by Lin Xiaoyang
Chapter 7: Sleep

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Ren Yue went to live in Mr. Bai's house that night. In fact, he had no personal complaints about living in a big villa. The only complaint was probably that it involved his father, and that this was why he thought it was a bad idea and began with all kinds of criticism. When Ren Yue came to his room, he was not in a hurry to unpack his luggage but lay down on the bed to play a game.

Ren Yue's room was quite large, but maybe because it was a guest room, so the decoration was quite simple. Just a table, chairs, wardrobes and bed, there's no extra furniture. But just these furniture, but it didn't make people felt empty and monotonous, because all the furniture was properly selected. The bed was sea-blue and the curtains were warm yellow.

Ren Yue's game operation was still good, although it may not be as good as Hui Ye, but it's perfectly acceptable to have a teammate in the normal game. But today he doesn't know if it was too bad, he met a primary school student when he was online and then has been in the pit all the time. This made Ren Yue even a master * and was dragged away by his own pig-mates.

This let Ren Yue, even a master, also repeatedly dragged to death by his own pig teammate.

Ren Yue simply quit after a few competitive bad games and then logged in WeChat to see his friends circle. It was only after he logged in that he found a lot of messages on WeChat. He looked at it and found that it was all from his childhood friend.

[I heard that your father is on business again this time. Are you all right?]
[Where have you been?]
[Would you like to stay at my house?]

Ren Yue rolled around the quilt, then turned over on his stomach on the bed to send a reply to his childhood friend, but he hated typing, so he sent a voice mail, "It's all right. I live in a big villa now. It's great."

His childhood friend was supposed to be playing with his cell phone at this time, and he replied in seconds, "Where is it?"

Ren Yue blinked and then remembered that he didn't remember to ask Mr. Bai where the place was. So he replied, "It's said that he is my father's friend, the devil is wealthy, and I'll stay here for a hundred days—— after a hundred days I'll go back."

His childhood friend replied, "Tell me the address. I'll go check it out."

"I'll tell you next time. I haven't asked yet." Ren Yue answered, "But school will start in a few days, I'll meet at school."

"I'm worried about you."

"Why are you worried about me? Even my dad doesn't care about my life and death, so don't bother. Anyway, I'm still alive. I seem to be living well." Ren Yue simply said a few words and then put his phone to take a shower. Ren Yue himself was impatient to explain to others, although what happened to him maybe a little something, but it was just a little more than normal things, it's nothing much.

Ren Yue walked out of the room with his clothes and found it was dark. He found the bathroom and found out there was a jacuzzi. Ren Yue studied it enthusiastically, then took a bath and massaged for a while. It was very late when he came out of the bath. Ren Yue went down the corridor and found the big villa was empty as if there was no one there.

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Ren Yue felt thirsty after soaking in the bath. When he went downstairs to pour water and drink, he found that there were still people in the villa. These people Ren Yue met during the day, like the servants of this villa or something? Ren Yue drank the water and thought of Mr. Bai indifferently, was he a feudal man? Master, young master and servants were still there to this day.

It's not impossible.

Ren Yue thought of Mr. Bai's Tang suit and with his aura, it was no surprise that he became the new China Emperor. But all this has nothing to do with him. He was not interested in Mr. Bai. Even his first impression was not very good. So what the person wants to do has nothing to do with him as long as it doesn't affect him. He's too lazy to pay attention to it. But... Ren Yue suddenly remembered Mr. Bai's attempt to adopt him as a son or something.

Ren Yue thought about it and decided not to take any action for the time being.

Ren Yue felt a little sleepy after wandered around the corridor, so he yawned and went back to his room. Ren Yue found his room by memory, and he opened the door and looked at the decoration, which was exactly what he remembered. But he doesn't know if someone has cleaned up the middle quilt, which had been rolled by him for several times and appeared to be somewhat messy, and there were no more wrinkles on the bed. In addition, his messy luggage which was lying on the floor seemed to have been put into the cabinet, and his clothes that were still on the floor may have been put into the wardrobe, without being placed on the floor as casually as before.

But Ren Yue still had something unusual in his mind. He looked again carefully to make sure that the bed was still sea-blue, that the pattern on it was the same, and that the direction of the window and the curtain were the same as he remembered. At last, the number was matched with the picture in his memory, Ren Yue probably sure that this should be his room. So the sleepy man didn't care where his luggage was gone, he just rolled out on the bed to sleep on it. Mr. Bai was a real rich man. He slept in a very soft and comfortable bed. Ren Yue was deeply sunk in the quilt and soon fell asleep.

The night was getting darkened.

Mr. Bai, who had just stepped out of his study, stood at the door of his bedroom. His cold face turned even colder. He easily found his bedroom door was moved. Someone should have entered. And then the young butler came up to him and whispered, "Master, young master is in there."

Mr. Bai looked back at him faintly, with an obvious chill in his voice, "Did I let you speak?"

The butler trembled and retreated.

Mr. Bai turned the doorknob and went in. With the light outside, he could see the lump on the bed in the dark. Mr. Bai's cold eyes became soft before he knew it. He turned on the night light in his bedroom and saw Ren Yue lying on his bed, his face was flushed when he slept.

Mr. Bai's heart softened a little.

Mr. Bai sat beside the bed, looking at Ren Yue, who was fast asleep and became very cute. He doesn't know how long he watched. Aware, Ren Yue shriveled his mouth and shrank into the bed, he was awake. Mr. Bai turned off the night light quietly and went to take a shower. After the shower, he went back to his bedroom again. He looked at Ren Yue lying on the bed and gradually lost in thought.

Sleep or not?


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