Father & Son
by Chen Qimo
Chapter 1

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When his world was destroyed, all that remained was despair.

When Cheng Hai entered the room, the room's lights were still on. Li Xiao lay calmly on the bed, he looked very empty. Seeing this, Cheng Hai's heart felt heavy. He silently approached the bed and then lay aside without touching his finger. He closed his eyes and went to sleep.

But tonight, two people whose backs were facing each other, knew that they had trouble sleeping tonight.

The next day

Cheng Hai sat quietly in the room, his wife You Liqing sat on the floor and cried, their daughter-in-law Li Xiao looked very pale, and Cheng Mu their son did not speak a word. Cheng Hai could only felt a bloodstain in his chest at this moment.

That night, You Liqing the mother-in-law brought a glass of juice to his daughter-in-law's room, with his face full of tears leaving Li Xiao to drink the juice.

Late at night, Li Xiao writhed and panted in bed painfully and his tears kept falling. Cheng Hai stood by the door with a heavy face. The door behind him was locked, more cruelly, he could hear someone pushed the cupboard and blocked the door behind him.

"Dad... Dad... Dad..."

Cheng Hai's eyes flashed, he began to approach the bed, then he pressed the person on the bed, pressed his face to the ears of the people under his body and used a heavy sound.

"Ah Xiao... Cheng family is sorry for you."

Li Xiao cried, saw the man in front of him and calmly took off each other's clothes, kissed his body gently, when his legs were separated, he felt a lips on his own things, closed his eyes and could only felt sadness in his heart.

"Ah... Dad... Ahh..."

The lubricated finger slowly entered his back hole and gently expand until the fingers were smoothly in and out, then slowly entered and hold his stiff body.

"Ahh..." Li Xiao's body was influenced by aphrodisiac and he had lost his mind, could only moan without stopping. His legs wrapped around the strong waist.

"Ah Xiao wants... no... uncomfortable... Dad... please... help me..."

Cheng Hai was stunned. When his consciousness returned, he took Li Xiao up silently, hugged in his arm in sitting position, then he patted the thin back softly with his hand.

"Ah Xiao, don't be afraid, don't be afraid..."

The words fell, Li Xiao burst into tears. There was pain in his tears, he felt hurt... he was very hurt!

In the dim room, a gasping voice and moans from the two figures on the bed were overlapping. Cheng Hai did not had much patience, nor did he wanted too much touching. But when it came to feelings, he might consider it.

"Ahh~" there was a continuous moan from the person under him, and the lower part of the body emitted a white liquid.

Cheng Hai also groaned, let go on his body, then lay on Li Xiao's body to take a breath, and then pulled out after calming down.

Li Xiao thought this was over. Surprisingly the heat in his body still hadn't subsided, he was very restless.

"Uuh... Dad... Dad..."

Cheng Hai tried to get out of bed, but when he heard the call, he turned and was stunned to see him, "Not yet?"

"Uhh ... don't know... I feel bad.... it's awful..." Li Xiao felt very uncomfortable and could only cry.

"Damn! How heavy is it Liqing!?" Cheng Hai's facial expression was very bad, gritted his teeth and his throat felt hoarse.

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Skyline Condyle

In the room, the curtains covered the windows, blocked the morning lights darkened the entire room. Only lights from the night lamp beside the bed.

Cheng Hai sat quietly on the bed. Li Xiao slept very well in the bed. Their clothes were very neat, as if nothing had happened.

There was a sound of a cabinet being pushed behind the door. Cheng Hai walked towards the door without expression. When he opened the door, his son Cheng Mu stood at the door. He looked a little confused, his eyes showed a lot of emotions. There was pain, hate and also regret.

"Dad... I don't know why the door..."

At present Cheng Hai was very tired. This night, not to mention the enjoyment, his heart suffered terribly. What's more painful was that in order to make everything worked, even involved drugs and door blocking.

Only for the next generation...

Cheng Hai didn't said anything, but the look on his face looked very tired. He passed his son silently, leaving a stiff Cheng Mu, stood in same place for a long time, before entered the room.

Three weeks later___

The mother-in-law, You Liqing happily saw the pregnancy test stick of his daughter-in-law in his hands. He was really pregnant. While his daughter-in-law Li Xiao didn't look happy, he looked calm but sad.

The father-in-law, Cheng Hai and his son Cheng Mu heard this news. Cheng Hai nodded flatly and took out a cigarette. While Cheng Mu attentively embraced his wife Li Xiao.

"Honey, we have son!"

Li Xiao heard his words, smiled, and looked reluctantly, "Umm..."

Time passed quickly, several months passed, and his stomach grew bigger day by day. At this time, Li Xiao was not used to this, because his mother-in-law took care of him so carefully that he had not taken care of his mother-in-law and father-in-law so carefully before.

Today the Cheng family accompanied Li Xiao to the hospital to check for his pregnancy. The doctor was shocked by the ultrasound. He told them that he was pregnant with twins.

News about Li Xiao pregnant with twins made his mother-in-law You Liqing like being overrun by chicken blood. He served Li Xiao like an empress. Eat and sleep well every day, and he doesn't need to do anything. His husband Cheng Mu, often took his wife for a walk in the yard after work. And he put his ear on his bulged stomach with a smile and said, "Honey, I'm a father!" (TN: to suddenly become hyperactive, high-spirited or aggressive)

Seeing his husband's sincere and happy laughter, Li Xiao was also infected...

When his babies were born, Li Xiao lay in a hospital bed with a pale face. Seeing two babies slept peacefully in an incubator. His heart softened but was confused. His father-in-law, mother-in-law and his husband surrounded him and watched the two little lives. Happiness on his face couldn't deceive people.

"Ah Xiao, thank you! Thank you!" Cheng Mu's eyes turned red and hugged him.

Li Xiao smiled weakly and saw his husband who was moved. Suddenly he felt at this time the pain in his heart seemed flat.

"I've thought of their names with your father. One is Bowen, the other is Bowu!" said You Liqing.

Cheng Mu smiled and said, "Father and Mother decided well!"

The whole family was happy. Like a picture, loving elders, sweet son and daughter-in-law-in-law, lovely grandchildren, as beautiful as the most complete picture of life.

But no one knew even though it looked perfect from the outside, but the cracks in the heart would always be there, and no one would find it.

Then Li Xiao returned from the hospital and began to stay home for a month, while his mother-in-law left his job directly to take care of his children at home.


Why mother-in-law? Why wife? It will be explained in later chapters

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