His Son Has A Richest Billionaires Dad
by Shou Xin
Chapter 1: Betrayed By A Friend? (Being Smashed by the Big Guys)

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He opened the door with his room card and dragged a large suitcase. Cheng Yang bent his back and moved his tired body to the room together.

The first time to enter the room was not to arrange his luggage, but to walk to the big curved bed, open his arms, and Cheng Yang directly rushed up.

Because Cheng Yang suddenly fell down on the bed, it made a dull noise.

Lay on the big bed, Cheng Yang closed his eyes, and his whole heart finally got unprecedented relaxation.

At seven o'clock in the morning, he took the bus for two or three hours to the port, and then all kinds of security checks queued up. It's nearly ten hours and Cheng Yang was almost asleep on the ground just waiting in line to get on the ship.

But fortunately, he boarded the cruise ship before dark. Cheng Yang lay down on the bed for a while, feeling that the room seemed to be swaying around the sea. He slowly propped up his body, took off his coat, and put his shoes in the shoe cabinet beside the door, then changed his slippers and went to the bathroom to wash his feet. He was too lazy to wash his face and had to go out for dinner.

After rushing for a day, Cheng Yang only wanted to sleep in the bed immediately. He and his two friends were about to go out for dinner at 7 p.m. and there was more than one hour from seven o'clock, enough for Cheng Yang to get some sleep.

Before he fell asleep, Cheng Yang set the alarm clock on his phone in advance. Then he pulled out a set of pajamas from the suitcase and put on his comfortable and soft pajamas. Cheng Yang opened the quilt and lay in.

Close his eyes and there won't be strong drowsiness coming.

Cheng Yang woke up from his sleep under the ring of his phone alarm clock and he raised his arms and stretched out.

After sleeping a good sleep and felt a lot better. Cheng Yang really wanted to take a good bath but he doesn't have time.

But it's more important than taking a bath.

At noon, he didn't eat much. He nibbled on some bread he bought in a convenience store. Cheng Yang got up from the bed and touched his shriveled stomach. He said to his stomach, I will make you full.

After folding the messy quilt, Cheng Yang found simple loose sportswear to wear, he went to the bathroom to wash his face and fixed his hair. Looking at the beautiful face in the mirror, Cheng Yang's lips hooked up and he was actually narcissistic for a while.

He had a clearer understanding of his appearance. Many friends in the live game broadcast let him show his face to the live broadcast. As long as his face came out, no matter how many games he played, guaranteed that he could attract a lot of fans.

Cheng Yang directly refused, how long he could depending on his face, moreover his game skill was pretty good. Although he couldn't catch up with those professional players, he could barely make a living by relying on live games.

Cheng Yang’s ambition was not so ambitious. He was a homosexual. In his high school, he had been clear about his own sexual orientation, so marrying a wife and having children or something, these things were totally out of his consideration.

As for how to find a gay man, how to say this, Cheng Yang had a serious obsessive disorder, not only physical, but also spiritual. As far as his current contacts were concerned, it seemed that there were only a few single virgins like him, but not all of them.

There were some, but it's quite embarrassing for everyone to have the same model.

At this stage, the whole environment was more than zero, and the one with high quality was rare.

Cheng Yang was his own, and he also wanted the other half to know that this was in a dead end, but Cheng Yang preferred to remain lonely and rather than change his bottom line for so many years.

If not, then he was single for a lifetime and it doesn't matter.

Alone was free and easy.

According to Cheng Yang's understanding of other elders in his family, most of the elderly were not too dementia to walk, anyway, there were still decades to live, no hurry.

After tidied up, Cheng Yang took his phone and the room card then went out.

In fact, the mobile phones were probably not used, all sorts of consumption on the ship were directly tied to the room card. The room card needed to be recharged in advance. Cheng Yang and his two friends were not staying on the same floor. He went downstairs to find the two people. The two have already left the door and the three met in the hallway.

Cheng Yang proposed to go to the recharge point to fill the room card with some money, so that they had money to pay for dinner. But his two friends directly said that they could not go after eating. If they were hungry, they could swipe them first and calculate them later.

The three people came out together from the cruise ship. In terms of money, they made it clear from the beginning, and it was divided.

Cheng Yang thought, as if he really didn't need to rush.

