intending to send Cheng Yang back to his room if his situation got better.

They walked to the bathroom together. She Yan raised his hand and knocked on the door. There was no sound inside. She Yan's heart tightened slightly and held the door handle and hurriedly pushing it open.

Cheng Yang heard the knock at the door, but his current strength was used to fight the anxiety and discomfort in his body, and he doesn't even have the strength to respond to the knock at the door.

Felt someone opened the door, Cheng Yang looked up and looked at the place where the sound came.

His eyes were blurred and he blinked quickly in an attempt to see clearly, but the situation was not much better.

As soon as the door was opened, She Yan step was stopped when he saw the scene in front of him. He saw the boy who was put in the bathtub by him before and now he sat on the floor. His body was wet, and the clothes were messy, sticking to his body, his hair was also wet, the boy's face was a little red. He blinked and a drop of water trickled down his hair and snaked across his cheek, looking at it from a distance as if he were crying.

He seemed uncomfortable, so he bit his lip hard. She Yan had excellent eyesight and saw Cheng Yang's lower lip had a bit of a bright red.

"President She, this..." The bathroom door was opened. Naturally, his subordinate also saw everything in the bathroom. For all that was seen in front of their eyes, his subordinate was surprised and wanted to ask how She Yan would handle the beautiful boy who was sitting on the floor. The beautiful boy looked fragile.

"Call a doctor." She Yan looked deeply at Cheng Yang for a few minutes, and his subordinate followed his instructions.

Before leaving, the subordinate looked at Cheng Yang and She Yan. They don't know if it was their illusion. They always felt that this would make their boss a little different from the past.

She Yan went to the bathroom again. He took a bath towel from the shelf and wrapped it around Cheng Yang. It seemed that the cool water method was not working, so he could only wait for the doctor to come.

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She Yan carefully lifted Cheng Yang, unexpectedly Cheng Yang pounced directly on him.

The boy's wet body slightly shivered, but at the same time, Cheng Yang suddenly rubbed his body while he was in She Yan bosom.

Probably She Yan's body temperature was lower than Cheng Yang's, and Cheng Yang felt as if he could dissolve a little fire in his body near him.

Cheng Yang pulled She Yan's clothes with both hands, and rubbed his face around She Yan's neck. She Yan twisted his eyebrows and squeezed Cheng Yang's hand, forced Cheng Yang away from his face.

The comfortable cold source suddenly left, Cheng Yang's mouth was shriveled and he looked very wronged. His eyes were red and tears welled up from the bottom of his eyes, which moistened the eyelashes of his lower eyelids.

He also whined like a whimpering cry.

"Uncomfortable... hot... help me... please..."

Cheng Yang said a sentence intermittently and his eyes were bright red, but he would never say such misleading words if he was still a little rational, but now he had lost his sense.

She Yan knew that his whereabouts have always been done very secretly. It was not that there was no kind of ambitious people who approached him through certain opportunities.

But, those so called the opportunity to allow those people to reach him at most was shaken in front of him, and more things they couldn't do.

She Yan looked down at the face which was full of tempting red tide. It seemed that She Yan was able to fully see Cheng Yang's face completely. He looked at Cheng Yang's beautiful face and the boy was weak because of his physical condition. The boy's lips were slightly open, gasped with discomfort.

The boy's lips were really beautiful. The lips were full but not thick, it seemed to be the kind of so-called kissable lips. She Yan was tempted to reach out and touch his lips for a moment to see if it was as soft as he saw it.

"I've sent people go to call a doctor, and you bear it for a while." From the high temperature on the boy's body, She Yan was very certain from the behavior of the boy for rubbing on him. The boy was drugged with aphrodisiac. Seeing that the boy’s eyes were wet at this time and full of confusion. She Yan understood that the boy might have no control over himself, so he told him, a stranger to help him.

In a sense, if She Yan did it, it would be obvious that he would take advantage of the boy.

She Yan still remembered the pure white and beautiful smile the boy gave him that afternoon.

He believed that it was an accidental accident to let the boy come to him. She Yan rarely felt like this in years, and he doesn't want to hurt Cheng Yang, even if Cheng Yang was begging him.

Cheng Yang doesn't know what She Yan thinking was. In his opinion, his plea didn't work. She Yan refused to help him.

In addition, Cheng Yang's wrist was still buckled by She Yan, and he doesn't let Cheng Yang close to his low-temperature body. Cheng Yang was uncomfortable and anxious, and the physiological tears in his eyes came out. This time, it was no longer the water dripping from the hair, but the real tears.

He sobbed in a low voice, and the tears fell on his red face. He seemed pitiful but appealing at that moment.

"Uh... let go, you... if you don't help me... I'll find someone else." Cheng Yang was struggling with a little curve and he doesn't know where his strength came from. She Yan doesn't held him tightly, let him to break free.

As soon as he broke free, Cheng Yang rushed out of the door. After a few steps, his body tilted and saw that he was about to fall down again. A strong arm across his waist came up and caught Cheng Yang directly.

