There Is Chef Yu In The Entertainment Circle
by Unawakened For Years
Chapter 1: Just win the International Culinary Gold Award, the chef is starving to death.

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So hungry!

I'm starved to death!

Yu Siyang's whole body was soft and weak, and he had no strength to move his fingers.

But he was so hungry that he would starve to death if he didn't eat anything.

A starving cook would be laughed off with big teeth by others if he spoke out.

Maybe he's going to social news when he's dead, he even thought about the title—— "Just win the International Culinary Gold Award, the chef is starving to death."

That sounded like a stupid way to die.

The strong desire to survive urged Yu Siyang to open his eyes.

As far as his eyes could see, a woman in her early twenties wearing a hospital pink nurse uniform looked at him with a flash of surprise on her face, "Ah, you wake up. I'll call a doctor."

Before he could speak, the woman left quickly.

Yu Siyang watched helplessly as the young nurse disappeared to the outside the door.

What was the reason for walking so fast and stuttering, he really about to starve to death.

The young nurse returned soon, followed by a man in a doctor coat behind her.

The doctor examined Yu Siyang and asked him a few questions.

Yu Siyang said weakly, "Headache, no strength, hungry." He emphasized that he was 'starving to death'.

The doctor stunned for a moment and chuckled, "It's no big problem to know you're hungry."

Then the nurse was instructed to observe the patient's precautions.

As soon as the doctor was gone, the young nurse poured a glass of water and put a straw and held it to Yu Siyang's mouth. "The nurses went to eat and will come back later."

Was it really kind to say "others went to eat" to a starving person?

Yu Siyang looked at the nurse's eyes and was a little despair, drank a glass of water with a straw, no rice to eat, water or at least a little something could be sent to his stomach, he was starving and his soul was out of his body.

"Thank you." Yu Siyang asked the nurse weakly, "Excuse me, am I seriously injured?"

"Intracranial hemorrhage, concussion and the body have different degrees of soft tissue contusion. Don't worry, it didn't injure your face." the nurse joked, then she walked out of the ward.

Yu Siyang was lying on the bed and looked at the nurse's back disappeared outside the door, his stomach was hungry and screaming, the nurse didn't say to help him get something to eat, but actually concerned about his face.

A big man hurt his face, it's worth nothing as he doesn't live by his face anyway.

When Yu Siyang used the knife-back technique to divert his attention from hunger and back to the folding knife, the nurse finally came back.

"Yu Xiao Ge, the nurse said that you are awake and asked me to give you some light food, I brought you rice porridge." the nurse raised the white rice porridge in her hand, opened the lid and put it on the table, carefully shaking the bed slowly and scooping a spoonful to the patient's mouth.

Yu Siyang looked at the oily mouth of the nurse and sniffed. The nurse ate braised pork and eggplant. The braised pork should be stewed too badly. The eggplant was estimated to be braised with water.

He commented in his heart: It must be terrible!

After ate a warm rice porridge, his occupational disease broke out and then commented:The porridge must not be stirred out thick, and there was no oil, the fire was messy and tasteless!

But... forget it, he was so hungry and had a stomachache, just eat it.

He grew up in hardships. When he was a child, he was in an orphanage. The white rice porridge was crystal clear and could be seen. But in the past two years, he had become the chef of the hotel kitchen. His days were better, coupled with his good craftsmanship, he was a picky eater.

Yu Siyang silently recited it three times in his heart, never forget his misery when he was poor.

"Thank you, I'm full." After eating half of the bowl of porridge, Yu Siyang finally felt that his stomach was not so uncomfortable and refused the spoon that handed over by the nurse.

It's so uncomfortable, it’s definitely he was hungry for a long time, and the stomach would be unbearable to eat too much.

The nurse didn't reluctantly put the disposable porridge bowl and spoon into the bag and threw it to the trash can inside the ward. She said to Yu Siyang, "Yu Xiao Ge, I call your company and say that you are awake. Someone will come to see you later."

Yu Siyang thanked her again, silently leaning on the bed, thinking that he was seriously injured by such a huge earthen pot, this was an industrial injury, the hotel must compensate him, or else... Humph!

Just don't know which dimwit moved the earthen pot, then the big pot rolled down from the stairs and smashed him down by the stairway. It was a disaster.

He couldn't resist but come up with conspiracy theories.

Could be someone was jealous that he won the gold award in the Bonova International Culinary Competition? Moreover, he had heard that the head chef wanted to go out on his own and the hotel intended to promote him as the chef.

Could it be the head chef of several other kitchen chefs?

Yu•Detective•Siyang tried to recall the performance of other chefs at ordinary times. He analyzed who might be his murderer. He even did not realize when two people came into the ward, and he was completely immersed in his own reasoning.

When Wei Xiaofeng and Luo Peng came in, they saw a deep-faced Yu Siyang, as if thinking about such a grand proposition of "how to save the world".

Yu Siyang was immersed in his own thoughts for a long time. Luo Peng saw his eldest brother's cool look with a slight impatience and quickly pretended to cough, "Xiao Yu, I and Xiaofeng Ge come to see you. How was your injury?"

Yu Siyang was frightened by the sudden voice and looked at the two people stood in front of the hospital bed. The two were tall and short, the taller was 1.9 meters tall, and the other was about 1.8 meters. The tall one had a common face, but the smile on his face was easy to make people felt closer, and the short one was the opposite, good looking but had a cold face.

He doesn't know them, but why did they looked so familiar to him?

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The indifferent man was well-dressed and should be a rich man. He was a guest who had come to the hotel to eat before. The other person was politely to visit him, but he doesn't remember each other!

Yu Siyang touched his nose embarrassingly and pushed himself and others. If he was visiting the patient, but the patient couldn't remember him, he estimated that he would find a place to sneak out.

