Er Fù
Father and Son

Chen Qimo (陈七默)

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Status in Country Of Origin
78 Chapters (Complete)

Translation Status

Attacker Protagonist, Betrayal, Futuristic, Mpreg, Rebirth, Romance, Second Chance, Slash

Cheng Hai, Li Xiao

When his world is shattered, he is left with nothing but despair
In the era of men and men, men can also get pregnant
Li Xiao marries Cheng Mu, make other people envy because they are together just because of a good partner
But their world changes when there is no news from his stomach
Li Xiao is forced to have a relationship with his father-in-law in order to carry on the family lineage
It turns out that there are many things, not only together is wonderful...
The days of self-deception, whether or not the day is ended

This article has lightning (terrifying; terrific), please bring your own lightning rod
Shou exchange, the gong is reborn - reborn in the next period
Insist on 1V1, have a child plot

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