Father & Son
by Chen Qimo
Chapter 2

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In the evening.

When Cheng Mu came home from work, he saw his mother teasing their two children. He laughed and wanted to hold them. But he doesn't realize that when one of the babies in his arms, he began to cry. To make matters worse, the other one started to cry too!

Then the door opened again and Cheng Hai came in with a tired look on his face. But when he heard the cry, he was startled and rushed forward to take the baby in his son's hands and coaxed it skillfully.

The result was amazing, the baby stopped crying for a while and looked at Cheng Hai with his big eyes at him, made Cheng Hai's heart soften. He looked at the baby's red face and little golden beans hung on his face. He looked pitiful, but it seemed that Cheng Hai's arms were very comfortable. The baby yawned and fell asleep in his arms.

"You just held the baby in the wrong position, the baby will be uncomfortable."

The baby in You Liqing's arms gradually stopped crying, gently coaxed the baby and laughed at his husband's words, "Ha, wasn't that what I told you at the beginning?"

Cheng Hai laughed and he was not angry, "A good man doesn't mention the year."[1]

He put the baby back in Cheng Mu's hands. Cheng Hai yawned tiredly as if he hadn't seen the odd look on his son's face and asked his wife instead.

"You've had a hard day taking care of the children today. Let's order takeaway to eat today!"

You Liqing knew that his husband loved him dearly and was so thoughtful when he was pregnant, "That's good. You go make a phone call"

Cheng Hai nodded his head and went to make a phone call.

Li Xiao slept for a day and was called to eat by Cheng Mu. When he woke up and asked about the babies, Cheng Mu laughed and said that the babies wouldn't let go of his father's arms. Then he sat by the bed and fed him sweetly.

Li Xiao's spirit was not very good and he needed some support while eating. The excessive blood loss made him felt dizzy. So he doesn't have much energy to talk. But Cheng Mu felt alienated from his wife, which made him felt a little worried.

"Ah Xiao... Do you blame me?"

Li Xiao was so sleepy, but he was stunned at Cheng Mu's words and looked at him in bewilderment, "What do you complain about?"

"Blame me for not stopping..."

After that, Li Xiao was stunned for a while. He knew very well how there could be no resentment, and his heart had once been cold. But... his man was his choice, he loved him so deeply!

"Mu... I don't blame you and I will never blame you. Because you're my husband, my favorite lover."

Cheng Mu heard the words and put the bowl aside. Suddenly he hugged his lover in his arms. Li Xiao gave birth by cesarean section. The wound was so big and not yet healed. Cheng Mu hugged him so hard that he cried out in pain immediately. Cheng Mu was so frightened that he looked at him in alarm and panic. His worried and annoyance look made Li Xiao laugh.

Everything was fine, then it's all right...

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Two years later.

You Liqing stepped into his husband's company with a livid face. He walked quickly to the elevator and pressed the tenth-floor button. As soon as the door opened, he saw the meeting room's door was slightly opened.

Cheng Hai with the general manager's title tag in his left chest, was in meeting with a black-faced, and all managers were green and white.

"As I said, I need a detailed record sheet. Do you think it's easy to let go of such a mistake? Now everyone knows it's an emergency and they're biting all of us just to catch a little mistake! I'll tell you everything and keep an eye on the matter... It turned out to be a mess! Now... right, engraved... kicked the person in charge of this project!!!"

"Ah? But..." the department manager's face was a little blue.

"But?" Cheng Hai smiled and looked at the person who spoke and immediately made the other person trembled. "You want me to submit a report about the manager of a certain department, who has no experience and the negative news is flying all over the world. Depending on the favor of the manager of a certain department, Hujia Huwei important projects are all directed by him alone. Well, if things succeed, everyone will get through and everyone will be fine. But now we have to sit here and worry about this little mistake! That manager of a certain department really doesn't know... Now the company is going to kick some people out and bite them to death!!!"

Manager Wang's face turned green and his dissatisfaction turned into fright. It's a little bit of a hate speech, which meant that everyone doesn't want to lose their jobs and do things carefully. As a result, you're rat excrement!!

All the managers present began to look at him with a bad face, which made Manager Wang start to break into a cold sweat.

"The company now has only two ways to deal with this incident. The first way is to kick out the trouble. The second way is that the manager of a certain department walks together. Which one do you want to see?"


[1] A real man doesn't boast about his past achievements (idiom)

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