Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 20: University

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It was a short summer holiday. In early September, a family of four drove to S City in advance with excitement.

This was the second time that Mo Shaoqing came to S City. He left after his last hasty art exam and doesn't had a chance to look around. The family went to the Oriental Pearl Tower, The Bund, and took the ferry... and left a family photo in many places.

On September 13th, Father Mo drove to the campus city. The bustling road was full of new students who came to report. The whole campus city was very busy.

There was a large musical fountain on the square of the S City Art Institute. In the flower bed, there were colorful flags floating in the wind. There were banners welcoming the new students was written everywhere.

The freshman registration office was crowded with people, and a very enthusiastic senior sister came to entertain him, "Uncle, aunt, I am a sophomore from Media Faculty. You can call me Xiao Lin, I can take you to the freshman dormitory."

"Thank you, miss!" It’s not too hot, but Father Mo carried luggage with full of sweat.

"No, that's all I have to do." the senior sister smiled slightly, "What is your name, handsome boy?"

"My name is Mo Shaoqing, from Piano Department of Music Academy."

"Music Academy? I thought you were from the Film and Television Faculty!" the senior sister grinned, "Hey! The Music Academy is blessed, so quick to tie the grass!"

Mo Shaoqing knew that he was a little handsome, but he was embarrassed to be praised so much. "How come, the Media Faculty should be handsome and beautiful!"

When they came to the dormitory building from the freshmen's office, Mo family had been familiar with the senior sister Lin Shiyi. The senior sister also told him where to fill the meal card, including what student council, what kind of club and so on.

Along the way, he had to say that the students of the Art had a really high face value. Beautiful men and women could be seen everywhere. The appearance of a high level of people he doesn't want to see, Mo Shaoqing was more looking forward to the next four years.

Mo Shaoqing was very lucky. This time the dormitory was on the third floor. It's not too high or too low. The dormitory was not large, the right side of the entrance was the tub, the left side was the toilet, all the tables were under the four beds. There was also a small shower room on the balcony.

There were still two empty positions, Brother Mo helped him chose a window position, Father Mo helped him to put his luggage, Mother Mo began to wipe the table and wipe the bed board, in the previous life Mo Shaoqing had been busy by himself, and now someone had done something for him.

"Dad, mom. Don't do it, I can do it." Mo Shaoqing took the tools in their hands, "You have asked for a few days off for me, and brother, there is no need to make a fuss. I have finished the registration, you can go back, I can do the rest."

"How can this be done? Son, you have to live alone in other places. Mom really doesn't trust you, ah. And I'm going to invite your roommates to dinner so they can take good care of you."

His mother was always the one who worried most. "No, I have the living expenses. I will ask them myself. Just go back, the class is important."

"And I always want to grow up, ah. There is a class meeting this evening. Now you go back and have dinner, or you'll have to stay for another night." After that, Mo Shaoqing pushed Mother Mo out.

"Yes, my son has to grow up and worry about himself later. Remember not to be greedy and have a good relationship with your roommates..."

Seeing that Father Mo also had a tendency to say something, Mo Shaoqing quickly stopped him, "I will take care of myself, and it will be National Day soon. I will be able to go back soon, you can rest assured to go!"

It was good to say that he finally persuaded his family to leave. Mo Shaoqing looked at the bunch of luggage, rolled up his sleeves, ready to start work.

In the evening, the class teacher asked everyone to introduce themselves on the podium. When it was Mo Shaoqing's turn, he could clearly hear the gasping sound coming from below, as well as the chattering discussion of the girls.

But he's also an expert on the podium. He was not nervous about a group of foreigners in R Country, let alone the following students who want to get along with each other in the future.

"Hello everyone, my name is Mo Shaoqing, from Y City, J Province. I am good at piano, cooking, and enjoy reading. I hope we can get along well in the next four years. Thank you all!" Mo Shaoqing was ready to step down, but the head teacher doesn't let him go so easily.

The class teacher was a middle-aged woman in her forties. She looked very well maintained. "Classmate Mo Shaoqing don’t say a few simple words. What is your goal and what is your dream. Let's talk about it."

Mo Shaoqing smiled, "I want to open my own restaurant!"

Mo Shaoqing also knew that some of his former classmates had said they want to continue their studies. Some said to be a music teacher, and they also want to be stars. His ideal goal could be said to be the biggest impact, but he doesn't care, he smiled and step down.

When he sat down, a boy in the back seat patted his shoulder. Mo Shaoqing turned back and the boy said to him, "Dude, you cow!"[1]

The next procedure was very clear to Mo Shaoqing. To chose the class monitor and branch secretary. If they wanted to join a club, all could register to the Student Council.

