Lion King's Adopted Son
by Yan Yang
Chapter 3

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Since then, Gerald was always pick up the prey that had just been bitten by the throat at the door. The lioness looked at him in the wrong way, and some of them even suspected that Gerald was Pascal's child.

"Hey, look at that big antelope Pascal has brought in again! I wonder what that little Gerald has to do with that damned Pascal! He has never had a good look at our lions, but he has been so generous to that cub!"

"There is no doubt that Gerald is a child of Lily and Ghana. Do you think that our dear Ghana will mistake his children? But I think it's a little strange. Where did the prey Pascal gave Gerald come from? Are their lionesses willing to let Pascal share their prey they have worked hard to share with a cub who has nothing to do with them?"

"I heard that Pascal never eats the prey that the lioness hunted. Although the lionesses of Pascal's lions go hunting regularly and each time they leave the largest and most tender one to Pascal, but he never gave a shit, he was so hard to please."

"So he always went hunting by himself? How did he do it? You know, the lions are big and heavy, although I have to admit that few of them can match their strength, but when it comes to hunting—— it’s difficult for them to get close to their prey without being seen, right?"

"I'm afraid I can't believe that, as the leader of a vast lion pride, Pascal actually go hunt by himself, it sounds incredible. It's just a day when I saw Ryan facing Pascal, not hiding behind Ghana in horror, but rushing to the front to fight bravely..."

As they talked, the lionesses' focus shifted. Compared to whether Pascal and Gerald had a hidden relationship before, they were obviously more interested in talking about Ryan.

"I have never seen a lion with a bad temper and no skill like Ryan. The day before yesterday, he met the hyenas who broke into the territory, they knocked him down on the ground, if Ghana hadn't come back in time, he would have been ripped open. Yesterday, he even had the face to dislike the fact that Mila and I gave him too little food, and demand that we give him our portions. If I say, I should give him nothing and let him find his own food. I really can't figure out what role he has in our lion pride, except to eat for nothing! Fortunately, Ghana is reliable, otherwise, I dare say, our lion pride will be dead in the early morning."

"You are right, sister. Only Ghana is willing to raise his useless brother without any complaints. I can't bear the thought of having to accept the pleasure of such a lion, can't we just mate with Ghana? Lion like Ryan, who has no strength but likes to pretend to be capable, is the most annoying."

"Hey, you scoundrels, how dare you speak ill of me behind my back!" An angry voice came from behind, and the lioness turned their heads and saw Ryan sullenly approaching with a sullen face. The male lion's breath made them fear uncontrollably. Everyone knew that the lioness has no way to compare with the lion in terms of strength, especially when the male lion made no secret of his intention to kill.

"Do you want to fight us, Ryan?" Asher the lioness came out, she was always the least afraid of Ryan. The lioness in the lion pride, aside from Lily, only she succeeded in rejecting Ryan’s pleadings and never mated with him. "The lion has attacked the lioness in his own territory. Oh, I want this news to come out, and there will be new things to talks on the grassland soon."

Ryan’s face darkened, "You dare to laugh at me!"

Asher used her tail to appease a little lion beside her who was disturbed by the lion's breath and said calmly, "We are just talking about a weakling coward... Do you admit that you are a coward?"


An angry roar rose in the air. Ryan turned his head, warningly revealed his sharp teeth. His dark brown mane quivered slightly in the sunlight, like a terrible dog ready to pounce.

Asher was not afraid of him, even though the lion was nearly a third bigger than her. She raised her face and her golden eyes were cold, "I bet Ghana will be here soon if you keep shouting or do something to us. How would you explain it to him, eh?"

Ryan was obviously afraid of his brother. He glared at Asher, "Keep your mouth! I will spare you this time. Next time, if I let you hear you say that you are slandering me, just you wait and see!"

Looking at Ryan's retreating figure, the seventh cub Fanny whispered, "You know how to bully us, we also have an awesome ability to facing our enemies ah!"

"Stop talking about it. I know that you are dissatisfied with Ryan, but obviously, it's not a good idea to provoke him." Asher stopped the conversation. "Well, sisters, let's talk about something fun topic. Jones, your little baby Helica learned to hunt, right..."


Lions don't need to eat every day. When they have a full meal, they able to not eat for a few days. Since they had gone out to hunt once yesterday, the lionesses of Ghana's lions' pride did not go out today and were all nested in their den. The cubs jumped happily around their mothers.

Today, the day when the little lion Leo was three years old. He was dragged out of his den in the early morning and thrown out of the territory. He rolled on the ground like a ball of meat several times before he could hold his figure.

He shook his head to throw the mud and grass on his head when he was tossed. He cried disapprovingly, "Uncle, what's wrong with you? No hunting today, why are you disturbing my sleep?"

He stood upright up as he spoke. The three years old cub was not too small, but it's not enough when facing his powerful uncle.

"You are an adult, you must leave my lion pride!" Ghana looked seriously at Leo in front of him.

"I don't understand. This is my home, I've been living here..."

Leo tried to get close to the den, but Ghana ruthlessly slammed him on the ground, "This is my territory. It's not yours. I will not allow a third adult lion besides my brother and I in my territory, even my nephew!"

"Oh, uncle, why are you so mean to your nephew? Does my dad know that I am going to be driven away?" Leo shouted angrily.

"The adult lion will be driven out of the prides. This is the rule that all the lions follow. Your father knows it too. Of course, you should follow it. Now, you leave at once!"

