Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 19: College Entrance Examination

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Mo Shaoqing looked behind her and found that Wang Xuena and student Zhao Xiaoru seemed to be alone. Wang Xuena was talking to Zhao Xiaoru. Zhao Xiaoru lowered her head and said nothing.

"What's wrong?" Xing Zhipeng looked at Mo Shaoqing's gaze, "Zhao Xiaoru?"

"Zhao Xiaoru, Wang Xuena, have you decided where to stay?" An Keke asked.

"Well——" Wang Xuena dragged her voice and glanced at Zhao Xiaoru with disgust, "She has no money!"

"What happened?" Mo Shaoqing didn't intend to be a good man, but Zhao Xiaoru and he were from the same town. He must help when she had difficulties in foreign countries.

"My money... is not enough." Zhao Xiaoru said, "I didn't expect to spend more money to find a place... so..." the farther she step back, the lower her voice.

When she was talking, Mo Shaoqing had already begun to figure it out. Because he knew that there was free activity today, he and Xing Zhipeng saw a two-story apartment duplex with three rooms and one living room in the middle of Tsukiji Market and the airport on the internet. The price was slightly more expensive than the hotel, but the place was bigger and better.

"Just as we have a spare room in the apartment. If you don't mind it, you can come over. An Keke also be there, you can accompany her." otherwise, three men and one woman were quite awkward, and Mo Shaoqing easily solved the awkwardness.

"Is it fine?" Zhao Xiaoru hesitated a little. She looked at Mo Shaoqing and found that everyone looked at her with very kind eyes. She was very grateful and nodded, "Thank you!"

"Say what ah, of course the apartment fee will be shared equally." Xing Zhipeng said without hesitation. Anyway, there was An Keke, it's not impossible to add Zhao Xiaoru. Of course he said so, afraid that Zhao Xiaoru was uncomfortable and felt that she had taken advantage of others.

"Hey, I'm going to stay too. I am willing to share the room fee——" Wang Xuena was anxious, looked at An Keke on the other side. An Keke didn't speak, she knew that Wang Xuena had an opinion of her. Wang Xuena looked at Zhao Xiaoru again, but now Zhao Xiaoru was lowered her head and said nothing. She glanced at the boys again and found that everyone had no reaction. She stamped her feet angrily and went to see the teacher.

Although the apartment was a duplex, but it's only 100 square meters. On the first floor were the living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and a small bedroom with a double bed. There were two rooms on the second floor, one room was a bunk bed and the other room was a single bed. There was also a bathroom and a small veranda.

It could be said that the entire apartment used the available space, the layout was very exquisite, white Scandinavia style and the apartment was very clean. An Keke and Zhao Xiaoru took the initiative to go to the smallest bedroom on the first floor. Mo Shaoqing, Xing Zhipeng and Zhao Duo stayed on the second floor.

Early the next morning, five people went to the Tsukiji Market in Tokyo to taste the seafood. Large portions of fresh sea urchin rice, eel rice, tuna fish rice, and a variety of dazzling sushi...

Mo Shaoqing took advantage of a few people who were unaware and found the locals to bought some alive sea fish and put them into the space.

Time was tight, several people went to the most bustling Ginza in R Country to buy souvenirs and cosmetics after lunch, but Akihabara's electronics appliances were also very famous. Mo Shaoqing visited many digital stores, although he really wanted to have one, but embarrassingly he was short of money, and finally could only give up.

After a day of shopping, a few people were tired. They found convenience stores and bought lunch and breakfast for tomorrow. The next morning, 160 students gathered at Haneda Airport and boarded a plane to H Country.

Only three days trip in H Country, and only one place to go, it's the capital of H Country. In the afternoon, they went to the local palace. Although there were many cute girls wearing ancient costumes everywhere, Mo Shaoqing was lacking interest. Who made him grew up in the Imperial Capital for thirty years? The palace in Imperial Capital was magnificent, golden glazed tile, the red palace, compared to the Imperial Palace, here was the private garden!

Then they tasted the local special dishes, but most of the students didn't get used to it. The food here was light but very spicy, the pickled dishes were too much, the meat was very expensive, and most of the soup was pickled cabbage. A group of youngsters naturally had no appetite.

The next day's trip was to go to a local Girl's University and Capital University. In the afternoon, they went to the local most famous commercial street—— Myeong-dong. Shopping was a girl's nature. Even Zhao Xiaoru was no exception. An Keke changed the image of a lady and pull Zhao Xiaoru to bought things everywhere. Mo Shaoqing, Xing Zhipeng and Zhao Duo found a famous café in Myeong-dong to rest.

With the advantage of rebirth, he knew that the culture of H Country would be very popular for a long time in the future. So for his future restaurant, he felt that it was necessary to learn how other people do business in H Country.

Mo Shaoqing ordered several signature desserts and studied their methods while tasting them. Their attractive appearance, including the decoration of these shops that it was all the way and so on, were all remembered as the biggest gain of this journey.

They would go home on the third day. At everyone's request, the school had given them two hours of free time to go to the tax-free shop. In the evening, the plane arrived in N City smoothly. The students from the school gathered to take the bus to their respective school. Before leaving, Mo Shaoqing, Zhao Duo and An Keke exchanged QQ.