Going down from the quarters downstairs, the restaurant was mainly downstairs, and there were many entertainment facilities upstairs.

Arrived downstairs, while walking and watching, the three men discussed each other what to eat for dinner. Finally, Li Ye pointed to a small restaurant with specialty and said it would be better to have seafood tonight.

Cheng Yang used about half a year's savings to purchased this luxury cruise for seven days tour. He looked at the small restaurant and compared the food mentioned in the ship ticket and found that there was no such a thing.

The things on the cruise ship were much more expensive than those on the land. Cheng Yang personally felt that there was no need to waste if in some places could save a little. Seeing that the decoration of this restaurant was much better than other people around, it must be the consumption inside was not cheap. It doesn't matter if it's delicious. If it's not good, it really makes people spend money and heartbreaking.

Cheng Yang was a little hesitant, but then his other friend, Song Pengcheng, grabbed Cheng Yang's shoulder and said that he had come to invite him for this meal. He checked the restaurant’s things on the internet, which was particularly delicious but it’s a little expensive, but on this day, he went to the place where food was provided for free.

His friends said so, Cheng Yang no longer needed to hesitate, he followed Li Ye to the restaurant.

Sat down in a relatively wide place, Cheng Yang noticed something strange, it seemed that someone was watching him. Cheng Yang slightly twisted his eyebrows and turned his head and looked around, but he couldn't find the source which made him felt uncomfortable.

The prying eyes were sticky and wet, like some cold reptile sticking to Cheng Yang. Cheng Yang shuddered and tried to dissipate the discomfort.

Li Ye on the opposite looked at Cheng Yang and suddenly his face was not good and asked him what had happened.

Cheng Yang shook his head and said nothing.

Cheng Yang took the teacup on the table and sipped it. He didn't know that the two people sitting opposite him were looking at each other and looked strange.

After Li Ye asked Cheng Yang, he looked at the left side and exchanged a look with the person sitting there who was blocked by the partition. A wicked smile appeared on the man's face.

After the meal, Cheng Yang always noticed the existence of the prying eyes, but whenever he wanted to look for it, the other person quietly did not look at him again.

The meal Cheng Yang ate was a bit tasteless, but his two friends have a big appetite. During the meal, several people discuss how to play at night and come out to travel, certainly not to sleep.

It was still early after dinner, Song Pengcheng suggested going to the bar for a drink.

What they bought were simply for fun and when they arrive on the cruise ship, the time was basically arranged by themselves.

Coming out from the restaurant, the three people went to the bar upstairs. There were also many bars, Cheng Yang was not interested in drinking. He would prefer to lean on the railings and enjoy this special peace with the blowing sea breeze.

The other two probably knew Cheng Yang's character, so Li Ye went to the bar and leaving Cheng Yang outside the corridor.

The sea breeze blows his face, Cheng Yang tilted his head slightly, and his heart slowly calmed down. Suddenly there was a sound of footsteps behind him. Cheng Yang leaned forward and left a wide enough position behind him.

His lips were slightly hooked and the footsteps came to him. Li Ye's shout sounded loudly and Cheng Yang's smile had not been withdrawn. He turned his head with a smile, just as the crowd walked behind him and blocked Cheng Yang's sight. Cheng Yang looked up, the man with the most handsome figure and the powerful aura in the crowd seemed to have no idea that Cheng Yang would look at him and they stared straight up like that.

Cheng Yang doesn't know why, but he deepened his smile to the stranger man and at the same time he nodded slightly with the other party. It was a polite greeting.

Maybe it's because the man was too handsome, a three-piece suit with a straight shape, and he couldn't saw the slight wrinkles on his body. The man's eyebrows bones were tough, his eyebrows were quite elegant and his eyes as deep as a dark pool. When looked up, it seemed that his soul would be sucked away.

The man's step didn't stop, he saw Cheng Yang's smiling face, his eyes swayed and his long legs continued to move forward and the other people around him suddenly stared at Cheng Yang, as if Cheng Yang was a monster.

The group quickly left and Li Ye came over from behind. He told Cheng Yang that they had found a bar with a good environment.

Cheng Yang left the corridor with Li Ye. At the corner, he subconsciously looked back again. Suddenly he felt that the man's face was familiar and seemed to have seen it somewhere.

