Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 21: Crisis

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Ready for everything, Mo Shaoqing asked the teacher for a few old desks and chairs, and the three people went to the main entrance of the school to start selling.

During this period, Zhou Shucheng and Xu Cheng Xuan questioned the price of the apples, but after tasted it, they shut up. Mo Shaoqing thought that this effect was what he wanted.

"Okay, you have also checked the goods, you can rest assured, let's go to the school gate and sell for a while, sell well, then split into three ways and sell it at three gates of the school. I'll pay you some when it's all sold out."

"The wages are not needed, just give us a few more apples." Xu Cheng Xuan wiped his mouth.

"Uh-huh...hmmm." Zhou Shucheng who was still holding a big apple couldn’t help but nod.

Mo Shaoqing knew the marketing methods well, cut some apples and put them in the fruit tray for free. The fragrance of the apples attracted some aunts who thought that they were selling fruits. When they get close to ask them, they knew that the original fruit was safe and the price was not cheap. Immediately criticized them and left, and some stayed to taste it. After they tasted it, they didn’t dare to look down on these apples, one after another paid out 10 Yuan to buy the fruit of peace. (TN: a kind of Chinese people in their own way by means of a foreign religious holiday)

The apple was delicious also had the moral. Some boys couldn't stand their girlfriend's request and bought it. More people gradually surrounded the area, more people saw that place was so hot and attract a lot of students. Zhou Shucheng was responsible for taking the goods, Xu Cheng Xuan was responsible for packaging, and Mo Shaoqing was responsible for collecting the money, and it's a busy day.

Unexpectedly this scene was photographed by a thoughtful person and placed on the school's forum——

[Title] The Piano Department of Music Academy sells apples on the street. Is it a fallen prince or a poor aristocrat?

NO1: Sofa

NO2: Floor

NO3 (OP): The landlord just passed the school gate. Guess what I saw? The Piano Department was actually setting up a stall!

NO4: What's so fussy about this? No picture, no truth.

NO5 (OP): Reply upstairs, [pictures] [pictures]

NO6: It's enough for the landlord to take out the cream.

NO7: Exactly ah!

NO25 (OP): What I want to say is that the pictures are absolutely true, but the point is not to set up a booth yo~ The apple sold by Classmate Mo is 30 Yuan. I mean, is the school where you do business? And it's so expensive, why not grab it?

NO26: Well... The school did not specify that it was not possible, and many senior brothers and sisters were still selling used books at the beginning of school, right? It doesn't matter!

NO27: Oh shit, 30 for one, scared me to death!

NO28: Indeed, is it to take advantage of a girl... How awful!

NO50: Don't listen to the landlord nonsense /anger/, I personally bought it, just came back, the cheapest one I bought was 10 Yuan, and the packaging looks good, the point is very delicious and sweet, and bigger than my two fists.
Reply (OP): How big is a girl's fist?

NO51: The landlord's eyes are red. If someone sells apples, you can do it too, even if you can't sell them well.

NO52: Is it really delicious? But it's so expensive! /poor/

NO53: The big delicious apples are absolutely different from pesticide apples outside. Deserve it. Here is nonsense, are not able to eat grapes to say sour grapes.

NO54 (OP): Others helped advertise, get lost.


Mo Shaoqing knew nothing about the heated discussion in the forum because he was busy doing business at the moment. He originally only prepared 120 apples, but he knew that he couldn't divided into three ways at the moment. One person was completely busy. But many another school's students had come, and they were completely in short supply!

After selling the apples, Mo Shaoqing excitedly started to count the money, excluding the costs and earned net profit more than 2000 Yuan. He deposited the money in the bank, and put it together with the money he used to sell flowers and the New Year's money, as the initial fund for his future restaurants.

After the apples were sold out, Mo Shaoqing gave two people 300 Yuan each, plus several big apples. Finally, he was "blackmailed" for a dinner.

It was supposed to be a very ordinary post, but when it came to the Piano Department school grass, it spread all of a sudden and it was already uncontrollable at night.

"I thought it would take a long time to sell such expensive apples, but I didn't expect it sold out in an afternoon." Mo Shaoqing sighed after he had enough food and drink.

"Yeah, but this apple looks good and delicious, that's the point."

"Oh, yeah, yeah! I'm so happy, for the first time I know how cool it is to do business! It's so cool!" Xu Cheng Xuan said excitedly.

The three men went to the third floor corridor and suddenly hit a figure that had been rushed out.

"Shaoqing, it's not good, your business of selling apples, all the department, ah no, the whole institute knows! I don't know what's going on, but it was all over in the afternoon! Let's go and see!" When Hong Jiayu from the dormitory next door saw the three people, he seemed caught a lifeline.