In Cheng Yang's eyes, She Yan was a bad guy who refused to help him. The reason was burnt down. Now his intelligence seemed to resemble a child. The unhappiness was all on his face. He was angry with She Yan, and the other person still held him. Cheng Yang doesn't think about it and went up to bite She Yan with his mouth open.

The biting place was soft and Cheng Yang had some strength on his mouth. With the force of his teeth, he bit She Yan's lips and saw blood on in.

The slight pain caused She Yan twisted his eyebrows, he grabbed Cheng Yang's shoulder and unconsciously tried to push Cheng Yang away. Cheng Yang only looked up and Shen Yan saw Cheng Yang's expression was wronged like a child who couldn't get candy, and the force of his finger slowly released.

Cheng Yang bit once, but didn't continue to bite, because he found that the bite in his mouth seemed a bit cold and it was very comfortable to stick. When Cheng Yang touched something cooler than his body temperature, Cheng Yang reluctantly let it go. Instead of biting hard, he lightened his strength.

He put this light and it landed on She Yan. Cheng Yang was the one who offered the kiss and he was grinding She Yan's lips. At the moment, he was like a spoiled and clingy cat. She Yan gradually had a strange feeling in his heart. His eyes darkened a little and looked like a storm.

Outside the room, the work efficiency was unexpectedly high and the doctor came over in a few minutes.

But this time it was a little different from the previous one. The subordinate knocked several times from outside, but did not see his boss open the door. After thinking for a moment, the subordinate took out his mobile phone, but when he saw the signal bar there, he stopped and dialed She Yan via internet.

Still, no one answered. The subordinate remembered the time when he had come out from the room. The boy who sat on the bathroom floor was soaked. The boy had an unusually pure handsome face, but he was drugged, then rescued by She Yan. The subordinate followed She Yan for so many years. He had not seen any men and women around him. She Yan set his eyes at the boy who suddenly appeared, and the subordinate thought it was not the same as usual.

There were two people in the room, She Yan and the boy. The boy was in that state. He also knew that the boy would not be dangerous to She Yan.

Since the phone couldn't get through and the door hadn't been opened, it's not necessary for the subordinate to think about it and find someone to open the door with their room card or something.

If something really happened to his boss and Cheng Yang in the room, as a subordinate, he was happy to see it.

The boss work too serious, it's no different from a robot. Often make his subordinate felt that the human taste on the boss was too weak.

The subordinate apologized to the doctor and bothered him to run for nothing. The doctor knew who was in the room. Of course, it doesn't matter, so he waved his hand and said he doesn't mind about it.

The doctor left and the subordinate stood outside the closed door for more than half an hour. When he saw that the door did not open, he returned to his room with the phone in his hand.

Cheng Yang grabbed She Yan's clothes very tightly. When She Yan was going to open the door to let the doctor in, She Yan probably never spoke so softly in his life.

It's because Cheng Yang cried and felt wronged. Since children, She Yan has always been in the business world, and not many people could be his rivals. But today, on this cruise ship, in this room, for the first time he suddenly found himself felt helpless for such a little boy.

He told Cheng Yang to let go and said that the doctor had come and asked him to come in and look at Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang shook his head like a rattle drum. He kept saying no and insisted that She Yan should help him.

She Yan broke Cheng Yang's hand, but Cheng Yang did not let go and his fingers were clenched She Yan tightly. Not only that, Cheng Yang began to pull She Yan's clothes with indulgence to She Yan—— but She Yan had full strength to push Cheng Yang away. But he was worried that if he tried too hard, he would hurt Cheng Yang. After all, Cheng Yang's eyes were still red.

At least before She Yan boarded the cruise ship, he doesn't think about finding someone to accompany him on the cruise ship. He spent more time on his work, nor does he say that he was impotent, it's that he's apathetic.

Unexpectedly, he met Cheng Yang on the first day. It's true that She Yan's fire had been rubbed out by his rubbing. However, She Yan was a man with great self-control. If he couldn't control his own desires, his achievements today may not be achieved at all.

He wanted the doctor to come in, but Cheng Yang was sticking to him. She Yan held Cheng Yang's chin in one hand. He had to say that he liked Cheng Yang's face very much. It was so beautiful that it was red and attractive. He also liked his smile.

If he was going to be surrounded by anyone, She Yan thought Cheng Yang should be good.

He doesn't think that a person with such a friendly and nice smile would be inferior in other ways.

When he was refused the doctor to come to him, She Yan fingered Cheng Yang's delicate skin and asked if he really wanted his help.

Cheng Yang had never been more urgent, nodded his head like mashed garlic.

"Well, then I'll help you."

She Yan then proceeded to remove Cheng Yang's wet clothes. Cheng Yang cooperated very well. He also wanted to take off She Yan's clothes. She Yan told Cheng Yang to wait. He bent down, raised Cheng Yang and walked quickly toward the bedroom.


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