Tried to search in his memory, but he couldn't find the right person.

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Threw away this thought, such people like him were not from the same class as them. Cheng Yang walked to the bar, as soon as he entered, the feeling of being peeped like at the restaurant stuck up again.

Today was really a strange day. Cheng Yang still doesn't have too much suspicion. He just thought that he may think too much, maybe he could sleep well tonight.

Sometimes in a different environment, Cheng Yang would be somewhat uncomfortable. This time he had this feeling of peeping also belong to this.

Including the wine that he was drunk in the bar, at first Cheng Yang only thought that the wine in the bar was too intoxicating. His head was drunk and dizzy. Cheng Yang's body also swayed and his two friends supported him. Cheng Yang thanked them for sending him back to his room.

But soon Cheng Yang found out that something was wrong. Li Ye and Song Pengcheng, who had helped him, suddenly let go of their hand and turned him to the strange man to hold him. Cheng Yang struggled to let the other side go, but his voice was as light as his body. There was music in the bar, and no one heard his voice.

Cheng Yang looked back to saws his two friends and saw them talking to someone. The man handed a very thick envelope to them. Cheng Yang blinked, he felt as if he knew what happened but he doesn't aware of it.

Maybe he's really drunk.

Supported by a stranger—— or rather, driven out of from the bar, Cheng Yang's consciousness has not completely lost, he found that the direction was not to his room, but a completely unfamiliar floor.

Cheng Yang still doesn't know what happened, he would be really foolish, but his body was unexpectedly soft. If he hadn't been supported, Cheng Yang would fall down directly.

He felt ridiculous, how could such a thing happen. Weren't Li Ye and Song Pengcheng his friends, how could they betray him?

Oh, maybe they were not friends at all and they don't know each other for more than a year. He thought that doing live broadcasts on the same platform, eating a few meals together, you could become friends. Obviously, he was too naive.

Whether this cruise trip was planned by them long ago. Cheng Yang remembered that the two people contacted him first and said that they also want to go out to play, just as Cheng Yang wanted to take a cruise, so a few people could go together and more people were more lively.

The man took Cheng Yang to the elevator. The elevator was obviously reserved for VIP guests. When the two entered, there was no other person inside.

Cheng Yang stared at the closed elevator door and his heart prayed it could stop halfway.

It seemed that God heard Cheng Yang's voice and the elevator door really stopped for a while.

Only when the door was opened, the man holding Cheng Yang's arm dragged Cheng Yang directly to the corner, and then Cheng Yang felt that something coming up at his waist. The man holding his wrist warned Cheng Yang not to move around with his eyes. Cheng Yang leaned against the cold iron wall, he felt too ridiculous, how could such a thing suddenly become like this?

Obviously, he had been looking forward to how interesting the trip would be before, but then he was betrayed.

He also knew that Li Ye was colluding with someone. Those two people dare to do this to him. As long as he was not dead, he must find them to return.

Cheng Yang lowered his head and let the person in front of him think that he really gave up. There were several people coming in from the elevator. Cheng Yang's fists were firmly grasped and his nails were almost embedded in his palm, he gasped slowly. When the elevator stopped again on their floor, the man half hugged Cheng Yang and was about to step out of the elevator door, he suddenly struggled violently. It was his last strength. He doesn't specifically see who was in the elevator, grabbed the sleeve of the nearest person and broke away from the man's restraints and rushed toward the person beside him.

The man probably doesn't really want to hurt Cheng Yang with a knife, but only as a threat. Cheng Yang's movement was beyond his expectation. When he reacted, Cheng Yang had already jumped to the arms of someone in the elevator. The man's breath was so intimidating which made the people who hold the knife froze.

Cheng Yang's hands tightly held the other's front clothes, his eyes were red, and his eyes were filled with tears. The whole person looked very fragile and soft.

"Help me, save me!" he asked the stranger for help, hoping that the other could save him.

The man that stood at the elevator door reached out and wanted to take Cheng Yang's wrist, holding Cheng Yang's tall body and lightly raised his eyes, while the opposite's hand was stopped in the air.

"Excuse me, Sir. This is my friend. He was drunk and said nonsense. I was so embarrassed to disturb you. I'll take him away." the man immediately changed his face and smiled and said that he and Cheng Yang were friends.

