He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 2: Pretending and Instinct

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The kiss was aggressive and he was forced to entangle with it. This kiss seemed to convey the urgency of the other's eagerness and anxiety.

How long had he not received the kiss, and how long does it take to leave Lu Ran without being so close to another person. Gu Qingyan's mind was a bit confused, but he was quickly pulled back his sense. He shouldn't let the other person do this, he began to resist and tried to push away.

Lu Ran tried to imprison Gu Qingyan with his strength, when Lu Ran kissed him enough to let go of Gu Qingyan's lips and watched the other's slightly red lips, he felt satisfied. He buried his face in Gu Qingyan's neck and said how much he missed him.

"Xia Qing, I miss you so much... I miss you so much..." Lu Ran smelled an unknown smell with the familiar smell of people in his arms.

"Five years, don't go... okay?" his tone was slightly pleading.

"Baby, I miss you so much, I love you... I love you..."

Gu Qingyan listened to Lu Ran's words for a moment he was panicked, and all in his mind were Lu Ran's words, "Baby, I miss you so much, I love you."

Love? Lu Ran said that he loves him? If it's five years ago, he would be happy and went crazy, and his loved one also love him. But now it's not five years ago, everything has changed, love was too deep, and he doesn't want to touch it at all.

He tried to make his tone flat and cold, "Lu Ran, let go of me."

"No, I won't let you go! Do you know how much I miss you?" Lu Ran refused and he hugs more tightly.

"Lu Ran, let go of me!"

Lu Ran refused to answer, using his behavior to tell him it was impossible.

Gu Qingyan sighed, "Lu Ran, you said that you love me. But I don't love you anymore..."

Lu Ran looked up fiercely at him and hoping to saw a fake expression in his eyes. But found that his eyes were calm and impermanent. He looks so lost like a big dog that has just been abandoned.

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Gu Qingyan looked at Lu Ran's expression in his eyes and felt his heart ached. Gu Qingyan clenched his fingernails on his palm and reminded himself to wake up and not let Lu Ran touch him.

Gu Qingyan felt that all his acting skills had been used to deceive Lu Ran to not loving him. He tried his best to relax his mind. He tried to tell himself that he was going to act like a man who was not in love with Lu Ran. Not let his acting fell apart because of the sadness of the other's.

Gu Qingyang struggled to control his voice, "Lu Ran, five years... I... I don't love you... I don't love you anymore."

"Baby, you told me that it's all fake, tell me that you still love me, tell me you miss me too. I'm sorry I was wrong before, baby..." Lu Ran was worried, Lu Ran's biggest fear was that when they meet again, Xia Qing tells him that he doesn't love him anymore.

Five years ago, Lu Ran thought about the man who had been looking for him five years ago. He regretted that he had been arbitrarily squandering Xia Qing's love.

For five years, Lu Ran had become more mature and learned how to love one person better than another and learned how to express his love, but the one he loves was gone.

Lu Ran went to find his lover in all kinds of ways. A year ago, Lu Ran finally found his information through a piece of news, he knew that the other's had a son. It was like a storm from the blue sky when he heard the news. Lu Ran's biggest fear was to know that he had a new lover.

During that time, as Xia Qing had just left, he was very depressed. Lu Ran told himself that Gu Qingyan doesn't love him. He had a new lover and Gu Qingyan no longer belonged to him. Lu Ran told himself that he should give up his love for Gu Qingyan and bless him, but Lu Ran couldn't do it.

Like Gu Qingyan's words on his diary which he threw away when he left: I love you, I want to give you happiness. I wish you happiness, not what I gave, how do you want me to bless. I love you, loving you becomes my habit and become my instinct. I love you, if only you love me too... I love you...

After Gu Qingyan left, he discovered that his love for Gu Qingyan had long been engraved in his own bones. Time cannot only make love disappear but also to make the fermentation of love even more impossible to pull out.

What about having a lover again? How about not loving? If couldn't let go of it, then go and plunder it.


- Xia is Gu Qingyan mother's surname

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