Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 18: Tokyo

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After dinner, the three returned to the courtyard, the waitress already laid the bed, and they slept through the night.

The next day, Mo Shaoqing got up very early to go to the hot spring while everyone was sleeping. Let's get back to there! Like a small citizen's heart, Mo Shaoqing rushed to the outdoor hotel's top floor.

Along the way, there were very few people, except for some waitresses. The entire courtyard restored to its usual silence. Wow, just like the back garden of his home, Mo Shaoqing secretly pleased that he could enjoy such a good time.

But when Mo Shaoqing saw a figure in the hot spring, he almost slipped. My God, it happened so coincidentally.

The man sat in the hot spring, the clear water was dripped from his hair, glided down along the resolute outline, through the sexy collarbone, full chest, eight abdominal muscles, flowed to the hidden place... It's fascinating. Gulp, Mo Shaoqing swallowed his saliva. It's beautiful enough to feast the eyes ah! Ling Senhao's eyes slightly closed and the water remained motionless, wondering whether he was asleep or meditating.

Mo Shaoqing suddenly woke up, I'm wiped, I had a crush on Mr. Ling. The two people don't know each other very well. If you want to soak in hot springs together, only close people could do that. If he rushed forward, would it be embarrassing for two unfamiliar people to soak in hot springs together?

In this way, Mo Shaoqing retreated back quietly.

The man seemed to hear some sounds, and the thin lips slightly opened, "Since we are here, let's go together!"

When he was seen, Mo Shaoqing stopped hiding and entered the door with a dry smile. "Long time no see, Mr. Ling, haha!" He immediately responded, what do you mean by long time no see?!

"Hehe!" Ling Senhao chuckled, open his eyes motioned for him to come over.

Heard each the other side's laughter, Mo Shaoqing was stunned. Was Mr. Ling laughing at him when he saw his stupid behavior? No, no, he closed his eyes, and the current "hehe" was not the meaning of "hehe" in the future!

"Get in here!"

After repeatedly confirming that the other person didn't mean to laugh at him, it seemed a little pretentious to refuse at this time, and Mr. Ling was quite good at talking. Mo Shaoqing gradually let go of his nerves, tried the water temperature, and stepped into the hot spring pool. But before he sat down, he heard again——

"You are afraid of me." The tone was firm rather than doubtful as if describing a very common thing.

"No, no, it's just..." there must be some tension in front of people like you, Mo Shaoqing added to himself.

It suddenly awkward, Mo Shaoqing had to adjust his sight to the Mount Fuji opposite him——

The scenery in the morning and evening was different. Today's weather was very good. There were no clouds in the sky. The snow-capped Mount Fuji under the blue sky stands among the green peaks, made a person feasted their eyes.

Several waiters in pink yukata came in with a few trays, put down the dishes and bowls on the tray, bowed and then retreated, and the whole process was quiet and silent.

"Your Chinese is very good." Mo Shaoqing tried to break the atmosphere.

Ling Senhao said, "My mother is a Chinese. My father is from B Country."[1]

Ling Senhao said that and he stood up, his waist was simply wrapped by a towel, picked up the towel to wipe his body, then walked to the table. With a few simple movements, Mo Shaoqing silently shifted his sight with his movements, and then he froze.

This time he came to his senses, the other person was already eating, but was this private hot spring pool? Was there any way to get breakfast?

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"Ah? Me?" Mo Shaoqing pointed to himself.

"Is there anyone else here?" Ling Senhao looked at him funnily.

Mo Shaoqing just realized that the other side was calling him. "This... How can I be ashamed?" Mo Shaoqing wanted to show that he was firm and unyielding, but when he saw the table full of food, his stomach screamed uncontrollably.

"Pfft—— cough. Don't be polite, come and eat together." Ling Senhao covered his mouth with his hand and blocked a smile from the corner of his mouth.

Hey, don't think that I didn't hear you laughing. Mo Shaoqing sat down, the chopsticks stretched directly to the small steamed bun, stuffed into his mouth, and the rich soup flowed into his stomach, alleviated his hunger. At this time, he discovered that the table was actually a Chinese breakfast. An R Country hot spring actually had a Chinese breakfast. Surely money would make the Devil turn millstones ah, capitalism, exactly... A! Rich! People! Ah! (TN: with money, you can do anything you like.)

To know that he ate sashimi and seafood every day, and he was tired of eating it. A simple congee in front of him made him think of the preserved egg thin meat porridge made by Mother Mo. The atmosphere suddenly became relaxed.

"Do you have any plans for today?"

"Oh, um," Mo Shaoqing swallowed the buns in his mouth, "We organized to climb Mount Fuji today!"

"It's cold there."

Cold? Mo Shaoqing reacted, and the other person pointed at him and nodded, "Hmm, I know, specially prepared thick clothes before coming."

