Florist Little Boss
by Ink Drop in White Paper
Chapter 2: To Give Birth

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He still vomited after eating. Gao Yang covered his mouth and rushed to the bathroom. Huang Qianyi sat at the dining table, held chopsticks in her hand, and heard the sound from the bathroom. She couldn’t help but worry, what kind of disease does this child actually suffered from?

Gao Yang spat out everything in his stomach, washed his face and meet Huang Qianyi’s worried face. He pulled up the corner of his mouth and laughed, "Aunt Huang, I'm all right."

"Is it really okay? What does the doctor say?" his appearance doesn't looked like he was fine.

"I..." Gao Yang bit his lip, "Aunt Huang, I'm really fine. The doctor also said that I'm in good health."

"Then you drink more hot water." Huang Qianyi listened to him and couldn't ask again. She looked at his small pale face, in those days he was thinner.

It’s not that he deliberately wanted to make her worry, but he couldn't say the truth, “Aunt Huang, you eat quickly.”

The golden week of October had passed, the business in the shop had been quiet down and it was not bad that ten people came in a day. Gao Yang watched the shop alone, and a pair of father and son were choosing flowers in front of the flower rack.

"Dad, buy this for me." Said the boy who was less than six years old, he pointed to a pot of green plants.

"Yes, this plant is called ivy arum. It's still a good plant, but it won't bloom. Are you sure to buy it?" the father explained that the boy liked the plants that could bloom. If he found that the plants couldn't bloom at all after he went back, he might not like it.

The boy nodded with certainty, "The teacher said that we should buy some good plants to raise, or they will die within a few days."

The father picked up the green plant, "Okay, then choose it."

When paying, the boy pulled his father's sleeve. “Dad, buy a pot of daffodils for fruits.”

The father couldn't help but laugh, "Didn't you say that you don't like fruit?"

The boy thought for a moment, "As long as it doesn't make trouble, I still like it."

The father and son paid for it, they took the two pots of plants and they were satisfied. Gao Yang watched them walk away. He just looked at their interaction, he had such a clever child to accompany him, he should be very happy.

"Dad, I am going to the kindergarten class tomorrow. Can I make a lot of friends?"

"Dad, I have made several friends. They all like me very much."

"Dad, the teacher said that tomorrow is Father's Day. What gift should I give you?"


Gao Yang woke up from the bed and wiped his face. He dreamed of the child. Perhaps in his subconscious, he was looking forward to the birth of his child.

"Vice President Tao, I've decided to give birth to my child."

Tao Zi was lying in bed and still half asleep when he received the call. He doesn't know who called him and said, "Oh, that's good."

Hung up the phone, Gao Yang was relieved. He believed that he wouldn't regret making such a decision.

Actually, Gao Yang found out he was gay when he was in high school. He had studied well since primary school and always took first in every exam. His appearance was not bad and he naturally received a lot of love letters. His drawer was full of pink and blue. When looked at the envelope, he knew it was written to him by a girl. Only one was very special, it was black. So many letters were thrown into the trash, only that one was opened.

A letter with very small characters and the person who wrote this was somewhat knowledgeable. He remembered whose word it was. he was overwhelmed every time on the exams. It was the second grade, Jiang Weifang.

Gao Yang was surprised, he doesn't expect that he would write to him. He was even more shocked when he read the contents of the letter. What he wrote was very subtle and his writing was very good. He revealed his appreciation and admiration for Gao Yang. Gao Yang silently folded the letter and took it home and burned it. This letter couldn't be left, it would be troublesome if it fell into the hands of someone he knew. He answered Jiang Weifang's letter, the content was concise and clear, only seven words.

Study hard and make progress every day.

His meaning was clear, but Jiang Weifang knew it at first glance and the two did not contact each other after that. Since then, Gao Yang knew that he liked men.

Gao Yang couldn't lie to himself. He couldn't marry any woman in the future. As for man, he doesn't have any hope. He knew how chaotic this circle was and it's impossible to had a long-term relationship. One of his seniors was a good example. He doesn't want to put his heart into it, but what he got was a betrayal. He was lucky to had a child, or at least not to die alone in the future.

He washed his face and took a deep breath, then he told Aunt Huang about it. He hoped she wouldn't be frightened. As a result, Huang Qianyi was frightened after heard the news, she said incoherently, "Would it be so dangerous? What did the doctor say? Does he agree with you to give birth? I heard that it's very painful to give birth, and it's going to take half a life. Oh, you child, how can you be so foolish."