But in this life, Mo Shaoqing doesn't want to do it. The class monitor, secretary and the student council do have a lot of rights and could leave a brilliant note on the graduation resume. But Mo Shaoqing still remembered some people's place was like rivers and lakes, there was a struggle, since they couldn't be alone, so in this life he simply doesn't go to this muddy waters, because he had more important things to do. Without his parents "control", he could do business blatantly!

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Back to the dormitory, Mo Shaoqing discovered that the boy who just patted his shoulder happened to be his roommate. Now the roommates were all gathered.

The boy first said, "My name is Zhou Shucheng, a North Eastern man. You can directly call me Cheng Zi, or Cheng Ge is fine."[2]

"Hey, you still not old yet. Why is big brother?" another cute baby faced boy said, "My name is Xu Cheng Xuan. My grandmother's family is from S City. I'm from H City, Z Province. I am a screenwriter, he he."

"My name is Wen Yang, Imperial Capital people. I am a composer and good at computer. You can ask me if you have any questions in the future."

Then, since several people were old, Zhou Shucheng was born in October and the eldest. Wen Yang and Xu Cheng Xuan were born in the same month of the same year. But Xu Cheng Xuan was a few days older than Wen Yang, he was the second, and Wen Yang was the third and Mo Shaoqing was born in February of the second year, so he was the fourth.

Then several people went to find a small restaurant outside the school. After eating a meal, the eldest boy had to say goodbye to them. So sometimes the friendship between the boys was as simple as that.

After a few days of adaptation, the military training came. The class monitor handed out a training uniform to everyone. The students in military uniforms felt that they had carried a sense of mission and added a few heroic attitudes for the boys. When he was in the Imperial Capital in his past life, Mo Shaoqing went to the military area to train. It was a bitter and tired experience, and many people were suffered from heatstroke.

Fortunately, the current school knew that many of them need to rely on their faces to eat, so it's not particularly difficult for everyone and they do military training in the school. Moreover, in order to write several reports, the school also specially invited students from Performance Department to take pictures. Try to shoot "fresh not artificial" for the news, and give them a little exposure.

They were terrible to Mo Shaoqing, the school couldn't take care of them, when the Performance Department took pictures, they have to take goose-step [3]. When the Performance Department needed a break, they had to vacate their positions under the tree. In just a few days, the white roommates were all black.

Mo Shaoqing was particularly unlucky. After taking the space well water, his constitution was not tanned, and the instructor thought he was a pretty boy. He always let him out to demonstrate various military postures and lead the team to run. Mo Shaoqing was in a great pain ah!

But because Mo Shaoqing often showed his face in front of people. Soon many girls from the next class asked the people in their class, and his reputation as the school grass was gradually spread.

On the last day of the military training report performance, Mo Shaoqing was designated as the leader. After walking around the sports field, he completely settled on his title as the school grass, but at this time he didn't know anything.

Although the military training was bitter, but it's an unforgettable memory for many people. At the end of the military training, many girls reluctantly cried and loathed the military instructor, even the boys who usually foul-mouthed and show off at all the times somewhat reluctant to give up.

But soon everyone was thrown in the rush to celebrate the National Day, and the seven days of running water generally passed quickly.

After the National Day, Mo Shaoqing successfully found a temporary job in a western restaurant with the help of the senior sister. He worked six hours a week, one hour for 25 Yuan and could earn 300 Yuan in two days, which was almost the meal money for a week.

The restaurant was very close to the school and the main guest flow was students. Mo Shaoqing knew that such a western restaurant couldn't learn real cooking skills. It's not enough to improve his cooking skills. But due to the large number of freshman curriculum, there was no better job for him, but his time doesn't fit.

The rest of his spare time, he ran to several flower markets in S City, bought some flowers and herbs which were not easy to grow and planted them in the space. And ran to the livestock farm, and bought some animal and put them to the space. After he added the R Country's sea fish, the space became more lively.

The university's first Christmas arrived. When the various university departments were busy with the Christmas party, Mo Shaoqing decided to sell the apples in the cold wind. The apples produced in the space were big and sweet. Mo Shaoqing persuaded Xu Cheng Xuan who was too lazy to work in the winter and he was ready to help. Originally Wen Yang also want to come, but he was the student council, so he couldn't come in the end.

Three people ordered a batch of cardboard boxes and some colored papers and garlands. They wrapped the apples and priced them of 30 Yuan, 20 Yuan and 10 Yuan respectively according to the size. They were ready to do a big job.

TN: I think "grass" is C slang for something about "popularity".

[1] Cow: Awesome (slang)
[2] Cheng Zi: Cheng Boy (Zi: Boy); Cheng Ge: Brother Cheng (Ge: Big brother)
[3] 正步: goose-step (for military parade)

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