Today The Manager Is Also Very Kind
by He Wu
Chapter 2: Meet the girls for the first time.

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Xin Nanyi first replaced the fancy clothes in the wardrobe into an ordinary T-shirt, jeans and sportswear. Then sold the unnecessary gorgeous decorations at home to the luxury second-hand market, and then bought some fitness machines and put them in an empty room, it's a complete toss-and-turn.

He lay on the sofa and looked at the clean and refreshing house. Just as he sighed, the villa's door was opened from the outside.

Ning Ning, who her hair was tied into a high ponytail, walked in with a cleaning tool. She had just come in and she felt very weird. Was the place had been robbed? Why were those messy decorations gone?

When she walked to the living room, she looked up at Xin Nanyi, who was slumped on the sofa. Her neck shrank and subconsciously turned around and wanted to escape. After a few steps, she stopped and felt a gaze behind and her back was cold.

What the hell was this demon doing here? Shouldn't he be in a bar or a nightclub at this time? Ning Ning turned her head and bit her trembling lips and lowered her head. She greeted Xin Nanyi with a mosquito-like voice, "Hello, Nan Ge! I don't know if you are at home now, I.... I will leave now."

As she spoke, she quickly went to the door, but was stopped by a warm voice, "Wait a minute."

Ning Ning stopped.

"Let's put down the things in your hand first!"

Ning Ning put down the things obediently.

Xin Nanyi glanced at her calmly and forced a smile, "Come and sit down! I'm not going to eat you."

You will! Ning Ning was shocked and quickly refused, "No... no need."

She was frightened, like a bunny facing a savage beast. Her eyes were red and her face was dark with despair.

Xin Nanyi stood up helplessly, moved his heavy body and walked over to pull her to the sofa.

Ning Ning was struggled and pleaded for mercy continuously as she was pulled by him, "Nan Ge, Nan Ge, I'm wrong, I'm wrong, I don't dare anymore, you don't hit me, don't... ”

"Quit it. I didn't want to hit you." Xin Nanyi faintly blocked her words.

Ning Ning carefully shut up. She was afraid and afraid to completely anger this ferocious demon. She didn't forget the fact that the second sister had broken two ribs and she was sent to the hospital a month ago.

Xin Nanyi pulled her to the sofa and she sat there helplessly. Her expression was uncomfortable like sitting on pins and needles.

Xin Nanyi turned to the kitchen and poured her a glass of milk and placed it on the table in front of her. Ning Ning was afraid to drink it.

"Don't worry, I didn't put any drug." Xin Nanyi was very helpless, the original saw the girls looks good before, and they were occasionally flirted, but limited to verbal flirtation. But then somehow their body slowly out of shape, and they were not the type he liked, there was no longer those charming ideas for them, but these girls were still very much on guard against him.

"You don't have to come here and clean for me in the future."

"What?" Ning Ning was shocked and stared at him in disbelief, then quickly lowered her head again.

For a few seconds, Xin Nanyi finally saw her appearance. High nose and big eyes, three-dimensional facial features, skin like snow, obvious apple muscles unexpectedly grow very sweet, European double eyelid exposed her mixed-blood genes, the pupils were invisible water-gray, her eyes were a little dull, but added a sense of mystery.

Xin Nanyi took back his gaze and repeated what he just said, "You don't have to come here to clean up anymore."

"Why?" Ning Ning still couldn't believe it. Her eyes were still red, as if she could hardly hold back her tears.

"Because I plan to ask a woman to take care of the hygiene at home, so you can concentrate on practicing in the future."

The original Xin Nanyi's house had housekeepers and bodyguards, but since the burglary incident, the original resigned most of them, leaving only a few bodyguards to guard outside. At that time, Xin Nanyi was tired of Q&P, so he let them took turns to take care of the villa's cleanliness.

"Then we..."

"I wish you would be obedient in the future. Go back!" Xin Nanyi gave the order to leave as he did last time. He doesn't know how to get along with these girls now, they were afraid of him.

"Yes..." Ning Ning stood up.

"I will send you." Xin Nanyi also stood up.

