Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 23: Career

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Finally, the two-story store that not far from the commercial street was picked. Father and Mother Mo were very fair. The house and the store of Donghu Residence had value. So they wrote the house and the store under Mo Shaohong's name. All the rents they earned in recent years were used to subsidize the household's expenses. Both brothers had no objection.

Father and Mother Mo had promised him that he would be able to open the restaurant after his junior year, but the closer he got to his junior year, there were signs of remorse. So Mo Shaoqing worked in various restaurants on almost every holiday. He wanted his parents to see his determination and efforts. Father and Mother Mo were very distressed and finally agreed.

In order to support his younger brother to start his own business, Mo Shaohong kept that store to Mo Shaoqing to open a restaurant. Mo Shaoqing doesn't refuse. The family said no. But he also knew that the rent of 780,000 yuan a year was one of the sources of his family income, so he agreed in advance that he would rent the house and pay the rent, but only after the profit was made.

Saw how supportive his family was, Mo Shaoqing was moved and vowed secretly to make some achievements.

Therefore, the main issue of this winter vacation was the decoration and opening of storefronts. When he got home, Mo Shaoqing put down his luggage, washed up briefly, ate something and went to the nearest bank.

In recent years, because his family knew that he worked after school, they only gave him 500 yuan a month for living expenses to keep his life together. He deposited the money he saved every month in a bank card.

"One, ten, one hundred, one thousand... ten thousand... oh my God!" Mo Shaoqing had to cover his mouth and scream. He actually had about 50,000 yuan in his own card, which was all earned by himself!

Mo Shaoqing took out part of the money and put it away carefully, intended to see the decoration of the store.

The popularity of smartphones had been continuously developed and various apps had been developed. Among them, Weibo, WeChat and web forums were the best.

Some of those who take micro-blog publicity as their profession began to develop, known as a net celebrity. Net celebrity was short for "internet celebrity", referred to the people who were popular because of an event or an action in real or online life.

And the shop known on the internet was called "online shop". In recent years, there were many kinds of online shops in S City, Mo Shaoqing had visited many sites. Although he doesn't intend to develop the restaurant into an online shop, it had to be said that such publicity means have certain beneficial effects on the restaurant.

Mo Shaoqing's store was located in an alley, which was exactly a small residential district with east and west trend. The reason for bought it was simple. There were no restaurants, no competition and it's not far from the commercial center.

Behind the store was a high-grade residential area, so the place was clean and the suburbs were far away. There was a university town, mainly Y City local university and S City university branch. Visitors flow must be pretty goods, parking is a bit difficult, there were also several small shops with good business around, mainly clothing stores, convenience stores, jewelry stores, beauty parlors, flower shops and snack shops. It was a small step. It's a small pedestrian street.

Mo Shaoqing paid great attention to the decoration of his store. But do they think that the online shops attracted customers by their elegant environment and petty atmosphere?

Mo Shaoqing knew that food produced in the space would attract people's attention, but good food alone was not enough. It's necessary to keep the store clean and beautiful. In the beginning, the restaurant was definitely short of staff, but as for the kitchen, it's not easy to bought food from other people, so it could only be from his family. His parents would retire in several years, so Mo Shaoqing targeted his aunt.

His uncle had passed away for many years. Their family relied on his aunt, Wang Lifang. She needed to be strong, pull her son to grew up, there were fields to take care of, and she owed some foreign debts. But she doesn't want his father's help, Mo family could only give little support to the old couple, and the others couldn't help her.

Wang Lifang's cooking skills were excellent, but Mo Shaoqing was still worried that the food was not to the taste of white-collar workers in the city, so he had to hire another chef who could afford it.

The two-story store was about 100 square meters, and the second floor was slightly smaller, because the ceiling of the kitchen was relatively high, and the snack shop next door only occupied the first floor. Mo family bought the second floor and added a terrace on the east side. According to Mo Shaoqing's idea, it could be designed as a place for people to drink tea and chat.

As for style design, Mo Shaoqing preferred simple retro European style decoration to North European style and X-cool style. He went to the store. The walls were covered with light-colored wallpaper. The sunshine outside was shining into the floor-to-ceiling glass, making the whole store much warmer.

Considered the hot summer, he still chose the three-dimensional embroidery cream-colored window screen, lined with light green shade curtain, the floor tile covered with brown mosaic pattern tiles. The tables and chairs in window sides were for regular customers, the other dark wooden tables and chairs were arranged at will.

The second floor was planned for the loft. There was a small patio in the middle of the first floor. The carved iron railings on the second floor were visible. Flower pots hung from the railings and some flowers hung in there...

