Florist Little Boss
by Ink Drop in White Paper
Chapter 1: The doctor said he was pregnant?

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In the capital of Beijing in October, the temperature has gradually turned cold. Gao Yang was wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt and sitting in the gastrointestinal clinic and his face was pale.

The doctor on the opposite side took the report, looked at the report and looked at him. It seemed he was very embarrassing, "So, how long have you been vomiting like that?"

Gao Yang thought for a moment, "It’s been half a month."

The doctor frowned and said, "Look at your gastroscopy report, all the indexes are quite normal and no problem."

"But I did eat and vomited every day, and I especially sleep very much." When it's serious, I almost threw up bile, this is still called no problem! Doctor, are you kidding me?

The doctor pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose, "Otherwise, do a B-mode ultrasound. You don't think it was caused by your stomach."

"Where can that be?" Gao Yang asked.

The doctor didn't dare to tell the truth. Heard from Gao Yang's description, his symptoms were similar to those of a pregnant woman. He was afraid that if he said that, he would be beaten. So he had to said, "Our body structure is very complicated, sometimes you think the problem is here, but actually it's not."

It seemed to be reasonable, or else Gao Yang would be suspicious. "All right then."

"You can rest assured, I will aks my senior come over and do it." Then he took his phone and went to the window to make a phone call.

Gao Yang didn't hear clearly what he said, only heard something special, I want you to help me. Then the conversation ended without talking too much, the doctor asked him to wait for a while. Not long after, a handsome man in a white coat walked in and asked kindly, "Is it you? Come with me."

Does this hospital had high requirements for doctors' facial values? The doctor was already handsome enough to be a star. Gao Yang got up and followed him.

The handsome doctor looked at the report and asked, "How are you not feeling well? Do you vomit all the time?"

Gao Yang didn't conceal his illness, "Yes, when I smell something fishy, I vomited. It's the same with eating. Basically, I can throw up as much as I eat."

"Oh." The handsome doctor went to the elevator and pressed number 6 on the button.

"Do you often want to sleep? Compared with before."

"Especially after lunch." This was not a big summer, the afternoon would make people fell asleep.

The handsome doctor didn't speak anymore and led him all the way to the large examination room with complete equipment. He pointed to the bed next to the instrument and said, "Lie down."

Gao Yang lay down on the bed and the doctor lifted his clothes up. He took a bottle of unknown things and squeezed it on his stomach, it felt cold.

The examination room was quiet, and only the whirring sound of the instrument was heard. The doctor would click the mouse twice from time to time, press the keyboard and then click again as if taking a picture.

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After finishing the B-mode ultrasound, the doctor handed a handkerchief to Gao Yang and let him wipe himself. "I have two good news for you."

"What news?" Gao Yang looked down and wiped his stomach.

"The first one is that your stomach has no problem."

"And then?"

"Then, I don't know whether this news is good news or bad news for you." The doctor said faintly, "You're pregnant."

Gao Yang thought he heard the wrong words, "What?"

The doctor repeated, "You're pregnant."

Gao Yang was stunned and it took a while for him to reacted, "I said that you are not joking to me, are you?"

"If I'm joking to you, just look at it yourself." Tao Zi handed him the printed report. "The child is less than three months old."

Gao Yang took over the report with a shocked face. He looked at the details of the report word by word. It took him five minutes to looked at what he saw at once.

He kept silent and Tao Zi did not bother him. He knew that the young man needed time to digest the information.

For a long time, Gao Yang asked in a low voice, "But I am a man! Is... is this still normal?"

"It's not like the situation like you doesn't exist. I have seen it in the book before. It's called recessive bisexual. According to statistics, there may be one or two among tens of millions of people. Of course, this is an inaccurate statistics, after all..." not so many men will go find a male partner.

One in ten million, what a small chance, but it happened to him. Gao Yang lowered his head and squeezed the report. Tao Zi doesn't look at his expression and knew that he was very confused now. As a man, suddenly one day someone told you that you were pregnant like a woman, it's not acceptable. Gao Yang's reaction was very calm.

"Now the baby is still young, less than three months." Tao Zi took a business card from his desk and handed it to him.

"You can think about it again. If you don't want it, do it as soon as possible. Of course, if you want to give birth to him, you can think about it clearly and give me a call." A normal man would choose the former, but would he should be the same, what would he choose?

Gao Yang took the business card, nodded and said, "I will."

"You can rest assured that I will never tell other people about you." Tao Zi said that he would keep it a secret.

Gao Yang said his gratitude in a low voice, "Thank you."

"You're welcome, it should be."

Gao Yang left the hospital in a daze and walked along the road. He didn't know what he was doing, his mind was blank, and by the time he recovered a little, he was almost at his workplace.

It was almost an hour's walk and Gao Yang felt the soreness in his legs.

"How is it, Yang Yang?" As soon as he walked into the store, he received a concern from his boss.

Gao Yang tensed, he doesn't know what to say, if he told the truth, would the boss think he was abnormal? But let's not tell the truth. His stomach would grow bigger every day in the future, the boss would still find out after all... Wait a minute! What was he thinking about just now! Actually he would want to give birth to the baby! Shouldn't it be aborted? That's the right choice.

The boss's name was Huang Qianyi, she was 46 years old this year and she was single. She had always fond of Gao Yang very much. Smart, obedient and could cook. She never thought about getting married, not to mention had children of her own, but sometimes she would think that if she had a child like Gao Yang, she must be the happiest mother in the world. She saw that he didn't talk, she began to worry. "What happened? What did the doctor say?"

"The doctor said I am fine." Gao Yang smiled reluctantly, he was not good at deceiving people who were good to him.

"That's good." Huang Qianyi looked at his spirit was not very good and does not ask much. Now the child had no secret in his heart, besides she was not his relatives.

"Go up and have a rest, there aren't many people in the shop today, and I will close the door soon."

Gao Yang didn't refuse, he really needed to stay alone for a while. He went upstairs to his room, lay down on the bed, put his hand on his stomach and touched it lightly. There was actually life here. It's less than three months. It should be that person's.

Four months ago, it was the most difficult time for him. At that time, his mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. The doctor told him that she couldn't be cured. Surgery treatment could only make her live longer.

Gao Yang thought she could live another day and asked the doctor how much money he needed for surgery and the doctor said 100,000 Yuan. He was a graduate student, where was the 100,000 Yuan came? His mother was only a cleaner. The salary for a month was only over 2000. It took a lot of money to see a doctor before. Naturally, there weren't so many savings, but only made up to 30,000 Yuan and then he had to take medicine later. He was so desperate that he would learn to be a soliciting woman in the street. Then he found a man in G bar who he thought could afford the price.

The man was very handsome. He wore a valuable suit. He chose him at first glance, and he took the courage to went up and talk. He clearly remembered what he said at that time.

The man wanted to get rid of him, but somehow he hesitated and agreed. He said that he was clean, and the man said that he knew that and the man did not go too far. Afterward, he also carried him to wash, a very good person. If it wasn't for that situation, he would surely like him. Unfortunately, but it was just a deal. After that, they went their own ways and didn't know each other.

"Baby, do you want daddy to give birth to you?"


Gao Yang and Tao Zi called the unborn baby 'ta' (他: tā)
The translation is actually 'he' but it's also used for either sex when the sex is unknown or unimportant

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