He's Not A Non-Entertainment Circle
by Dropped A Pit
Chapter 1: After Five Years

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When the lights on, Fangwo City in the night was as beautiful as it was a few years ago.

If Gu Qingyan could take advantage of the night to walk around, instead of staying in this so-called high-end club.

Under the dim light in the private room, the men and women in the room chatted happily with each other, and Gu Qingyan sat alone in the corner like an outsider.

This party was actually prepared to welcome him and several other newcomers, but Gu Qingyan really couldn't like this kind of activity. He would rather go home to accompany his son.

Just as Gu Qingyan was in a daze, his colleague's beautiful woman at the front desk struck up a conversation at him. She painted a delicate makeup, chestnut wavy and long hair and form-fitting clothes set off her exquisite figure.

He thought that any men present would be very happy to talk with her. He could saw the slightly envious glances of men out of the corner of his eye. Unfortunately, he didn't have any other thoughts and only felt troubled.

Gu Qingyan talked to each other for a few words and revealed that he had a lovely 4-years-old son. Gu Qingyan thought that she would retreat but did not expect the other person did not give up. He could only use the excuse to go to the toilet and then apologize for talking later and then left the private room.

Gu Qingyan ready to go to the toilet to wash his face and then say goodbye to his colleagues to go home early to accompany his son. It's too much trouble to engage in the workplace.

When he walked to the toilet, he found two people standing in front of the toilet because the distance between them was not very far he could vaguely hear the conversation between two people.

It was roughly that the people who look like a waiter wanted to ask the man who wore a suit with a strong aura to take care of him. The man in suit refused the other person, and the other person refused to give up.

To tell the truth, he didn't want to listen to it at all. Gu Qingyan wanted to turn around and leave, but he found the figure of the beautiful woman who had just talked with him. He could only interrupt the conversation between the two people in a loud voice.

"Sorry, you are blocking the way." his tone was slightly cold.

The two people who talked turned their heads to look at Gu Qingyan. When Gu Qingyan saw the face of the man in the suit, he suddenly felt uncomfortable. Never expected to meet each other again so early.

Fangwo City was not small, but Gu Qingyan always knew that he would meet Lu Ran again sooner or later, but he didn't expect to meet Lu Ran so early.

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After five years, when he saw this handsome face again, he thought he could keep his mind calm, but the fact told him that it was impossible. No matter how long it had been, the face of the person could still touch his heart.

Gu Qingyan tried to adjust his own state, pretending that nothing happened, didn't know each other and went straight to the toilet from Lu Ran’s side.

Gu Qingyan pressed his restless heart and turned on the tap to wash his hands as if nothing happened.

But the mirror reflected Lu Ran who followed him walked in and reflected his faint expression but made Gu Qingyan unable to ignore his eyes.

In five years things had changed Lu Ran a lot. He was wearing a high-end custom suit, and the whole person revealed an aura that couldn't be ignored, as if he had become a restrained man and unsmiling company president.

It's no longer the big boy in his own impression, although the eyebrows, the beautiful thin lips and the high nose were as handsome as five years ago, but because the time passed he had become more mature and profound, and that powerful atmosphere made him more attractive.

Lu Ran's eyes were aggressive, and he greedily looked at the young man who was washing his hands.

Five years ago, he had been looking for the other person for five years. Gu Qingyan seemed to grow taller, thinner and wearing a pair of eyes that block the beautiful peach eyes, and it's more beautiful when its open.

It's completely different from the little sun that laughed in his depths memory, wearing a clean white shirt all buttoned up and dressed meticulously. Cold expression and full of abstinence.

Gu Qingyan looked pale and pretended not to recognize him, but his thoughtless eyes and the long fingers that had been washed for a long time betrayed him.

Finally, the sound of the water stopped, Gu Qingyan tried to control himself and used his acting skills to make himself looked as if nothing had happened and he was ready to turn and leave.

But he was dragged by Lu Ran to the toilet cubicle. Lu Ran locked the door and pressed Gu Qingyan to the door and kissed him.


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