This exchange could be regarded as the most unforgettable special experience of Mo Shaoqing's high school life. After returning from the study tour, Mo Shaoqing couldn't wait to hand out the gifts. The belt and wallet he bought for his father and brother in outlets, a pearl necklace for his mother, a health care product for his grandparents... There was also a gift that he bought for himself, as well as wisteria seeds sent by the grandpa and grandma from the homestay. Mo Shaoqing planted them all in the space yard.

At the bottom of the suitcase, a white and silver-rimmed box caught Mo Shaoqing's attention. When he opened it, it was actually a set of skincare products from R Country. He was asked by his former colleagues to promote various purchases. Mo Shaoqing recognized this at a glance as an upper-class woman brand of R Country—— the Skin Secret Men's Series under TC Group.

A set of skincare products contained water-based milk and facial cleanser, the price was at least 3000 Yuan. Did he remember that he didn't seem to have bought such a valuable thing?

Suddenly he remembered that when he left the Haruhi High School that day, Takahashi gave him and Xing Zhipeng a box. For the sake of politeness, Mo Shaoqing did not open it at that time. Later, he went to other cities to play without stopping and threw the matter behind his brain. Was this from Takahashi?

He just helped her solve the problem and gave him something so important? For the first time, Mo Shaoqing’s heart realized the gift of a rose, he felt the fragrance of roses in his hands.

He really hoped he had another chance to see Takahashi and Fujita... Yes, and Mr. Ling who invited him to dinner... Thinking of this, Mo Shaoqing somehow felt a little hot on his face. He unconsciously remembered Mr. Ling who was soaking in hot springs, Mr. Ling who was reclining to read the book, Mr. Ling who had dinner with him...

The results of this trip to R Country was that he had met such an excellent person as Mr. Ling. Then Mo Shaoqing took out his diary and wrote down his experience in R Country in detail...

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He used to be an orphan in his previous life. Where did he had money to travel abroad? But he met so many people all of a sudden when he went abroad.... Although he doesn't like it, but he enjoyed it... That was a real experience! Mo Shaoqing muttered to himself.

It's mid-November when he went back to school, and early December was music provincial unified examination time.

Mo Shaoqing followed most of the students to prepare for the art exam, and Han Ziyi, who was not an ordinary person, had already applied for a foreign music school.

Mo Shaoqing intended to take the S City Art School examination. There were many reasons for choosing S City. S City was the most developed city in the Southeast coast. There was no doubt that the point was that a few years later, there would be many online red shops, which had a good reference for Mo Shaoqing's future restaurant. He believed that he could learn a lot there. (TN: popular shops)

Xing Zhipeng chose N City, his cultural achievements was not good, so he chose music class in order to enter a good university. After entering university, his father would help him adjust his major.

Mo Shaoqing sighed, did not expect that two good friends only get along in a short two years would be separated so far, Mo Shaoqing couldn't help but felt sad.

But he soon thought about it again. People’s life was divided into many different things, just like him and Zhang Yi. He thought they would be good friends forever, but a car accident caused them to separated by different time and space. Maybe they would never meet in this life. Now the separation of friends was only temporary, thinking that there was still a chance to reunite in the future, Mo Shaoqing recovered.

On the day of art examination, Father Mo, Mother Mo and Brother Mo had asked for leave to accompany Mo Shaoqing to take the examination in S City. Mo Shaoqing said that he didn't need to be so motivated. In fact, he was deeply moved. After the end of the art examination, it was winter vacation.

In February, Han Ziyi was admitted to the famous music academy in B Country—— Zhouli Royal Music Institute [1]. Full scholarship, even the tuition fee was not needed, the whole class held a farewell party for him, and then sent him abroad.

When the winter vacation was over, the time passed faster, the last hundred days of college entrance examination also passed in a flash.

June came to an end, July finally arrived. In the past, Mo Shaoqing needed a college entrance examination to change his fate, but in this life, he doesn't need it, and the music school did not require high cultural achievements, so he and Xing Zhipeng easily entered the examination room.

After three days of the most important cultural exams, the high school's life had come to an end. The next step was to wait for the admission notice.

The end of the college entrance examination meant that the summer vacation was coming. Although he knew he should not fail, no one dared to relax when the admission notice was not in hand.

At the end of June of waiting for the results, Mo Shaoqing relaxed a bit. Father Mo was especially sorry that his son chose Art College instead of medical university or civil engineering.

In July, the admission notice was delivered, and Mo Shaoqing was admitted to the music department of S City Art College with the first place in the cultural score. His father and mother directly celebrated by booking the largest hotel in the area or him.

Mo Shaoqing was in a relaxed state throughout the summer vacation. Of course, he was not idle. The sea fish he bought in R Country had been cultivated in the space pond. He put the fish into the sea. The wisteria flowers were also bloomed. The small empty yard was filled with clouds, like a fairyland.

Next, he had to make plans for his upcoming university life, such as learning to cook, going to the western restaurant to play piano to make money, and selling flowers. He would also contact Sister Wu, where the supply of flowers may change from once a week to once a month...


[1] 洲立皇家音乐学院, Zhouli Royal Music Institute, any better idea?

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