Lion King's Adopted Son
by Yan Yang
Chapter 2

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Gerald walked carefully along the path as he made his way to Ghana's lion pride. When the sky was bright, he met a limping hyena. Fortunately, he ran fast and didn't become food for the hyena. The night’s grassland was always full of mysterious and unexpected dangers.

When Gerald returned to the lion pride, the lioness and the cubs were sleeping. Lions were nocturnal creatures and daytime was their sleep time. Gerald passed the lions one after another. Meanwhile, the one year old lion cub, Reddy, woke up. He glanced at Gerald with his sleepy eyes and closed his eyes again.


Like a symphony, the lions snoring were intertwined in this space.

Gerald was so tired that he took a corner and went to sleep.

He didn't know what would be waiting for him when he woke up again, maybe hungry, maybe bloody events, maybe death, but now he just wanted to sleep well.

Lions were not like people. They needed to eat every day. After a full meal, they couldn't go hunting for two or three days. But apparently, yesterday's meal did not satisfy the lions. When the second dusk came, the lionesses once again embarked on a journey of finding food urged by two male lions.

This time, they set their goal on a lone adult wildebeest. Several lionesses crouched low in the grass, waiting for a chance to strike their target. The wildebeest, who was bent down to drink, seemed to feel the approaching crisis. He scratched his hoofs uneasily, and his muscles tightened, turning his head and rushed in the opposite direction of the lion's encirclement.

When the lioness saw their traces exposed, they were no longer hid themselves. Their speed was as swift as the wind. In the blink of an eye, they caught up with the wildebeest and blocked him in the middle. The wildebeest let out a whine as the circle of the lionesses grew smaller and smaller, howled, and tried desperately to put his horn on the lioness's belly. The lioness quickly avoided it, while her sister took the opportunity to bite off the wildebeest's throat.

"Oh my God, the way he's gone mad is unbearable." the lioness who had been the focus of the attack was stunned and said that being beaten by a wildebeest was not a fun thing.

"Dear Mela, let me remind you that even the weakest prey will try to make a counterattack before they die. I hope you can remember it for the next time, don't be so careless, you don't want to be like Lily, become a pile of minced meat, do you?"

"Hey, don't compare that woman to me!" Mela licked her fur and said with dissatisfaction, "Lily is just a monster! The same goes for the cub she gave birth!"

"Well, let's hurry up go to Ghana and Ryan for dinner! The big one we hunted today is enough for us and the children to eat." the big sister Asher seemed to think of something, showed a disgusting expression, "Oh, of course, the little poor that always trails behind us. Oh? Where did the little poor go? Why didn't I feel him?"

"Who knows! Maybe he's not hungry today. Maybe he's been taken away by something." the second lioness Jones said without concern.

Soon, the lioness gave up their conversation because a lame zebra passing by them.

The zebra looked old and felt less keen when it was young. Otherwise, it wouldn't have entered the lioness encirclement without being aware of it.

Of course, the lioness would not let go of their prey that came to the door. They prefer zebra meat rather than wildebeest. When the wildebeest and the zebra appeared together, they would undoubtedly give up the wildebeest and choose the zebra as their target.

A hunt began quietly again, and the zebra's hooves were very strong. The lions had suffered a lot from their hooves in the process of catching the zebra. But today's zebra was old and weak, and his lameness limited its speed. The lioness has subdued it without much effort. Soon, he fell in a pool of blood and became a delicious dinner for the lions.

When they're full, Ghana and Ryan sat on the side with satisfaction, dozing lazily, watching the little lions rushing to the zebra to eat. Ghana suddenly said, "Where is Gerald? Why didn't I see him? Since there is enough food today, why not call him to eat?"

"Brother, you are so kind. Why do you care about him?" Ryan said, "The little kid is three years old! He shouldn't be taken care of anymore! Instead, we should drive him out of the pride as soon as possible!"

"But he hasn't grown up yet..." Ghana frowned, thinking of Gerald's figure hadn't changed in two or three years. He swallowed what he had not said, "Forget it, let him go. If he comes to eat, don't stop him."

"You know, dear, how happy I would be if you could spare your pity to Gerald for our children!" lioness Asher rolled her eyes.

Other lionesses also agreed, and they have been dissatisfied with Gerald who has been hiding behind them. Ghana did not speak, they could only exclude him, ignored him, and dare not drive him out privately. Be aware that the anger of the lion was not something that every lioness could bear.

Meanwhile, Ghana and the lioness remembered that Gerald was dozing in his nest. The golden lion cubs curled into a ball in his own nest, like a hairball. His small body was slightly up and down, and the ears shook from time to time. If you get close enough to him, you could see two transparent bubbles on his nose.

A tall man quietly approached the lion's den quietly. Although he looked so strong, his steps were lighter than a cat, and there was no noise during his walk. When he came to the sleeping ball, he stared at the sleeping 'furball' for a moment, and stretched out two fingers and picked up the furball.

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The 'furball' finally woke up. His small paws waved in the air for a while but caught an empty air, a pair of yellow-brown eyes slowly opened, angrily glaring at the man in front of him.