When he sent Ning Ning out, he noticed that Ning Ning's hair tied at the back was a bit yellow and dull, and had a forked hair tail, looked like the result of long-term malnutrition.

Xin Nanyi frowned. How could malnutrition get so fat and her body was out of shape?

Xin Nanyi called Ning Ning, who was about to run away, "Wait a minute! You wait here, I'll drive you back and take a look at your dormitory."

Ning Ning was shaking, and every time Xin Nanyi went to their dormitory, there would be no good things, either he hit or scold them.

Xin Nanyi went back to get the car keys and wallet. Ning Ning took the opportunity to send a message to the members.

Xin Nanyi opened the garage and found that it was full of sparkling top sports cars. His face was full of a black line, he found a less flashy seven-seat car and drove out, he let Ning Ning sat in the back seat.

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The original only went to their dormitory once or twice, so Xin Nanyi doesn't remember the road very well. In the end, Ning Ning hesitated to point out that the road and then found a few years old residential building.

Xin Nanyi parked the car and looked at the dormitory from downstairs. This building was located in the middle of the city's village. It was poorly equipped. There were many people around it, and there was no security guard at the gate, even the girls safety could not be guaranteed.

They climbed the stairs to the fifth floor. Xin Nanyi who was physically fat and lacked exercise was soon panting and sweating.

"Ning Ning, who else living in this building besides you?" Xin Nanyi gasped and wiped the "lard" on his face and asked.

“There are still a few class C-class trainees with poor family status.” Ning Ning replied in a whisper.

Xin Nanyi frowned and not speaking.

Ning Ning opened the door and walked in. Xin Nanyi then followed. The girls in the house stood neatly in a row, they didn’t apply facial powder. With their heads hung down, ready to listen to his instructions.

Xin Nanyi ignored them at first and wandered around the small dormitory.

The room was small and full of things, but the arrangement was neat. There was only one small bedroom with three wooden bunk bed, everyone slept in here. There was a bathroom with toiletries piled up, which was even more narrow. There was a small living room with old furniture, yellow peeled wallpaper, no kitchen, and it looked like the money was tight. Also, they had almost two years no activity income, the original also forbid them to go out to do part-time jobs, he felt that he had lost his face, their living expenses depend entirely on the living expenses sent by their parents, so they live like this was also a reason.

Xin Nanyi turned back and saw that they were still in their original position.

"Where do you usually eat?" Xin Nanyi was embarrassed, who told him that he was now resid this vicious man's body.

Qiao Cheng raised her head up and glanced at the fat man in his plain tracksuit in front of her.

"Nan Ge, we usually eat in the company's entertainer canteen."

Xin Nanyi frowned and he had some thoughts in his heart.

"Where do you usually practice?"

"In the company's public practice room." Qiao Cheng replied, she felt a bit strange. Nan Ge generally wouldn't ask these trivial things, why he suddenly care about them today? Did the idea of making a girl band come up again, and a fresh energetic girl would come?

There were a lot of Xin Yu's practice rooms. Generally speaking, the group band or singer who has just started their career would have their own special practice rooms, and each class of trainees had their own big practice rooms. Only the trainees who had just entered the company for a short time and had not yet been assessed and divided into different classes would use the public practice rooms. It seemed that Q&P was indeed a unique existence in Xin Yu.

Xin Nanyi looked at their bodies and the suspicion in his heart was renewed. This group, their appearance level was generally very high, it seemed to be malnourished, but it's also somewhat puffy. That's very strange!

Xin Nanyi looked at the time and said, "It’s almost dinner time. You go out to eat with me!"

"No, we will wait for the bus to go to the company's cafeteria to eat, so we don't bother Nan Ge." Qiao Cheng boldly refused, she was afraid of Xin Nanyi's evil intentions and thought of other ways to torture them.

Xin Nanyi looked at her with admiration as she slightly blocked him in front of the other members.

Xin Nanyi put up the original arrogant look and finally pulled the girls into a top-grade Huai Yang restaurant, chose a private room and ordered a meal.

At the beginning, they were still restrained and did not dare to move their chopsticks. Xin Nanyi helplessly said a few harsh words before they began to eat pitifully.

