Yúlè quān zhī fēi tā bùkě
Entertainment Circle: It Has To Be Him

Dropped A Pit (掉了个坑)

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Status in Country Of Origin
82 Chapters (Complete)

Translation Status

Doting Love, Drama, Entertainment, Modern Days, Mpreg, Receiver Protagonist, Reunion, Romance, Slash

Gu Qingyan, Lu Ran

The 7-years-old little crybaby meet the 11-years-old big brother who runs away from home
[This man became the protector of his life's salvation]

The 16-years-old little walk-on* fall in love with the 20-years-old big brother at first sight
[It's a pity that the big brother didn't recognize him as the little crybaby]

The 23-years-old single father and 27-years-old chief executive meet again
[This time the little crybaby and his big brother are finally together]

Fortunately, we meet in hundreds of millions of people, thank you God for letting us break through many obstacles and get back together again, falling in love with you and being with you again is the greatest fortune in my life.

*A minor acting role, as in a play or on a television episode, usually without speaking lines.

*All credit goes to the original author
*Feel free to pinpoint me if there any grammar error
*Sometimes using Chinese suffix here

Vijaya's Comments
Actually, the story is good so far
But I give three out of five stars

Because of how the author interpreted the character, take the major example, it's Lu Ran
The author write Lu Ran became mature after five years, yes I know if you met your long-lost-lover you will do anything, including acting like a child
But, it's too much for me by how the author writes Lu Ran childish behavior, I'm quite disappointed

As another reason for me giving three stars, it's how the author write Gu Xiaosheng cuteness
I know Gu Xiaosheng is cute, but it's too much, the author like write to many cute words in one sentence, like cute, lovely, behaved child, sweet and many more
Please, even I as the translator is quite confused by it when I translate the sentence

For other characters, I think it's fine
But I especially like Mama Lu, lol she is fujoshi
Other than that, I still questioned about Yan Qiubai's ending

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: After Five Years
Chapter 2: Pretending and Instinct
Chapter 3: Missing and Struggling
Chapter 4: Little Crybaby
Chapter 5: Big Brother
Chapter 6: Resistance and Affection
Chapter 7: Faith and Salvation
Chapter 8: love at first sight
Chapter 9: Minor Characters
Chapter 10: Unworthy People
Chapter 11: Get Into Real Trouble
Chapter 12: Clipped Pages
Chapter 13: Fragment and Remorseful
Chapter 14: Responsibility and Fear of Loss
Chapter 15: Dark Tide and Run Away
Chapter 16: Secret Love Diary
Chapter 17: Parting Gift
Chapter 18: Conceal and Pretend
Chapter 19: Stubborn and Unwilling
Chapter 20: Little Liar and Net
Chapter 21: Fate and Assist
Chapter 22: Assistant and Studio
Chapter 23: Son and President Lu
Chapter 24: Naive and Childish
Chapter 25: Scenario and Role
Chapter 26: Blooming Wutong
Chapter 27: Brought In and Love
Chapter 28: Pretense Love
Chapter 29: Provocative Bullying
Chapter 30: Drunk and Finalize
Chapter 31: Yangyang and Acting
Chapter 32: Sweet Dreams and Drunkenness
Chapter 33
Chapter 34: Big Brother and Little Crybaby
Chapter 35: Photo and Reconciled
Chapter 36: Reconcile
Chapter 37: It Has To Be Him
Chapter 38: Little Devil
Chapter 39: Your Son?
Chapter 40: Idol Roasting War
Chapter 41: Persistent Nagging
Chapter 42: Big Dad
Chapter 43: Pinky Swear and Reward
Chapter 44: Not Driving
Chapter 45: A Family of Three
Chapter 46: Live Together
Chapter 47: Promise Dream
Chapter 48: Agent
Chapter 49: Weibo
Chapter 50: Two Childish Devil
Chapter 51: Peace of Mind
Chapter 52: Official Work
Chapter 53: Immortal Choice
Chapter 54: A Secret Affair
Chapter 55: Completed Shooting
Chapter 56: Advertisement
Chapter 57: Temptation
Chapter 58: Photos
Chapter 59: Daily Sugar
Chapter 60: Beijing Opera Dream
Chapter 61: Hype Response
Chapter 62: Emotions
Chapter 63: Cinema Date
Chapter 64: A Shameful Interview
Chapter 65: Interview Repercussions
Chapter 66: Meeting Repercussions
Chapter 67: Weibo Flower Explodes
Chapter 68: Exactly, Must Beat You Up
Chapter 69: Be good, I know how to fight
Chapter 70: Follow-up Progress
Chapter 71: Press Conference
Chapter 72: Are you abused today?
Chapter 73: No Food For Dinner
Chapter 74: Sockpuppet Exposure
Chapter 75: Little Crybaby, Big Brother
Chapter 76: Vie for Power
Chapter 77: I have something to say tonight
Chapter 78: Old-fashioned Marriage Proposal
Chapter 79: Wedding Ceremony
Chapter 80: These little thing about photos
Chapter 81: About trivial matter and winning a prize
Chapter 82: The little thing about keeping pets