Leo said angrily, "I won't go! Isn't that Gerald also three years old, but has not driven out of the pride? Is it true that he is bigger than me? Why do you drive me away? Is it because I am not your child that I have to endure such an unfair treatment?"

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The young lion struggled to get up, shook his mane and he rushed up quickly using the hunting skills his mother had recently taught him. In terms of skill, he was confident enough that none of the cubs in the lion pride can do it well. Even his mother praised him for his fluency and agility movements.

He tried to use these proud skills against his uncle, but he apparently failed. His techniques were so raw in front of experienced hunters that he did not react until he was ruthlessly thrown to the ground. His bones ached as if scattered to pieces, and soon Leo smelled blood—— it was his own blood.

"Oh, no, let me go... please forgive me, uncle!" Leo felt that his throat was bitten by Ghana and the threat of death was looming in front of him, he realized that he was afraid, "I, I will leave your territory immediately. I don't dare to go against you anymore!"

The authority of the lion couldn't be provoked. When he confronted the threat of a lion who was in his prime, he knew how terrible it was!

"Gerald is different from you, don't talk about it anymore!"

"Oh, of, of course, you are right, I listen to you..."

Ryan discovered that Leo had disappeared in the evening. He spent the whole day to patrol the territory. Only when he drove out the cheetahs and jackals that he was able to felt his pride as a lion, which made him depressed for several days to felt better. This kind of pleasure was more swelled after he defeated a lone adult hyena.

'I am also a Lion King. This is the life I have lived in. Respected and worshipped by many animals on the grassland and not to be taunted by the lionesses for being inferior to their brothers in the den.' he thought.

Unfortunately, this pleasure quickly crumbled when he returned to the den.

"Ghana, you actually kicked Leo out of the pride. Who allowed you to do this! You know that Leo is my favorite child!" Ryan said angrily.

"But he is already three years old, he is an adult, and we only need two lions in our lion pride. We don't need an adult lion who has just grown up to compete with us for the territory! I thought that you all understand."

"Oh no, my poor Leo! He is still so young!" Ryan looked so distressed as he walked up and down on the ground. Suddenly, his eyes were attracted by a mass of yellow fur that nestled quietly in the corner. Gerald seemed to feel the malice from the other side, and he pulled himself tighter, trying to reduce his presence.

"If all the lions who are three years old will be driven out from the lion pride, what about Gerald's existence? He already over three years old. Shouldn't he be driven out from our prides? Brother, as the leader of the lion pride, you should be fair. You see, you left Gerald. What would you do if there were a lioness crying and begged to leave her adult children?"

Although Gerald tried to reduce his presence, even his head was not exposed, but his ears were actually stood up.

Usually, Ghana doesn't show too much preference for him. Gerald always felt that he was a dispensable existence for Ghana, and that he was only pitied him to keep him in the lion pride. He's always been trembling with fear in the prides. Now, Leo has been kicked out and Ryan has put him on the spot. Would Ghana take advantage of this trouble to drive him away?

Ghana’s eyes glanced at Gerald’s direction, "I’ll say it again, don’t talk about Gerald, he is different. You wouldn't think he is an adult lion if you saw his size and development!"

"But he is already an adult!"

"At least Leo has the ability to make the lioness in heat, and Gerald can't." Ghana said dissatisfiedly, "Well, stop confronting me, my dear brother. You know, there are some rules that I don't want to repeat it again to you."

"Hey, brother! Hey, Ghana! This is what you call the 'rules'! It's just... I have nothing to say!" Ryan was obviously dissatisfied with the result, but he dare not to challenge Ghana anymore, so he could only put an end to it.

In the face of Ghana's absolute authority, Ryan had something more in his heart besides the usual ear. Those things swelled rapidly with his anger, and it almost broke through his reason and fear.

The lioness on the side whispered whispers. Of course, their focus was on Ghana and Gerald, and they ignored Ryan, who stood in front of Ghana and waited for a lecture. Never before has Ghana showed his support to Gerald in front of the pride as it was now, and the surprised of the lionesses were taken for granted. But these vague whispers, in Ryan's ear, it all turned into a mockery of him.

These lionesses had previously mocked his inferiority to Ghana. Now, they had to submit to Ghana, they had more words to say! When would such a day come to an end?

Gerald raised his small head after Ghana said those words.

Was it different? Of course, it's different from all the lions in this pride.

But, to be able to stand up for it in front of so many lions, could it still have some expectations for its nominal father?

Gerald’s dream didn’t last long. When the next morning sunshine fell on the land again, Gerald was smashed out of the den by a lion. When Gerald woke up and found that the skin behind his neck was in Ryan's mouth, he was horrified.

"If you don't want your throat is bitten by me, just shut up!" Ryan's words were as cold as his eyes, no temperature.

With his little life in the hands of others, of course Gerald did not dare to mess up, he could only nod in panic. Ryan was running all the way with it in his mouth and soon left the territory of the lion pride far behind. By the time Ryan drilled to shrubs, Gerald had no idea how to go back to the pride.

"Okay, you little wretch!" Ryan threw Gerald down. When he touched the hard ground, Gerald's face was twisted in pain.

"You should have been driven out from the pride long ago. You should thank us for our kindness and able to live till now. After that, you just ask for luck!" With that, Ryan walked away without looking back, left Gerald in the big jungle, he looked so small.


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