The man has two pointed ears on his heads and a tail behind him. Gerald opened his mouth and looked at the man in surprise, "You......"

The man raised his eyebrows, "What, you don't know me? Little thing, yesterday, you set a trap and let me step on it, then you look at me while struggling and laughed at me in your heart. I haven't forgotten it. Let me guess what you thought of me at that time. Even a rabbit can't tread on a trap, but this idiot actually stepped on it, eh?"

"No, I don't think about you so much, how dare I..." Gerald wanted to cry but no tears. This man was Pascal, the lion he accidentally pitted yesterday! He didn't even notice his smell. God, what was he doing! How could he possibly think that if he offended Pascal, could he sit back and relax?

Gerald carefully looked at the man's wild and beautiful face. He doesn't bite his throat yesterday, so he's going to fix it today?

God knew that he really did not deliberately offend this big guy! If he knew that this big guy was coming today, he'll have to go hunting for food with Ghana's lion pride. Although the legendary Ghana and Ryan were not Pascal's opponents, but there were lions in the prides. This big guy would be a little bit afraid, right?

"But you saw me struggling yesterday and throwing the grass knots on me, which took me a long time to get away." Pascal's head was close to Gerald, his face even touched the soft fur on his face. From this angle, Gerald can clearly see that Pascal still had the sharp teeth even if he transformed into a human form, "Say, what am I supposed to do with you, little boy?"

"I... I'm not delicious!" Gerald was so frightened that he was focused on Pascal's sharp teeth. He even smelled a bloody smell from Pascal's mouth, "I... I'm really not delicious!"

God, who would tell him whether lions eat their own kind or not?

"Are you?" Pascal looked at the little boy in front of him playfully and then said with a disgust on his face, "You are too small, not enough to fill my teeth, to be my food, you need to grow up. Right, the hare that I gave to you yesterday, what do you think?"

A chill rose from the tip of Gerald's tail and spread all over his body. He thought that the hare was given by Pascal, but didn't expect it would be for this reason...

Pascal was angry about the things that made him step on the trap, he wanted to get revenge so he planned to fatten him, and then eat him.... It was terrible to have a sharp knife hanging over his head and he doesn’t know when it would fall, Gerald fainted, as if he could have foreseen how he would look when he was cut open.

Did he live so hard that one day he would be eaten by this big guy? Gerald thought sadly. If that's the case, he would rather remain the same size, and would never grow up.

After being intimidated, Gerald shook his head, and the cub looked so limp and spiritless that he even forgot to ask Pascal why he could become human like him. For the little lamb that Pascal specifically left for him to eat, it has a psychological shadow. He shuddered at the thought that one day, he will fall like a little lamb in a pool of blood and serve as dinner for the other lion.

Ghana's lion pride was back, and today every lion was full and satisfied. But when they returned to the nest, they were shocked, "This is Pascal's smell!"

"Isn't Pascal fail to take over our territory last time, did he come back to attack again this time?" Ryan said in a panic since he was almost killed by Pascal last time, he had a deep fear of Pascal.

Asher frowned and looked at Ryan. The lioness liked the brave and strong lion. Ryan’s terrifying appearance did not please them, "I think Pascal just came around once and didn't want to occupy it. You see, Gerald is still in the den."

To be honest, she would have preferred Pascal to dominate the lion pride ruled by Ghana and Ryan. However, at that time, her baby would suffer. Asher lowered her head and licked the face of her youngest son, Reddy. Let's wait.

Ghana glanced at the den and saw a small figure, and suddenly his heart relaxed. They all believe that if Pascal intended to occupy their territory, he would never leave Gerald alive.

"If you can catch your own prey, you should leave, dear nephew." Ryan glanced at the little lamb lying on the ground and said, "You know, you are three years old! It's time to go out on your own! You can't always live with your brave fathers!"

As if aware of how humiliating his appearance was, Ryan was now acting like an elder, and it doesn't matter how much he looked.

"This is not what I hunted." Gerald said, "This is... it was dropped by the lion that day, maybe because he was full and didn't want it."

In any case, Gerald would not leave the lion pride to save face with the lions. Only when he with the pride, his life safety could be guaranteed. What's more, there was now a lion outside of Ghana and Ryan's lion pride.

"Hah, Pascal specially dumped his unwanted food at the door of our den. Do you believe this?" Ryan said sarcastically.

"Enough! I think this should be Pascal's demonstration against us. You have to stay away from Pascal's territory. Well, that's it." Ghana said.

Ghana has still had some dignity in this territory, and the other lions said nothing. Ghana walked to the place where he usually rested, and he was proud of being a king.

In the process, he didn't even look at Gerald and the little lambs on the ground, as if they were insignificant beings.

Gerald was grateful to his father. Although he always ignored him and never cared about his father, it's because of Ghana's acquiescence that he could survive by the lions.

But when would the lions be able to shelter themselves? If the lions know that they have offended Pascal, would he immediately drive them out without mercy?

Gerald glanced at the little lamb at his feet, returned to where he had been lying, huddled up again into a ball, and made a silent decision in his heart. When he grew up enough to protect himself, he must escape before Pascal ate him!

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