by Lin Xiaoyang
Chapter 4: Gentle

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Ren Yue's horse riding was not as relaxed and pleasant as he imagined, because Ren Yue... couldn't ride a horse at all. Riding a horse was not like riding a bicycle, it could be taught without a teacher. Besides, even riding a bicycle required some practice. So the zero-based Ren Yue went to the horse track. At first, he was really happy to see the blue sky and the endless horse field. But when he wanted to ride a horse personally, he was smashed by reality.

Whip made the horse jump twice.
One kick made the horse took two steps.
Pull the reins and the horse stop move.

Ren Yue mounted the horse with the help of the staff, but he pulled the reins and did not control the horse to start running, so the staff took the rope and lead him and his horse to walk around. At first, Ren Yue felt fresh when he saw the scenery on horseback, but he was tired of going back and forth like this. He squinted at the staff who was standing on the ground and said, "I want to run around myself."

The staff knew that this was an ancestor, and certainly couldn't be offended, but let a zero-based person ride his own horse... If he got hit and injured, wouldn't he dead? And he was brought by a big man, and it was even more... difficult to deal with ah.

Just as the staff pondered how to appease Ren Yue, Mr. Bai approached. He glanced at the situation here as if he understood what had happened. He said to the staff, "You can go."

The staff member listened as if they had received a pardon and ran away.

Mr. Bai stood by the horse. He looked up at Ren Yue's stuffy red face because he was unhappy. He said, "Do you want to ride around by yourself?"

Ren Yue looked down at him and snorted, "You think I can't?"

"No, I believe you." Mr. Bai smiled and then said, "But let's run together until my horse is pulled out—— is this acceptable to you?"

Ren Yue raised his eyebrows and said, "Why should I run with you?"

At this time, Mr. Bai noticed that Ren Yue’s trousers feet were folded a little. He reached out to rearrange Ren Yue’s trousers and wiped the grass scraps on his shoes. When Mr. Bai did these small gestures, his attitude was very natural. He even continued to discuss with Ren Yue without changing his face and said, "Don't you think it's more fun to run with two people?"

Ren Yue stared at him.

Mr. Bai slowly smiled back.

In the end, Ren Yue didn't want to take care of him, so he pulled the reins and the result... didn't move. Ren Yue silently took Mr. Bai’s hand on the horse's back for a long time before he said, "Let go."

Mr. Bai obeyed and took his hand down, and at this time his horse was just pulled out. Ren Yue knew at a glance that he might have been tricked, so he threw a few whips angrily and galloping away. But Ren Yue's skill was not perfect, and his horse was too disobedient, and it ran crazily. Ren Yue didn't think that the horse would have such a fierce reaction, he failed to grasp the rope, and the whole people were thrown out. At this critical moment, he felt that he was caught and picked up, and when he recovered, he sat on another horse.

Ren Yue bowed his head and looked at the white horse under him, and then he turned his head, he saw Mr. Bai's beautiful and extraordinary face without surprised. The smile on Mr. Bai’s face disappeared a bit, it's just that his tone was always gentle, he said, "You are too reckless."

Ren Yue didn't want to care about him and said directly, "Let me go down."

"Not run a lap?" asked Mr. Bai.

Ren Yue twitch his lips and said, "No interest."

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Mr. Bai didn't insist either, he said, "It is a bit far from the stable, I will take you back." then he lifted his whip and then back to the original place with Ren Yue. Ren Yue sat in front of him and felt excited with the speed and the wind blew through his face. He turned his head and patted Mr. Bai’s thigh and said, "Run another circle?"

Mr. Bai didn't say anything, took Ren Yue ran another round. Until Ren Yue stopped, Mr. Bai returned to the horse stable slowly. Ren Yue's was so excited about this run, he didn't notice that Mr. Bai had already turned over, and he didn’t realize that he had been dismounted by Mr. Bai.

Ren Yue stood on the ground and felt that his two legs were trembling with excitement. But Ren Yue's sense was now online, he pretended to cough and seemed to felt that he had thrown all his joy out. He put on an indifferent look, and the reserved Mr. Bai shifted his chin and said, "That's all about horse riding."

Mr. Bai glanced at him and said, "Don't like it? We won't come next time."

Ren Yue stared at him and then looked away, "It's ok to come again, can think of it as killing time when bored."

Mr. Bai laughed as he enjoyed Ren Yue's small appearance.

After running so many laps, Ren Yue felt a little hungry, so he went into the room to change his clothes and planned to leave here to find food. After such a period of exercise, Ren Yue felt less annoyed when he looked at Mr. Bai's appearance, so he said, "I'm too extreme in the morning. I'll invite you to dinner in the evening."

Mr. Bai naturally agreed.

After Ren Yue went to the dressing room to change clothes, the original bright atmosphere suddenly changed, such as the cold wind suddenly attacked. When Mr. Bai saw Ren Yue went in to change his clothes, the pleasant and gentle expression on his face disappears instantly, he faintly said, "You have been working hard recently."

The horse track owner had been standing respectfully all the time, when he heard Mr. Bai's words, he was surprised, he repeatedly said, "No, no, it's all right."

"The horse is rewarded to you." The horse track owner suddenly showed an incredible look, although he was the owner of this horse track, it was only in name. This horse farm was actually Mr. Bai's, and these horses...... every horse was a treasure. Then Mr. Bai said that the one he wanted to reward was the brown and black horse, which was a valuable precious horse, and it was one of the few horses in the world.

Mr. Bai didn't care about his reaction, he continued with an understatement, "Recently I heard horse meat is nutritious and healthy for the body."

The owner's happy face turned white instantly.


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