Today The Manager Is Also Very Kind
by He Wu
Chapter 1: Reborn Into Fat and Ugly Rich Second Generation

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Boshen Hospital was the largest private hospital in the capital, and the seventh floor of the main building was the VIP ward.

In a ward like a small luxury apartment, a man with a huge body was lay on a white bed, his thick fat chest was up and down, and breathed in an oxygen mask like a buffalo.

Qiao Cheng wore a plain white shirt and jeans, stood three meters away from the hospital bed, holding her fist tightly, and the expression on her face struggled. The clothes on her body were not new, the sleeves of the shirts were rolled up, and the purple bruises under her clothes were faintly visible.

The expression on her face changed constantly and finally, she lowered her head slightly, took a deep breath, and made up her mind to walk slowly toward the person on the bed. Her footsteps were very light and her breathing was slowed unconsciously, afraid to wake the people on the bed.

Her white jade arm slowly extended, and suddenly stopped a second before touching the oxygen mask, her chaotic brain fell into the battle of heaven and earth. There was a voice in her heart that told her constantlyー you couldn't do this, he was still in a deep coma, his breathing was not smooth, he couldn't live without the oxygen mask, she couldn't kill him. Another voice, like a demon, continually lured herー remove the oxygen mask and let him die. As long as he died, she and her sisters would be freed, and they would not have to suffer by this demon.

Qiao Cheng frowned and her obsidian eyes struggled. She opened her teeth lightly, bit off her thin, bloodless lips, clenched her fists and opened them again, and her eyes flashed fiercely, leaving a deep hatred. She extended her hand to the oxygen mask again.

The moment she touched the oxygen mask, the man on the bed opened his eyes. Qiao Cheng was scared and retreated sharply, fell to the floor, and her face covered with fear, she clasped her hands tightly over her mouth and shoved back the scream.

When Ji Bu came to his senses, he felt that something was wrong around him. He suddenly opened his eyes, and his sharp eyes were like lightning in summer. He felt his eyelids were swollen, and although his sight was impressive, but it seemed to be squeezed out of the meat and seams.

He slowly took off the oxygen mask on his face and tried to raise his body, and stared at the woman who didn't move on the floor. She looked very pure and innocent. A palm-sized almond face, light fog eyebrows, no aggressive but clear eyebrows. A pair of ink-like eyes glistened with tears, and her eyes were filled with panic and fear, completely missing the fierce and resentment that Ji Bu had just seen when he opened his eyes. The nose was high and round. The face was good, it's a little out of shape, especially the lower body, it looked a little puffy.

But there were no more than his own body, Ji Bu clearly knew that he now occupied another person's body, because even if he could eat again, it's impossible to eat so much fat, he barely lifted himself up and felt the fat running against each other.

Ji Bu looked at Qiao Cheng on the floor and looked at her directly to saw her cry. Although the former Nan Ge was terrible, she never saw him look at herself with such a calm look, it sent a chill down her spine. Could not help but burst into tears, pear blossoms with rain, couldn't stop. Despite this, she tried to cover her mouth to kept her voice from coming out, fearing that her voice would make people on the bed more annoyed.

Ji Bu pondered silently that the girl who looked soft and weak on the floor just wanted to kill him or the original owner of the body. Suddenly, he felt that his eyes were black and his head violently hurt. Countless memories belonged to the original owner swarmed into Ji Bu's brain, making it swell and painful.

Qiao Cheng flashed a hint of cleverness and asked in a low voice, "Nan Ge, you woke up, I'll call the doctor for you!"

Ji Bu lay back on the bed, pressed his temple and waved his hand, "No, you go back!"

Qiao Cheng hesitated for a moment and didn't want to lie when she saw Ji Bu, so she quickly stood up and picked up a white cloth bag on the sofa next to her, rushed out and closed the door.

Suddenly there was only Ji Bu left in the ward. He massaged his temples with his fat fingers and digested the memory of the original owner for nearly 23 years.

The original name was Xin Nanyi, he was a rich second generation who had nothing but money. His father started a company from scratch and created a large entertainment companyー Xin Yu, which was currently the largest entertainment company in China. His mother was one of the best film actress in China. But unfortunately, his parents died in an air crash when he was ten years old. Although he inherited most of Xin Yu's shares, but because of his young age, these shares had been managed by his uncle, Xin Yu's current chairmanー Xin He the supervise substitute. Although the original body was now an adult, he still had no ability to manage his property. Ji Bu has heard of the name of Xin Yu, but has not had contact with the artists there, and Ji Bu had only heard of Xin He but had not heard of the name of Xin Nanyi.

Although the uncle of the original body spent money to support him, he doesn't raise him well. As long as the original body wanted, especially in terms of money, Xin He wouldn't refuse and would indulged him to skip class and not think about learning. He encouraged him to indulge in pleasure and neglect his business. The original body has not disappointed him, so he was nurtured into a hopeless situation.