"What post? What happened?" the eldest boy hadn't responded.

Mo Shaoqing also refused to ask anything, he went straight back to his dormitory and found Wen Yang frowned at the computer.

"You are back."

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"What is going on, let me see." Mo Shaoqing squeezed in front of the computer and scrolled up and down, but paused on the 52nd floor for a moment.

"Did the second child replied?" the eldest boy said a sentence fiercely.

"Honestly, I am... it's just a reply... Who knows that it will become like this!" Xu Cheng Xuan felt wronged.

"That's okay, that's not the point——"

NO105 (OP): Now the question, is Mo Shaoqing cheating on girls? In recent months, several girls have confessed to him and these girls didn’t somebody else family is rich! Yes, driving a horses car to school, but who knows, Mo Shaoqing has to work every week and goes out to sell apples to make money at Christmas, it's not like all the money is loaded! Selling so expensive, must be crazy about money, haha! It's disgusting to pretend that rich people cheat on girls! Reject!

NO106: Are the landlord not so sour? I think people are just children of ordinary families. What does selling apples have to do with the poor? Where do you see that people are rich? Or pretend to be rich?

NO125: The apple is delicious, I bought them for 30 Yuan, they are big enough for two people.

NO205: Let's see the truth, his pen is a limited edition fountain pen, that must be several thousand, and his watch must be ten thousands. Is it the kind of diaosi that the landlord can experience?
Reply (OP): Oh, yeah? Then you can make money by selling apples! Why don't you see him invite his classmates to eat ah!
Reply: What's your logic? Why invite classmates to eat ah?

NO230: Is it a crooked building...

NO270: It's really too expensive to sell, attracting girls to buy apples, this kind of scum is my great artist...

NO301: Hey! Girls should not be deceived by his appearance ah!

NO320: Just came, only to see the landlord, the Piano Department grass is deceiving people, deceiving feelings? What the hell is going on, let’s talk about it in detail...


Pen? Mo Shaoqing saw at a glance that he was still writing with the pen that Mr. Ling gave it to him. Was it a lying gun? The pen was so easy to write that Mo Shaoqing kept using it and forgot the value of the pen itself... (TN: to get unjustly ridiculed, attacked, implicated in sth etc while just being present)

As for the watch, after the end of the university entrance exam, his father entrusted a people to buy it, the exact amount of money was not clear to him... Hey! A headache, how could you make such an inexplicable a pot!

"Wow, our Little Qingqing is going red!"

"Do you have a brain!" the eldest boy slapped the second child's head.

"Do you want to delete it? The administrator may know but not delete it. Is it made by the news club? Attracting attention?" Wen Yang gave several guesses at once.

"Delete it, before things get bigger."


Watching Wen Yang hacked the forum to delete the post and finally couldn't brush out, Mo Shaoqing sighed a relief, but did not expect that the head teacher still called soon.

Mo Shaoqing, who was a good baby from childhood, was called by his teacher for the first time. He was shocked and greeted the teacher. Mo Shaoqing didn’t dare to speak. Unexpectedly, the head teacher didn’t scold him, but asked him how to solve the problem.

"The solution? That administrator has deleted the post!" Mo Shaoqing had never met such a situation before, just anxious to let Wen Yang delete the post and did not come out to explain it, but it seemed that it's not very good to open a post to explain it, as if indirectly admitting that it needed to be clarified.

"Anyway, you can't take the blame for nothing. I will find out who did it. Have you offended anyone?"

"Teacher, I really can't think of it, but... maybe it's a classmates." He really couldn't think of others who would know he work on the weekend and what kind of car he drove to school.

"I have an idea... you do this first and I will solve it later."

"Thank you, teacher!" This was Mo Shaoqing's sincere gratitude. He was alone for a long time in his past life, he didn't expect that there were people who could share something with him.

Then Wen Yang helped Mo Shaoqing to check the IP address of the anonymous poster. The result showed that it's from the computer room of the school, and there were same several floors IP, which meant someone was leading this, this person was probably the OP, it seemed that this matter should not a temporary thing.

After tossing and turning for half night, Mo Shaoqing finally closed his eyes when daylight began to shine, because he thought of a wonderful idea. Today, there was a turn-around battle to fight, and in the morning Mo Shaoqing went to the classroom with dark circles under his eyes.


- crooked building: lying
- sour grapes: the act or an instance of disparaging something desirable, simply because one does not have it or cannot do it
- diaosi: a young male of mediocre appearance and social standing

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