Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 22: Counterattack

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Today was Christmas Eve. Every student in Music Class 1 in the early morning had received a big apple.

Mo Shaoqing asked for help from the League Secretary according to his compiled lines to speak, "Students, I think you all know that yesterday classmates Mo Shaoqing went to sell a large number of apples yesterday. In fact, apart from selling them, the rest is for you~"

"Wow—— thank you!"

"What a big apple!"

"Thank you, Mo Shaoqing!"

After the incident happened yesterday, although it was only spread in a small area, but Mo Shaoqing still saw some people pointing at him on the way to class. For the first time, he knew what it felt like to have a sharp edge on his back.

Now he carefully observed the expressions of the people and found that everyone was very happy—— to found nothing? Some of them knew about yesterday's post and some don’t know, but the cat certainly wouldn't show up, he must pull that person out.

Then there were boys who opened the wrapping paper and began to eat it. A rich fruity fragrance began to diffused the classroom. The class teacher walked in at the right time, "What are you eating, so fragrant?"

"Teacher, today is Christmas Eve. These apples are for you!"

"Wow, it's fragrant. So many, I will give it to other teachers!" the class teacher took it with a smile, "Well, it really smells good!"

And then a lot of people took out their phones and started taking pictures, then sent to social media.

That's right, this was Mo Shaoqing's idea of using public opinion to deal with public opinion yesterday.

Yesterday, he suddenly panicked when he saw the post that slandering him. Actually, think about it carefully, there were many things that were not a real hammer, especially the matter of deceived girl's feelings was too far-fetched. (TN: evidence)

That person was not saying that he was pretending to be rich. He was not a rich second generation because of his family background, but the amount of fruit in the space was really so many. This time he asked the whole class to eat apples. 'I'd like to see if this person could show his dirty tricks, as for whether the apples were expensive or not, I'll let you know if the apples were worth the price.'

"Wow, this apple is delicious!"

"Yes, even a person who doesn't like apples like me thinks it's delicious!"

Mo Shaoqing suddenly found that the happy scene of a person was very abrupt. He doesn't know what he was thinking while holding the apple. Before he sat in the corner, Mo Shaoqing had not found it, and he walked in front of him with a smile, "Wen Jie, why don't you eat it?"

Wen Jie, who his name was called, suddenly his face changed, "Ah—— I'm going to send to the SNS to eat again, thank you!"

"You're welcome." Mo Shaoqing responded faintly and left.

Next, Mo Shaoqing saw some people in the forum saying that they asked the whole class to eat the good fruit. Some people commented that the price was really worth it. Of course, some people said that they were making a show, but they were sprayed back. But the comments about pretending to be the rich second generation, there had never been any remarks about deceiving girl's feelings. Mo Shaoqing believed that time would smoothen everything.

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This incident also gave him a lesson. No matter where you were, you must had a certain vigilance, his comfortable life had been too long to be proud. He forgot that this was a university. There were countless pairs of eyes watching, forgot now was the internet era, a few words on the internet could also make white to black, which would make unable to speak for a lifetime.

The person who posted it may be his own classmates or someone else. But no matter who it was, it seemed that there was any business in the future that could only go a little further, be aware to attract some envious people.

Next, every time he needed to use fresh flowers and fruits, Mo Shaoqing would go to the plaza with more people in S City and sell them at the store entrance. All the three dormitories occupant agreed and helped to succeed.

Mo Shaoqing introspected himself, his clothes were less than a thousand yuan, but his watch and pen did not match his status as an ordinary student. So when he returned home, he put away his watch and pen. It doesn't meant he doesn't need it, he wouldn't use something that doesn't fit his identity.

In the early spring of his sophomore year, Mo Shaoqing’s movie was finally released. Just like the previous life, it first became a big hit in R Country, and then introduced to the China film market. In a series of summer blockbusters, it break through the encirclement and become the most dazzling winner, brought a breeze to the scorching summer. Mo Shaoqing came to the cinema alone. Actually, he was still a little shy. He was afraid of his bad performance, so he came to see it first.

The movie started with a very tight schedule. When the heroine returned to her hometown and sat in the park, Mo Shaoqing finally appeared. His appearance was very amazing. The layers of maple leaves were bloomed, revealed Mo Shaoqing's smile. He woke up the heroine and took her to the flowers field...

He took the heroine to the flowers field, the scene was played in slow motion and the camera added some filters, coupled with pure music, it's very beautiful. Don't know how to edit it, but the effect that Mo Shaoqing presented in the movie was a beautiful short moment—— a symbol of innocent love.

Completely doesn't had to worry about overshadowing the less attractive male lead. This was exactly what the film has to show. After all, it's impossible for the first love was all about handsome men and beautiful women. Although the man's appearance was not godly handsome, but it's easier for people to dig into his hidden handsomeness and warm heart.