Two years ago the original body suddenly had a strong interest in making a girl band. Xin He knew that he was a fresh figure and let him tossed. Xin He allowed him to select members among the company's trainees, but limited the rank so that he could only pick among the trainees in Class A and could not intervene to prepare for the class. The original body doesn't care. Anyway, he only chose those who look good, and it doesn't matter to him whether he had the strength or not.

In the end, he selected six beautiful girls with different characteristics in Class A to form the Q&P girl band.

The original body also served as both the producer and manager. At the beginning, Q&P also became popular because of the appearance level of the group members. However, because the original body did not had the ability to bring them, he didn't give them better resources, plus with their strength, they shouldn't be debuted so quickly. So the heat of this group slowly went down.

The enthusiasm of the original body came and went quickly, and soon he wanted to quit. But other managers in the company were not willing to take over the mess, so Q&P has been hanging under his name, without resources and activities, like being frozen in disguise. The girl who hated and feared him just now was the leader of Q&P, Qiao Cheng.

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Ji Bu twisted his eyebrows and relieved the sore eyes caused by brain swelling. Sneered under his heart, this Xin Nanyi was really scum, ruining the star dreams of the girls and sometimes beat and scolded them, treated them as his servants. Ji Bu, was a singer and a manager in his life, he knew how many trainees who have worked so hard for many years and how much effort and sacrifice they had made. Therefore, he was very disdainful about the way the original body used the dreams and prospects of the girls as games.

He reached out and pinched the round of fat on his stomach, and sighed helplessly. The original body laziness directly led to his long-term obesity and weakness of the body. He was addicted to alcohol and tobacco. Three days ago, when he was drinking too fast, he was so drunk that he almost passed out when he had a stuffy nose and went into shock after taking two cold pills. Finally, Q&P members who went to his villa to clean up and found him unconscious, so he was sent to the hospital in time, which gave him a glimmer of life.

The soul of the original body had already left, but it gave Ji Bu chance to rebirth.

He squeezed the fat face of his body again, his skin was very rough, and he probably had not taken pains to care for it. The facial features were all right. It was quite three-dimensional, but the meat on his face was squeezed some deformation and couldn't see the handsomeness he should have. He patted the meat on his arm again and smiled. Since he had already had another life, just cherish it! Pick up the burden that the original body had smashed and lived the new life.

There would be no Ji Bu in the future, only Xin Nanyi, who had been reborn and changed.

Two days later, Xin Nanyi went through the discharge formalities. The VIP ward was equipped with a large bathroom. He went to the bathroom and replaced his sick clothes, put on his own brand-name flower shirt and look at the person in the full body mirror with a sigh of relief.

Due to the professional identity of manager in his past life, Xin Nanyi has higher persistence to appearance level. Although he was fat and ugly now, it's not so bad that it couldn't be saved. It's very likely that it would be less eye-popping. He squeezed the swimming circle on his stomach. He had a lot of fat, but he hadn't exaggerated the fat that was reported in the report. He shouldn't have skin sagging after losing weight.

The body's vocal cords were also good, the tone was very good, although he smokes and alcoholic, but it has not destroyed it. If his vocal cords were not destroyed by the bottle of medicine in his last life, he would have insisted on being a singer. Xin Nanyi shook his head and sighed with relief. Who called his last life as strong cloud said that too inexperienced? If his mind was more intelligent, it would not lead him to be jailed and imprisoned for a lifetime, and finally lost his life.

He tidied up the collar of his flower shirt, the G family's clothes were artistic and fancy, and a person like Xin Nanyi who had no face and no figure was really unable to control. He also liked this kind of colorful shirt, which was really difficult to understand his fashion, ah! He vowed to wash the wardrobe of the original body and make a thorough full and radical change when he returned. Even wearing simple black and white grey shirts were better than these flower shirts that were ridiculous for ordinary people. Anyway, he only has money left.

He was discharged and picked up from the hospital by one of Xin He's assistants. His good uncle doesn't saw him once during his stay in the hospital.

The assistant named Arthur, wore a neat white shirt and black suit. The leather shoes were polished and the hair was combed back neatly, looked like an elite, with Xin Nanyi stood together and seemed to be superficial ugly. He politely smiled and took the baggage from Xin Nanyi's hand and opened the door for him, but he doesn't want the disdain and contempt that he hid in his eyes to be clearly seen by Xin Nanyi.

Xin Nanyi calmly sat on the car, and while his ass was seated, the car was shaking, and Arthur had another sneer in his eyes. Xin Nanyi did not feel embarrassed, sitting unperturbed in the back seat, waiting for the departure.

Arthur sent Xin Nanyi to the villa and drove away as soon as they arrived. Xin Nanyi had an indifferent smile on his lips. He visited his "home" and shook his head, and once again made a bad comment to the original's taste.


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