And this cold-faced man was not good at first sight, as if he had offended him. If this person held a grudge to him, a small chef who had no background and no backing could easily be flattened.

"Please sit down. Long time no see." Yu Siyang pretended to be familiar.

Wei Xiaofeng looked at Yu Siyang like seeing an idiot: "..."

"Xiao Yu, you don't have to be so polite." Luo Peng said awkwardly.

"Oh... hehe..." Yu Siyang laughed foolishly twice.

Wei Xiaofeng sat down on the sofa and said in a flat tone, "Your role must be replaced. The crew can't wait for you to recover, but the company will try to get you as much compensation as possible. During this time, take care of your injuries before you have the energy to make money."

"Huh? That... Are you in the wrong ward...?" Yu Siyang face looked stupid, what was the relationship between the crew and him?

Yu Siyang said more and more quietly, because when the cold-faced man listened to his words, the narrow eyes slightly picked up, he felt that these eyes were flying knives and tied him into a honeycomb briquettes.

Wei Xiaofeng frowned slightly, and the teenager in the hospital bed shrank. His face was like 'I was wrong, but I didn't know where I was wrong'.

His intuition was a bit wrong. "Luo Peng, go and call the doctor."

Luo Peng nodded and ran out of the ward. After a while, he brought back the man in a white coat.

"Mr. Wei, is there any problem?" the doctor came in, nodded to Wei Xiaofeng and asked him.

Wei Xiaofeng pointed to Yu Siyang, "Dr. Xu, please check this foolish kid."

Yu Siyang's eyes widened and he felt wronged. The cold-faced man went to the wrong ward and swear at people. The rich man was terrific.

Dr. Xu asked Luo Peng to take the patient to the wheelchair, called the CT room staff to prepare, then walk all the way to the CT room while asked Yu Siyang some questions.

After getting the CT film, Dr. Xu said to Wei Xiaofeng, "The patient has temporary amnesia caused by intracranial hemorrhage. During the rescue, the patient has no signs of life for two minutes and twenty-five seconds. During this time, the brain is deprived of oxygen. There will be some impact."

Wei Xiaofeng listened and asked Luo Peng to send Dr. Xu out and dragged a stool to sit in front of the hospital bed and asked Yu Siyang, "What do you remember?"

"... Sir, have you mistaken the wrong person? I remember that I am a chef... well, I have no memory loss." Yu Siyang was silent for a long time and stuttered in the Wei Xiaofeng's domineering eyes.

Wei Xiaofeng took a deep breath and exhaled.

Very good, the kid not only lost his memory, but also had a memory disorder, and he could not extricate himself from the role he played. He should praise his dedication.

"You rest first and I will handle it."

Luo Peng sent the doctor back and just heard this sentence, he laughed, "Xiao Yu, Xiaofeng Ge help you in the first place, make sure you don't hurt yourself for nothing."

Wei Xiaofeng listened to this, his eyes sharply pointed to Luo Peng, "You're so funny, let you bring an artist and you almost hanged him. If Xiao Yu was not saved, you will go to his funeral."

"Xiaofeng Ge, cousin, General Wei, I am wrong!" Luo Peng's face was remorseful. The 1.9 meters big man huddled together and shrank at Wei Xiaofeng's feet, "I'm not deeply involved. I didn't expect the river and lake to be so dangerous."

Wei Xiaofeng's face was cold.

Luo Peng quickly went to see Yu Siyang, "Xiao Yu, your Luo Ge ask for help, I really didn't expect someone to have the guts to messed with the stunts. Xiaoyu, when you are discharged from hospital, Luo Ge will take you to eat crayfish, eat whatever you like till full."

Yu Siyang: "..."

He he, I really don't understand what you're talking about.

Luo Peng reluctantly said, "That... add a big meal at the Chinese Restaurant of Emerald Hotel. Not so many, otherwise your Luo Ge will eat dirt this month."

Emerald Hotel? Yu Siyang's eyes were bright, this was the hotel where he work.

Luo Peng saw his expression and immediately cried and said, "Xiao Yu, declare in advance, we can only order three dishes, ah."

Yu Siyang's face hung. It hurt to spend his own money for ordering his own dishes in the restaurant.

"Okay, stop to show off." Wei Xiaofeng kicked his stalwart cousin who was selling meng, "It sting my eyes."

He had seen all kinds of cute, stupid and ugly methods of his cousin's horrible terror. Wei Xiaofeng once again doubted his life—— had a cousin like this, he really didn't do evil things in the previous life, right?!

Luo Peng neatly stood up and wiped the tears that don't exist at all, he grinned and said, "I know Xiaofeng Ge is the best."

Wei Xiaofeng and Yu Siyang had a tacit agreement—— really stung the eyes, ah!

"You take care of Xiao Yu, I'll go first." Wei Xiaofeng stood up and walked out of the ward at a very fast speed. He didn't want to spend another second in the same space with this poisonous cousin.

Luo Peng patted his chest to ensure and waved goodbye to Wei Xiaofeng, he sat down in Wei Xiaofeng's chair and rushed to Yu Siyang, "He he he he......"

Yu Siyang couldn't help but shrunk back, trembling and said, "Would you like to go to other wards? You really got the wrong person."

"Xiao Yu, it's all right. You're just temporary amnesia, and you will remember in a few days." Luo Peng grinned broadly and suggested, "Or Luo Ge give you some memories, maybe you will remember."

Yu Siyang face was blank.

——I really am not amnesia!

——You really got the wrong person!

——Please go away!

*I use 'Xiao Ge (小哥; xiǎo gē)' here, Xiao: Little; Ge: Big Brother. It's like 'Nii-chan (兄ちゃん)' in Japanese.

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