Yi Ke, the youngest sister in the group, boldly stared at Xin Nanyi with great courage. In her memory, Xin Nanyi even when in the densest interest time, he never invited them to eat, let alone to step on the restaurant without Michelin's name. How does he change today? And also replaced his traditional flower suits with a simple black tracksuit.

Xin Nanyi felt her gaze and smiled at her. He scared her directly and she dropped the piece of meat in her hand.

Xin Nanyi naturally gave her another piece of meat and placed it in her bowl. For Xin Nanyi, he likes Yi Ke's appearance, curved big smiling eyes, small pouting mouth, the fleshy face, her natural flat nose, but not really flat. It’s like a sharp circle powder that contained the world in her eyes, and there was a tear-shaped mole on her lower eyelids, which was looked very smart.

But his action shocked the others in the room and immediately stopped, looked at Xin Nanyi with worried or fearful eyes.

Qiao Cheng swallowed hard and held Yi Ke in one hand to protect her, then said to Xin Nanyi, "Nan Ge, Yi Ke is still young. She is only 17 years old this year, she's still underage!"

Xin Nanyi’s mouth was twitched, his heart was crying and laughing. Every affection of his kindness it's like a bad thought for them. Former lord, ah! In the end, how many harmful things had you done, to let these teenagers raised their guard against you!

Xin Nanyi doesn't stop, just gave each of them a piece of meat, then bowed his head and said in a slurred voice, "You can rest assured! I don't mean that."

They hesitated for a while and found that he was not normal today and slowly began to eat again. They unanimously agreed that Xin Nanyi's abnormal time was the most normal time.

After eating, Xin Nanyi caressed some inflated belly fat and asked carelessly, "You've had such a bad time in the past two years, the group has also been confused, why not retreat? I remember that your personal contract with the company does not restrict your withdrawal."

The girls had a complex expression and not spoken. In fact, all of them were considered to leave the group when they were in the most painful and difficult time. But the idea didn't last long. Now Xin Nanyi was so red, it's like to come out bare and naked, which was equal to the idea of pouring a pot of nutrition liquid to the dead and there's a possibility of revival if he was alive. If he had already died completely, he wouldn't be revived.

Among them, Zhao Yanyuan, the third oldest in the group, gently poked the rice bowl with chopsticks, which returned to normal after a while, but her small gesture was long seen by Xin Nanyi.

"I won't angry if you tell me." Xin Nanyi gave them another reassurance.

"Because we like to sing, we want to be a singer since we were little, and we also had a dream of being a girl band." Qi Chaohan, the lead singer in the group, put down the chopsticks and said seriously. Singing was her like belief, so she was the most rebellious in the group and most frequently beaten by Xin Nanyi, but she never cowered in that regard.

Xin Nanyi turned to look at her carefully. Her face was small but plump, her skin was very white and looks very soft, a pair of peach eyes full of power, with a noble lady's temperament. Her eyes were firm, and she was a stubborn person at first sight.

"Okay, continue." Xin Nanyi showed a smile on his lips.

Qi Chaohan took a deep breath and clenched her white fist tightly which changed the color slightly. She continued, "We have been practicing in Xin Yu for many years. The longest time is Chu Qi. She started from the age of eleven to seventeen, she practiced for seven years. The shortest time is Yi Ke, she practiced for four years. We pay countless efforts and sweat, then finally got a chance to debut, although..." she paused, but everyone present knew what she wanted to say.

"But we don't want to give up. After giving up Q&P, we don't know if there is any chance to debut. There are so many trainees in China, we don't want to use our dreams as bargaining chips anymore."

Xin Nanyi nodded. The average age of Q&P was 17 when they first debuted. At that time, the oldest, Qiao Cheng was only 19 years old. The youngest Yi Ke was only 15 years old. Although she was young, her practice time was very long. According to their qualifications, it was possible to enter the preparatory class, but because of their young age, they were temporarily put in Class A, and later was cut by Xin Nanyi reckless, and then had been dragged like this.

Xin Nanyi raised his head, his eyes were warm and his tone seemed to be negotiating but there was no room for rejection, "Well, since this is the case, everyone let's start losing weight together tomorrow."

As a girl band, it's very important to had a good figure.


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