Jīntiān jīngjì rén yě hěn shànliáng

He Wu (呵芜)

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70 Chapters (Complete)

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Celebrities, Entertainment, Fluff, Modern Days, Receiver Protagonist, Romance, Slash, Transmigration

Xin Nanyi (Ji Bu), Xia Zeqi

Ji Bu, the gold medal manager who was trapped and imprisoned, wake up to be a vicious rich second generation Xin Nanyi. He is hated and feared by the girl band he played with, and his uncle deliberately slaughters him.
Ji Bu has no choice but to go back to his old career, fight against his greedy uncle and all kinds of rivals, win the trust of the girl band, lead the "girls" to the top, and hold them up as a powerful girl band with a high traffic rate and a good harvest.

Xin Nanyi just wants to work hard and be a good manager, but there is always a film emperor who is unwilling to let him go, either to press him on the bed or to deceive him.

Shook! Popular girl band members with the manager intimate hug are photographed, the atmosphere is ambiguous like a couple.
After being chased by fans and reporters, Nan Ge, the manager who send the blade later laxatives, found the strongest excuse to clarify on Weibo: "I like men."

When the words are uttered, it caused a great disturbance, the members of the girl band are silent, the fans are exclaimed and Weibo is paralyzed.
A certain film emperor smiled: It's a coincidence that I'm a man.
Nan Ge: ......

Gentle and kindhearted manager decathlon shou vs Multi-gold shield black belly cold and cute big film emperor gong

Being ugly and fat just after crossing, then gradually lose weight and become handsome, handsome as inspirational chicken stock.

The gong has always been very handsome!!! But still acting.

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*Sometimes using Chinese suffix here

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Reborn Into Fat and Ugly Rich Second Generation
Chapter 2: Meet the girls for the first time.
Chapter 3: Nan Ge began to fool his bad uncle.
Chapter 4: Today, he is very kind.
Chapter 5: Meet an old friend, who is that?
Chapter 6: Buy gossip, evaluate and ask the Uncle for a teacher
Chapter 7: Simon Secretly Make Trouble to Nan Ge
Chapter 8: New Dance Teacher
Chapter 9: Xin Nanyi Interviewed Shen Che
Chapter 10: Zhao Yanyuan Starts to Make Trouble
Chapter 11: Xia Zeqi Car Crash