Unexpectedly, such a big boss who seemed cold was so kind-hearted, he offered the pen and invited breakfast. Mo Shaoqing’s heart was moved infinitely. After eating breakfast, Mo Shaoqing was very solemn to thank the other person and said goodbye.

Looking at the teenager leaving, his slender figure seen from behind, Ling Senhao's eyes flashed a glimmer of light.

At half-past eight, the three returned to the hotel, but they didn't want to meet Tian Xinyu in the corridor. The three people came in from the outside. Moreover, Xing Zhipeng had a big voice and had been discussing hot springs, so Tian Xinyu soon learned that the three people sneak out to soak in the hot springs.

"You three are too unkind, secretly go out to enjoy it, actually didn't tell me and take me. Aren't you afraid the teacher will find out?"

"What's the matter, the teacher doesn't care." Mo Shaoqing wanted to go back to the room to change clothes, so he explained it quickly.

"Which hot spring hotel did you go to?"

"Yu Tang Yuan! Why?"[2]

"Yu Tang Yuan, which is the best hot spring hotel near Mount Fuji! OK, rich guy? No wonder you look down on me." Tian Xinyu said with a sour tone and looked up and down at several people.

"It's none of your business!" Xing Zhipeng was unhappy with his tone and went straight back.

At this time, Xing Zhipeng and Mo Shaoqing were not interested in paying attention to his intention to find out what he was looking for, let alone Zhao Duo. Tian Xinyu didn't get a reply, he was annoyed, "Hey, are you not afraid of me telling the teacher?"

"Suit yourself, you tell it or not!" He dropped a sentence and went away with Mo Shaoqing and Zhao Duo. Leaving Tian Xinyu who was so angry and cursed in place.

Then everyone set off to the mouth of Mount Fuji, which was a great place to see Mount Fuji. There are a large number of wild reeds on the roadside, and the blue sky is reflected in the clear water as if there was another pure beautiful Mount Fuji in the river.


In the last few days of R Country tour, everyone returned to Tokyo, and the school arranged more activities, such as visiting Waseda University, the National Museum, and then went to Tokyo University, Kaminarimon, Ueno Park, Sensoji Temple and so on.

It's worth mentioning that R Country was a constitutional monarchy. The emperor still existed in the country. Now the emperor's family was living in the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. The Imperial Palace was open to the public twice a year, on January 2 and the Emperor's birthday, so they could only visit the Imperial Palace Garden.

When coming to the Imperial Palace Garden, you would see the iconic bronze statue of the samurai on horseback and the ancient and solemn city walls, followed by a large square surrounded by many trees.

The roads here were paved with gravel and rustled when it stepped on, which was said to have been designed in ancient times to prevent ninjas from attacking at night.

Kept moving forward, there was an elegant double bridge. In the outer garden, the double bridge could be seen across the moat. Although they couldn't go up, but it's the most visible sight of the emperor's house visitors could see, and it's a photo hotspot.

The trip to the R Country was coming to an end. After the tenth day of the event, the school didn't arrange a visit and exchange activities. Instead, the school gave a free day for the students to play by themselves, including to find a place for lodging. The next day at 10 o'clock they gathered at Haneda Airport.

Mo Shaoqing had already made arrangements for this: first stay in the place where he stayed, and go to the Tsukiji market the next morning and eat the most famous seafood in the area. Then go to Akihabara with the strong request of anime fan Xing Zhipeng, then go shopping in Ginza, buy some gifts for the family, go to the Tokyo Tower at night, and then had dinner nearby.

After visiting the Imperial Palace, the leading teacher announced the free activities, forty students, two or three good classmates gathered together. These days, Mo Shaoqing, Xing Zhipeng and Zhao Duo all worked together, so of course, free activities were also together.

"Have you found a place to stay?" An Keke came to them.

"I've found it, why?" looked at An Keke's face, Mo Shaoqing asked.

An Keke shyly said, "Is it a hotel? Actually, I don't know how to book a hotel! Can you book one for me?"

Mo Shaoqing also thought that An Keke could be very proficient in R Country's life, but did not expect that it would be difficult to book a hotel.

"Of course, but we're going to rent a lodging house online!" When faced with beautiful women, Xing Zhipeng had always been happy to help.

"Ah—— is it? Then don't bother you, I will ask the teacher for help."

Xing Zhipeng hurriedly called An Keke, "It's okay. Or, if you come together, we can share the cost... if you don't mind." After that, he regretted it and looked at his two good friends.

They were all in a foreign country. When they could help each other, Mo Shaoqing couldn't refuse and doesn't live in the same room.

"Yes, An Keke you can. There must be more than two rooms in the apartment." Mo Shaoqing said so, Zhao Duo had no opinion at all.

"Well, I'll take it!" An Keke smiled slightly, revealed a cute little dimple.


[1] I got few countries starting with the letter B in Chinese language: Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Iceland, Pakistan, Poland
Which one B Country is, I don't know :'D

[2] 御汤苑, well it's Yu Tang Yuan in Chinese

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