Tā érzi yǒu gè yì wàn shǒufù diē

Shou Xin (狩心)

Original Language


Status in Country Of Origin
66 Chapters (Complete)

Translation Status

Cheng Yang, She Yan

Doting Love, Fluff, Modern Days, Mpreg, Receiver Protagonist, Romance, Slash, Wealthy Family

After spending half a year in the province, Cheng Yang took a luxurious cruise for seven days.
Accidentally hooked up with a CEO on the way.

Later, Cheng Yang finds out that he is pregnant.
Just as Cheng Yang is preparing to secretly give birth to the baby, it's a coincidence that he falls asleep in the big president's bed.

It's impossible to run with the ball, his man is handsome and rich.
Must cling tightly and can't be torn down.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Betrayed By A Friend? (Being Smashed by the Big Guys)
Chapter 2: Then I Will Help You (Kiss and Hug)
Chapter 3: He Wants Him (Thanks For Yesterday)
Chapter 4: Invitation To Dinner (A Gentle Kiss)
Chapter 5: Sitting On Lap (Behave Yourself)
Chapter 6: The Little Beauty (The Scum Struck)
Chapter 7: Sleep (Stay Together)
Chapter 8: Sleep (Stay Together)
Chapter 9: Sleep (Stay Together)