"No, no, I don't know him." Cheng Yang was afraid that the man would really listen to the other person's words, so anxious that his tears were flowing out quickly.

When She Yan entered the elevator, he actually noticed Cheng Yang. He also recognized that the other person was the one who smiled at him not long ago. He rarely saw someone laughing so innocently, probably because the other did not know his identity, so he only thought he was a stranger.

This unfamiliar smile left a trace in She Yan's heart. After all, Cheng Yang does have an attractive beautiful face and he was eye-catching, his bright eyes were not stained with secular dust, it was as clean and clear as a glass stone washed by spring water.

She Yan put Cheng Yang in his arms and he felt the other's body temperature was unusual. It was easy to guess what might have happened by looking at the change in the looks of the person at the elevator door.

"Take this to your boss and tell him that this person is mine." She Yan first gave a glance at the subordinate who immediately took out a business card and handed it to the person at the elevator door.

The other took the business card, looked down and his pupil expanded instantly.

"Sorry, I'm sorry, Chief She. But everything is a misunderstanding." the man voices trembled.

She Yan tightened his grip on Cheng Yang's body who was slipping down in his arms. He stared coldly at the people who stepped two steps back. His eyes fell on him, causing his forehead break with cold sweat.

The elevator door slowly closed. She Yan pinched Cheng Yang's lower jaw and raised his face. He asked Cheng Yang, "Which floor your room is?"

Cheng Yang doesn't make a sound, his body suddenly struggled and twisted slightly, and the original gasping sound seemed to change its voice, like moaning.

"Go and find which room he stayed at." She Yan said.

The subordinate nodded and waited for the elevator to stop. She Yan found that Cheng Yang had a tempting red tide on his face. His bright red eyes, especially like a little bunny, he thought for a moment and bent down to hold Cheng Yang in his arms.

Hold him in his arms and go to his room.

Cheng Yang still had a little bit of his last consciousness. He also slowly recognized She Yan. He was the one who had seen him before. He saw the other person suddenly picking him up. Cheng Yang tightly clenched his finger in his clothes and forced to whiten.

"I want to go back, don't..."

She Yan's step paused for a moment, the door has been opened by his subordinate, who stared at him and said nothing more. After She Yan and Cheng Yang entered, the door was closed from the outside.

Cheng Yang thought that She Yan would do something to him. He was hot and dry all over. Obviously, the drug that they gave him contained aphrodisiac as ingredients. Cheng Yang had never been so scared.

Although this man was the type he likes very much, it shouldn't be the case now. His eyes blinked hard and a series of physiological tears flowed down.

He bit his lip hard and looked as if he was going to break at any moment, and She Yan took him from the room to the bathroom.

His body finally fell down to the ground, Cheng Yang eagerly hid behind him, trying to curl up his body. His body began to burn like fire, which made him very uncomfortable. He saw the wall next to him, so he took his head to hit the wall.

But then he hit a soft spot.

She Yan noticed that Cheng Yang suddenly abused himself and immediately stopped his action.

He reached for the faucet and poured cold water into the tub, then he got up and drops the shower and put water in the bathtub together.

After a while, the cold water soaked Cheng Yang's clothes and underwear.

When he filled the bathtub with water, She Yan's clothes were splashed, but he didn't care much. He turned off the switch in two places and bent down to pull Cheng Yang's hair away from his forehead, Cheng Yang seemed afraid that She Yan touching him and hid behind.

"I will go out first. You stay by yourself. I'll be outside. If something happens, you can call me."

"Don't worry, you're safe with me. I won't hurt you."

She Yan couldn't figure out the reason for his behavior today, probably the smile of the boy was too beautiful, he had not seen such a pure beautiful smile for many years.

Just a simple gesture, he was willing to help with this little favor.

She Yan went out and shut the door.

In the bathroom, Cheng Yang sat in the cold water. The cold water washed away some of the heat in his body, but it seemed to be far from enough.

He soothed himself, but his body was soft and his arms seemed to be difficult to lift, so he didn't have much strength in his fingers.

The man outside saved him, if he asked him to help him, it should be fine.

Cheng Yang bit his lip, which would burn up his mind. He couldn't control his body. He just wants this heat to go down quickly.


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