At the end of the story, the heroine and the male lead graduated from college and returned to their home. They decided to hold a wedding under the witness of their elders. On the night of their wedding, the heroine suddenly woke up from her dream. Yes, it was just a dream.

When the dazed heroine returned home, she found that everything had long changed, completely different from the scene in her dream. There had never been a regret in this world and there would be no chance to make up for the loss of family and friendship.

She stumbled and left the house, but at the station, she met a man who was carrying luggage in the tram. The two people looked at each other and saw the other’s eyes were startled. They were surprised and then the camera turned to the beautiful sunset on the sky. The movie stopped abruptly, leaving all the viewers with infinite imagination——

Although missed, but it's not too late. God let us meet again, we still have a long time to wait for each other...

Sometimes, when you think that the world had lost its light, life was still full of hope. Pay more attention to the people around you, whether relatives, friends, or people who silently pay attention to you, such as the male lead, such as K who appeared in a few scenes.

Does time travel exist? Cherished the present was the most important. This was the real meaning of the movie.

This time, Mo Shaoqing finally had money to watch the film. Although the plot may be different from his previous life, but as a person who was participated in the movie, compared with the movie of his previous life it brought him a different meaning, it's no longer a classic movie that stayed in his previous life memory.

And Mo Shaoqing was very excited about the success of the film. But he doesn't have many people who could share the joy. Han Ziyi and Xing Zhipeng were both in different places with him. His classmates didn't realize that he was involved in the movie, so he could only share the joy with his friends and family through his mobile phone.

Half a year later, the winter had come, the warm winter sunshine shone to the only bulged bed in the dormitory. Rubbed his hair and eyes, Mo Shaoqing finally had the sign of waking up and extended his hand to explore the temperature. Fortunately, this group of guys really didn't had a human nature. The hot air conditioner didn't turn off. Stretched out his waist lazily, Mo Shaoqing got up from the bed. His eyes didn't mean to aim to the alarm clock, but it's 9:15. He was so frightened that his drowsiness was gone at once, he quickly got up and clean up.

After this winter vacation, the next semester as a third-year university student came. Maybe many college students had already started their internships. As a student of the Art Institute, some people in the Performance Department had already received advertisements outside, but for those students who study musical instruments, the internship was very difficult to find.

Beside, Mo Shaoqing living in Y City near S City, it's convenient to go home by bullet train. The other three roommates were from other provinces, the distance was far away, and there was the Spring Festival, so as soon as the final exam was over and things were packed up. All of them were anxious to go back, Mo Shaoqing was not in a hurry, he helped the professor to finish the work and then booked the train ticket to go back.

This was not half-past ten tickets, but he almost overslept. He dragged his luggage and ran all the way to the school gate and stopped a taxi regardless of the price, he rushed to the train station. He was relieved when he sat down with his luggage. Mo Shaoqing noticed that there were a lot of people secretly looking at him, but he had become accustomed to it. In the past two years, his height had reached 178. Although he just wore a coat casually, his height and handsome appearance stood out from the crowd and attracted the girls around him to peek at him frequently.

Y City was far from S City, and the bullet train only took more than one hour, which was very convenient. Out from the station, Mo Shaoqing directly stopped a taxi to go back. In the past few years, Y City has developed rapidly. For a simple example, ten years ago, the suburbs were full of large farmland. Six years ago, when many houses were demolished, the suburbs had begun to build office buildings, high-end residential areas and large supermarkets across the country.

After Li Li'er and Mo Shaohong divorced, more than 200,000 demolition funds came down subsequently. Everyone was deceived by Li family. Mo Shaohong couldn't get married again in a short time. Considered that the children had grown up, Mo family couple gave the house in the Donghu Residence to Mo Shaoqing, and the two brothers usually stay together.

With an adult's vision and years of observation on the housing industry, Mo Shaoqing felt that the Y City Economic Development Center was estimated to be transferred to the original suburb. If he bought a shop near the office building for rent, the future development should be good, so he strongly advised his parents to buy a shop for investment.

Unfortunately, he was restricted by age at that time, and his parents didn't approve of it. The older generation was hesitant to put money in the bank at first but they felt it was the safest thing to do.

However, as time went by, more and more people saw business opportunities, and the housing prices in the suburban were gradually rising. Father and Mother Mo were anxious, leaving 50,000 Yuan as savings, and ready to use the remaining ten thousand to buy two offices. But at that time house prices rose too fast, it was not enough, let alone use the remaining funds for simple renovation, so after some consideration, they gave up.

After he went to observe the site, he found that there were some shops a few thousand meters away from the central business district, about ten minutes' walk. Finally, three two-story storefronts inside the alley was selected for rent after a simple renovation.


- K was Mo Shaoqing's role in the movie

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