"How? But I'm glad I didn't say it so I can pick you up." Mo Shaoqing looked back and saw his big brother stood on the stairs with a gentle smile on his face.

"Very satisfied, big brother. It's really beautiful, I'm sorry to trouble you, but thank you."

"That's what family do. Sit down." they found a clean chair and started discussing about the restaurant.

"Think of the name so I can get people to make the billboards." Mo Shaohong asked as he poured water for his brother.

After receiving the water cup from his big brother, Mo Shaoqing answered, "It's called 'Mo Dream', short for 'Mo's Cuisine House Dream'!"

"Oh? How do you get that name?"

Mo Shaoqing thought about it for a moment and said, "Mo is our family name. This restaurant has a share of all our Mo family members. And dream represents the first step of my dream to set sail! But this dream can be done a little bit smaller." Mo Shaoqing gestured a bit.

"Haha, when you said you want to open a restaurant, we thought you were having fun and you might give up in a few years. I didn't expect you always planned it well. Come on, I'll offer Boss Mo a cup of tea instead of wine." Mo Shaohong joked.

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Mo Shaoqing was serious and drank a cup with his big brother, which made Mo Shaohong felt that his younger brother had grown up.

"Shaoqing, you're back," Mo Shaoqing looked back at the familiar voice behind him. It turned out his cousin, Mo Di. Mo Di was one month older than Mo Shaoqing, so they weren't calling each other brother. They usually called each other names directly.

Although Mo Di's name was very elegant, in fact, he looked very tanned, because he often had to do farm work, and later graduated from high school and became a soldier, he was even more tanned. Although suntanned, he looked quite spirited and upright. After he discharged from the army, he returned to his hometown and had not found a suitable job. The two men didn't see each other for several years. Since Mo Shaoqing was short of staff in the store, so the mother and son were hired together.

"And auntie, where is she?"

"My mother went to the countryside to get some fresh vegetables. That's not what you city people do! We have just opened, but we need to make a good reputation."

Mo Shaoqing's heart felt warm when he heard this. Although he had the space in his hand, his aunt doesn't know about it. It was obvious that she was very considerate of him.

"Oh, by the way, my mother asked me to give you a menu with all her specialties on it." Mo Di hurriedly took out a paper from his pocket and handed it to Mo Shaoqing. Mo Shaoqing stuffed it into his pocket without looking at it.

On the other hand, Mo Shaohong was very deeply moved, "Us three brothers haven't seen each other for a long time. This year, we can celebrate the Spring Festival together. And tomorrow night we will have a good party. Shaoqing show us the famous dishes that we learned these years ah!"

"Okay." Mo Shaoqing readily agreed, "But I have to look carefully at what I want to buy in the store. You go back first. By the way, you lend me your car. I'm going to the furniture market."

"All right. Go early and return early!" After that, a bunch of keys streak together with a silver keychain in the air and landed in Mo Shaoqing's hands.

After seeing off his two brothers, Mo Shaoqing went upstairs again and looked again, took out what was missing in his notes: pots, bowls, and ladles must be bought first. Spices could be bought a little later. And tableware, although in recent years everyone used to use sterile tableware, it was later revealed that sterile tableware was not clean. Many people washed chopsticks, cups and bowls on the first thing they ate, but simply abandoned it and bought some fancy cutlery.

And buy some decorations like candlesticks, oil paintings, mirrors... Oh, and a classical European piano. The balcony on the second floor was almost full. There were four or five folding wooden tables on the terrace, and several flower racks, plants and parasols, quite a lot of things.

And there was still staff to find, Mo Di, himself and his aunt were certainly not enough. He had to put a nice sign on the door and the floor-to-ceiling window. It would be nice to plant a circle of flowers from the space.

To think about it, it seemed that there were a lot of things had not been bought! It's not as easy as it looked. Mo Shaoqing had no time to sigh and drove to the furniture market. He wanted to buy online, but due to the quality assurance, he chose a special kitchen store to choose. After a bloody bargain, he finally returned home happily after the war, but the money he got was also used in of all kinds.

After returning to the room, Mo Shaoqing took out the form he just listed and crossed out what had been bought. Sorted out the ones that had already been purchased and then took out the menu written by his aunt from his jacket pocket. He read carefully at it and shorten it.

The positioning of Mo Shaoqing restaurant was in the middle and high grade and the price of dishes was high and low. The average family should be able to afford it. In addition, he added some Western dishes and desserts that he good at. Separated the menu according to Chinese food, Western food, beverage and desserts. Marked the prices according to the size of the portions and some packages were also customized, which could be used by the apps to pay for the customers.


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