When she was young, she heard older women said that gave birth was painful and dangerous, like going to hell. She had opposed to had a baby in her heart.

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Gao Yang thought of many kinds of results that after known by Huang Qianyi but doesn't think that she would react like this. He thought she would curse for his abnormality and throw him away immediately. He had prepared for the worst plan and thought of it with a sour heart, "Nothing, the doctor said that the fetus is very good and can be born, you... don't you think it's very strange? I'm a man and pregnant."

Huang Qianyi also does not know why. Her first reaction was not a disgust, but worry. This child was not big. He said that he was twenty years old. Actually, he had only celebrated his nineteenth birthday last month. Most of the children at this age were still sprinkling their youth in school, but Gao Yang was matured, unlike people of this age. "I was shocked by you, but it's not unacceptable. I have been abroad for a few years and had seen many gay people. But I have never heard of men who can get pregnant. Most of them will choose to surrogate or adopt, you are such a miracle."

"Aunt Huang, thank you." Gao Yang was very moved, Huang Qianyi doesn't abandon him at all.

"It's not a big deal. But Yang Yang, it's a big thing to have a baby. Are you sure you want to give birth to the child? It's very hard to take care of the children." Huang Qianyi came to her sense and asked the question she was worried about, "You only twenty-one years old, still so young, you still have a long way to go in the future, you must think clearly."

Gao Yang nodded seriously, "I've thought about it and won't regret it."

"Then, does the other father of the child know?" Huang Qianyi asked.

Gao Yang’s face was stiff and shook his head, “He doesn’t know, we both...” It's just a business relationship he wanted me to have.

Huang Qianyi understood that not all gay people could make it to the end, let alone in China, a country with a relatively conservative mind, "It doesn't matter, the child will be very happy with you."

Gao Yang nodded, "Yeah."

"Also, you can't do any heavy work in the future, just wrap and collect money at the counter. You should pay attention to your diet..." Huang Qianyi slowly slowed down and starting to worry about it.

Gao Yang couldn’t speak, and he had no choice but to nod. It's a lucky thing for Gao Yang to get Huang Qianyi's understanding. He had no other relatives. It's also a coincidence that he knew Aunt Huang. She took good care of him, she was the only person in the world who was good to him. He sincerely hoped that they could maintain their current relationship.

Tao Zi would not get up until he woke up naturally every day. He lifted his quilt and went to the bathroom. He felt confused about who said what, but he couldn't remember it. He took his time to get dressed, picked up his phone... Wait, cell phone! It seemed that he took a phone call in his sleep. He opened the call record, the latest record was 7 o'clock this morning and clicked on a series of numbers.

"Hey, hello. I'm Tao Zi."

"What's the matter, Vice President Tao?" Gao Yang stopped his work.

"Are you... Gao Yang?"


"Did you call me in the morning to say that you want to give birth to your child?" He vaguely remembered that he seemed to say something like that.


Tao Zi touched his smooth forehead. "Well, when you have time to visit the hospital and have a check-up?"

"Oh, okay."

Gao Yang and Tao Zi agreed to had an appointment in the hospital tomorrow. Huang Qianyi originally wanted to accompany Gao Yang and was rejected by Gao Yang.

"Aunt Huang, I can go alone." He was an adult, and he was not too delicate to go to the hospital alone. The shop also needed someone to look at it, and he couldn't let the flower shop lose a morning's profit for him.


"It's okay, just do a small check. You can stay in the shop."

The hospital started work at half-past seven, the doctor's consultation began at eight o'clock. Tao Zi never went to work on time, it's too early to arrived at half-past eight. Today, in order to meet a special patient, he arrived at the hospital on time at eight o'clock, and everyone was shocked. The young nurses saw their hospital's most handsome, good temperament, and an ordinary white coat which could be worn like an international model Vice President, with one hand in his pocket, like a blessed breakfast. A lovestruck fool disease had been committed again. Oh my god! Why was there such a handsome man?

Wait... Was it going to rain in red today? The Vice President actually came so early, doesn't he really like coming late to work? (TN: blood rain?)

"Morning!" the vice president greeted the angels in white with a smile.

"Good morning..." the angels in white were all dizzy and intoxicated by this smile. I want to give full marks!

Gao Yang arrived very early. He took the elevator directly to the sixth floor and found the examination room he had visited before. He was upset before and did not observe it carefully. Today, he saw that the sixth floor was very empty. There was no other doctor, but there was a nameplate hung on the door of the examination roomー Vice President's Office


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